Buying an affordable electric bike conversion kit – all you need to know

Electric bikes are the latest innovation in the world of transportation. With all of the positive reviews surrounding the use of e-bikes, it is only normal to want one of your own. However, do you know that you don’t exactly have to buy an e-bike if you already have a regular bike? With a simple conversion kit, you can convert your bike into an e-bike and spend way less money too? We know, technology is a wonder.

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Whether you own a mountain bike, a hybrid bike or regular bike, you can remove all of the roadblocks and challenges that stop you from owning an e-bike. With a simple, affordable conversion kit, you can add a drive unit and a powered wheel to your e-bike and start racking up those hills with electricity-powered assistance. 

One question remains – where do you buy an electric bike conversion kit in Canada? This is one question that many of our readers seem to ask. To this end, we have prepared this article for you. This article will show you where to buy an electric bike conversion kit, the types of conversion kits available for your purchase and how to choose the best one for your specific needs.


Where to buy an electric bike conversion kit 

Electric bike conversion kits are a recent invention. You would expect that they would be hard to procure. However, the reverse is the case. The best news is, they are affordable too. Here are a few places where you should be able to purchase the best electric bike conversion kit for your bike in Canada:

E-Bike accessories shop 

Do you have a store that is renowned for providing e-bike riders with the best accessories out there? Then, the chances are high that they also offer electric bike conversion kits to interested buyers. This is one of the best channels you can pursue in your quest for an electric bike conversion kit. Most likely, they will be able to offer you neighbourhood friendly prices too. 

We highly recommend going in person to an e-bike accessory shop near you. That way, you can even take your bike with you. You’ll be able to get hands-on advice on the best affordable conversion kit for your bike. If you are lucky, you will be able to get it installed on the spot too. It’s really simple. Head into one and enjoy the thrill of an electric-powered bike. 

Online e-bike dealers 

The joys of online shopping. Today, there is almost no good or service that you can’t purchase online. E-bike conversion kits are not left out. There are reputable e-bike websites that specialize in the sale of an e-bike, e-bike accessories and best of all, conversion kits. It’s simple, just visit their websites, browse through and select the best electric bike conversion kit for your needs.

Buying an affordable electric bike conversion kit online is highly recommended. First of all, there is always a variety of models to choose from. These online stores offer hundreds of e-bike conversion kits ranging from the affordable to the luxurious. 

Another merit of shipping with accredited e-bike online stores is that you can get advice from experts. A simple email or a call to their contact number can open up a line of communication that will guide you to buying the best e-bike conversion kit. 

Additionally, you can be sure that you are getting the real deal. As long as you are doing business with a reputable and accredited online store, you are good to go. Additionally, stores like this offer warranties on their products. 

Online merchants 

The internet is a huge place, remember? There are tons of huge online shopping merchants that offer electric bike conversion kits for sale. If you are looking for a good deal and the best prices, you can check out huge merchants such as Amazon. 

These businesses offer quick delivery and top-tier services. The only downside to buying a conversion kit on sites such as Amazon is the lack of professional advice. 

Basically, you are on your own. There are thousands of conversion kits to choose from; you’ll just be doing the choosing on your own. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best conversion kit for your bike.

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Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits

There are different types of conversion kits out there. Sometimes, this makes buying one for your bike a chore. However, if you know the different types as well as the chief selling points of each type, your job becomes considerably more straightforward. 

Powered wheels are the most common form of e-bike conversion kits. They are a functional, practical solution if you are looking to convert your bike. All you need to do is swap out one of your bike wheels for this powered wheel which can come in different forms. A powered wheel also comes outfitted with a unique hub that holds the motor, gears and battery. 

Common forms of e-bike conversion kits include:

Front Motor

This e-bike conversion is the easiest to install. It has zero hassles and fewer requirements than you would expect. It is ideal for you if all you need is a basic e-bike conversion that is compatible with standard frames and best of all- affordable. Also, it puts most of the weight of your new e-bike on the front wheel. This is a nice touch as it boosts your balance and stability while riding. Best of all, it works like an all-wheel vehicle.

Although, you should know that since all of the weight is distributed to the front wheel, it makes steering a heavier choice. Also, it is recommended that you don’t use this conversion kit on a light road bike. The motor may produce more torque than your bike can handle. To put it succinctly, the top features of this e-bike conversion kit can be described as:

  • Zero hassle 
  • Easy to install 
  • Suitable for all bikes 
  • Improves weight distribution and balance 
  • Simulates the experience of driving an all-wheel vehicle.

Rear Motor

Power wheels that are designed for the rear of your bikes are more difficult to install. However, they have impeccable traction that makes them perfect for uphill travel. If you are going to be travelling off the road or commuting regularly, this is recommended for you.

Installing the pedal at the back of your bikes distributes the weight toward that end of your bike. This may take some getting used to, so you should definitely get ready for that. Also, you may have to change your cassette and derailleur if your bike is equipped with a standard hub gear. The features of a rear motor can be summarised into:

  • A tad more complicated to install
  • Improved traction 
  • Perfect for riding on steep inclines
  • Good for off-road travel 
  • The power emanating from the back wheel improves your riding experience 
  • The heavy rear wheel may take some getting used to

Mid-drive motor

This kind of motor is installed smack dab in the middle of your bike near the pedal cranks. That way, the motor that comes with your conversion kit can provide much-needed speed and strength. It is a great option for uphill riding. The only snag is you need to have adequate technical skills to be able to install it properly. 

Also, these conversion kits are usually placed low, improving the stability of your bike. However, this placement location leaves them to damage from rocks, debris and other obstacles — not a great choice for off-road riders. 

Summarily, the chief talking points of a mid-drive motor include:

  • It provides top-notch power assistance and speed 
  • Can be used efficiently with gears 
  • It wears down your chain and sprockets faster
  • Requires advanced engineering skills to assemble 

Friction drive

Friction drives are not very popular, but they deserve a mention. Usually, they are installed at the back of your bikes with a bolt attached to your bike frame. Installing a friction drive requires a lot of parts and extra tinkering with your bike. This is why they are not widely used. 

Also, they can cause issues with weight distribution, sometimes totally offsetting the weight of your bike. To use a friction drive conversion kit, you have to first attach the motor and rollers to the wheel of your bike. The friction produced drives your bike. This is not ideal as it reduces your bike range and efficiency. 

The talking points of a friction drive include:

  • Affects your bike weight 
  • It is not efficient for longer commutes
  • Requires additional tinkering 
  • Requires extra parts

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Choosing an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Now that you know your options for choosing an electric bike conversion kit, the next step is to choose the best one for your bike. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it will literally decide how much you enjoy your “new” electric bike. If you are confused with the best conversion kit for your needs, your answer to these questions will help you come to an informed decision. 

  • How long is my daily commute?
  • Will I be travelling on smooth or rough terrain?
  • What is my budget like?
  • How much weight do I want to add to my bike?
  • Do I want to alternate between biking with and without a motor smoothly?
  • Do I want to tinker with my bike or do I want a conversion kit that is simple with fewer parts?
  • Do I want to travel at fast speeds?

Using your answer to these questions in tandem with the information in the previous section, you will be able to come to a decision on the best conversion kit for your e-bike. 

With an electric bike conversion kit, you no longer have to worry about buying a new e-bike. Alternatively, if you feel like you don’t want to go to the trouble of converting your regular bike, you can buy a new e-bike too. Our Canada experts can help you choose the best e-bike that fits your style and best of all, your pockets. Contact us today!

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