What Are the Best Electric Bike Forums?

What Are the Best Electric Bike Forums?

Electric bikes are gaining immensely in popularity. What was once a niche off-shoot of a timeless hobby has blossomed into a phenomenon of its own. That said, electric bikes are complicated—getting to know the ropes of the hardware is much easier said than done. 

Thankfully, the internet can make learning about electric bikes a significantly more straightforward process. Internet forums can make learning the ins and outs a snap. I can say from personal experience that using the internet’s vast resources saved me countless hours of research, improper form, and needless tinkering. 

I want your experience with electric bikes to be as simple and fun as mine was. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite electric-bike forums. Each entry has some unique features and benefits to ensure that there’s a suitable forum for everyone reading. Let’s get started!

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 I decided to kick things off with one of my favorites: It’s a stellar all-around solution for riders of all experience levels. And it’s set of features and options are nothing to sneeze at, either.

 Many electric bike-based websites are hybrid websites. This means they include more than just forums. With, the first thing you see is a list of recent reviews. From here, the menu directory in the top-right corner will take you to the forums. I view this as more of a feature than an inconvenience—it means the website can act as a buyer’s guide as well as a place of discussion. In my experience, greater versatility with a platform is a difficult thing to fault.

 But more on the forum itself. It’s one of the most well-designed options on the entire list, without question. My favorite feature is the ability to enter your area code to find a nearby electric bike shop. Also welcome is the fantastic user interface. You can navigate between general discussions, events, beginner guides, and more all from the first screen. Don’t underestimate how crucial navigation capabilities are with websites like these! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve groaned in frustration after being forced to comb fruitlessly through tabs to find an old forum post.

 All in all, this is a wonderful forum. It’s got a little bit of everything, and it focuses on general information, which makes it perfect for beginners. Give it a shot.


 I love how classic this website feels. It’s a no-frills option that gets straight to the meat of things, and I can’t praise it enough for that. The site also happens to be one of the most feature-complete options on the list. Needless to say, I like it quite a bit. is also a higher level offering than some other entries. There are a lot of discussion areas for topics like industry news, area-based events and races, and even charity events. I like a forum to be as useful for staying in the know as it is for answering specific questions, and is unquestionably a great way to stay informed with recent happenings.

 Most don’t think about this, but a forum lives or dies on how many concurrent users it has—if no ones using the service, how useful can it be? Thankfully, has little trouble here. There are a staggering number of threads, well over two hundred thousand, and an equally impressive number of user posts. While the website hasn’t shared how many posts have been aggregated in the forum’s history, a glance at the statistics available on the website places the figure well into the millions. There is a lot to pick through here, and if you’re like me, you will have a blast doing so.

#3— is an excellent forum if you like to get technical with your electric bike. This site will appeal to tech-junkies and tinkerers. I count myself among those groups, and I couldn’t be happier with this forum’s suite of offerings.

 First, makes interactions a breeze. Talking with other users and engaging in long-form conversations couldn’t be simpler. Every user has a personal account, complete with a mailbox and a biography section. As a result, feels like a social media service as much as it does a forum. And since communication is vital when it comes to solving problems—especially technical problems—this is high praise.

 The website has options for video-based tutorials and picture uploads. This feature makes communicating specific issues with your bike a much simpler prospect. There is even an option for uploading your bike’s circuit schematics so that technical wizards and professionals can help you optimize your riding experience. I love this feature and feel other tech-inclined riders will as well.

 There’s also a handy feature that puts active topics at the front of the website’s listings. Most forums save this space exclusively for recently created questions. smartly includes topics that are bustling with activity among these listings as well. This feature means that the posts with the most useful information and active user input are the ones that are the easiest to find.

 In short, is undoubtedly worthy of your time and consideration.

#4— Clean Republic (

 CleanRepublic is a fantastic option for those who like buying and selling electric bike equipment and hardware. I love this forum for its focus on improvement and optimization. If you’re looking to take your bike to the next level, this forum is one of the first places you will want to visit.

The forum excels when it comes to general features. Available are standard offerings, like forum listings and messaging, but other in-depth capabilities are available as well. Chief among them is the website’s intensive social media integration. Where strove to replicate this experience, CleanRepublic aims to make it a seamless aspect of the user experience. If you want to share pictures, posts, and more with your personal social media pages, then this will be the best option for you.

The site also includes a storefront. Here, you can buy all sorts of electric bike-based products. There are also options for buying, selling, and trading among users. I really appreciate this option, but it’s also something you should be careful with—these types of features attract bad actors. Otherwise, it’s a stellar capability and one that helps separate CleanRepublic from other offerings.

#5— is one of my personal favourite resources for electric-bike based news and happenings. It is another option that chose to integrate capabilities like news and updates along with its forum section, and the results are admirable and effective.

 One of the best aspects of this website is its aesthetics. Clean, modern, and comfortable to read, it gets straight to the point while being easy on the eyes.

 The forum itself is well made. You have access to capabilities like DIY discussions, beginner guides, photo galleries, and more. The website even allows you to link to other posts from the website. In practice, this means you can make hyperlinks within forum posts that go straight to relevant posts made by the forum’s staff. I love this feature—it helps me find professional-quality answers to my questions quickly and effectively.

 If you want a forum solution that has a little bit of everything, then is an excellent choice. And if you’re anything like me, you will appreciate the fact that you would be hard-pressed to forget its name.


 And that wraps things up. I’m confident these electric bike forums will improve your riding experience immensely. In my time with this hobby, I’ve consulted all of these forums regularly.

 General conversations, repair jobs, news updates, and more have all made my time as a rider vastly more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise. I’m confident you will have a similarly positive experience with these forums.

 For more articles like this one, check out my other articles as well as my various social media hubs.

Happy riding.

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