E-bikes vs. Cars in Canada

Cars have indeed been in existence for a very long time. Cars have risen through various innovations to become an intrinsic part of our transportation. Whatever short distance or long distance you want to travel, there is an instinctive urge to make use of a car. That is if you have one anyway. Cars are great, but there are other means of transportation. 

In the past few decades, the E-bikes have experienced steady growth in development and enhanced adoption of use. E-bikes are enhanced bikes that feature an integrated motor which helps it with propulsion. In this case, all the pedal power doesn’t have to come from the rider; the motor does a chunk of the work. This results in a smoother and less exhaustive ride compared to traditional bikes. 

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These bikes are awesome, little wonder many people now use them like they would make use of cars. Other than the fact that it helps you to exercise, you don’t have to worry about having to ride up a steep road. Also, cars may be stuck in traffic, but electric bikes would never be. These are one of the reasons why electric bikes are gaining more popularity. 

In a world where there are numerous means of transportation at one’s disposal, it begs the question, e-bikes or cars? This is one question that many Toronto residents ask. This article will give you details answers to that question. Keep reading to choose the best transportation option for you.

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Pros and cons of an e-bike

Making use of an e-bike is great, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to its usage. Let’s start with the advantages of an e-bike. 

It is fun 

Riding an e-bike is so much fun to do. The ease the electric motor brings to your riding experience makes it so much fun for you. It’s as though someone is behind you, giving you that extra push as you cycle up a steep road. 

You might have found it hard to ride on steep mountains. Perhaps this was why you decided to stop riding your regular bike. With an e-bike, you don’t need to worry about that. You don’t need to apply extra effort; the electric motor does the work. 

Now, you can ride easily and have the fun you want to have, wherever and whenever. This is one area where e-bike wins in the e-bike vs. cars debate. With cars, there is every possibility that you miss out on the beauty and feel of your natural environment.

However, with an e-bike, you can relax and enjoy your immediate ambiance. With e-bikes, you feel connected to your environment, your neighbourhood. It feels closer, and you get to appreciate the environment more.

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You get to save money

E-bikes are certainly efficient cash savers in the vehicle industry. They are cost savers, a benefit you cannot overemphasize. They might not be the perfect replacement for cars, but you wouldn’t have to spend money on boarding cabs to get around town. 

Also, if you are going to own a car, it will definitely cost you thousands of dollars in initial costs and maintenance. There are so many fees that go into owning a car, registration, insurance, stamp duties, maintenance, etc. Other than these, there is also the need to fuel the car to be able to drive it around. Fuel is expensive, it’s price rarely comes down in Toronto. 

Culminating all the costs incurred on a single car, you would agree that using one can be costly. However, with an electric bike, you wouldn’t have to incur high maintenance costs. 

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You will not sweat too much

Unlike the traditional bikes that cause you to sweat profusely, e-bikes reduce the rate at which you sweat. This is because there is a reduction in the energy needed for you to propel the bike. Your normal bikes might not be a good idea when you are going to work, as you might end up sweaty and smelly. 

An e-bike is different. It requires minimal energy input from you. If you’re going to be riding an electric bike to work in Toronto, the most you would need is a brief freshening up in the bathroom. It’s a win-win situation, you exercise your body on a low-impact machine, while you get to where you are headed – without sweating profusely.

It helps keep you fit

Riding an electric bike comes with the added benefit of fitness. It’s a form of low impact exercise that keeps you in shape. Even though an e-bike is designed to offer you pedal assist, you still get to work out. 

There is a variation to the level of assistance provided by your bike’s electric motor. You can easily switch this pedal-assist setting. This would tell on the intensity of work you would do as you pedal. 

Irrespective of the intensity you choose, you still get to work out. This is because the system is not made to be fully automated. You still have to pedal, no matter how little. 

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You will not be stuck in traffic jams

E-bikes are your best bet to dodging heavy traffic. You need not be worried about getting to work late due to traffic. All you need do is to maneuver your way through cars and routes, and in no time, you will be at your destination. 

Also, with an e-bike, you can easily take shorter routes that lead to your destination, which you might not be able to take with your car. You don’t need to take the normal road that cars will take; you can go through alleys, backroads, etc. In Toronto, there are bike lanes to help you get to your location faster. 

They are environmental friendly

Other than the fact that e-bikes are fun and cost-friendly, they are also environmental friendly. When you use an e-bike to transport yourself to your destination, there is a reduction in the level of pollutants in the atmosphere. 

Other vehicles use fossil fuels which release pollutants into our atmosphere. These pollutants are responsible for the greenhouse effect, global warming and a host of other effects. By cutting down on the use of fossil fuels, we do ourselves and the environment a service. 

E-bikes are not all good. As awesome as they may be, there are a few cons you should be aware of. These cons include:

To ride an e-bike, you will need clip-in shoes. 

You wouldn’t want to walk around in clip-in shoes. Hence, you might need to have an extra pair of shoes with you. This might be somewhat difficult. 

Imagine going to work, with the hopes of travelling light, and you need to carry a pair of shoes, to use your e-bike. You would rather go for alternatives. 

Thankfully there are simple solutions to this con. You can easily stow an extra pair of shoes in your e-bike basket. It’s as simple as that. 

There is a need to be extra careful

In as much as an e-bike offers you a lot of fun, you also need to be wary of portholes. They can be damaging to the thin tires of e-bikes. This would require you to focus more, especially on roads that are not completely smooth and good. 

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Riding an e-bike in Toronto winters can be impossible

E-bikes are created for cool calm weather. It’s all well and good during the summer days. However, during Toronto winters and snowstorms, riding an e-bike becomes a tough proposition. There are safety precautions and guidelines that you have to take into consideration. This is a negative if you need to get around constantly during winter.

They are made to be faster

If you are one looking to enjoy slow bike rides, then an e-bike might not be the best option for you. They are designed to enhance your speed with lesser effort and offer you comfort. 

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Pros and cons of a car

Taking a closer look at cars, there are some pros and cons that you should know about. These pros and cons will help you decide whether to buy cars or e-bikes for your Toronto commute. 

Some of the pros of using a car in Toronto include:

You can travel any distance

This is one cool thing about cars, you don’t need to worry about the miles you need to travel; you just go. Once your car has enough gas, and there are no mechanical faults, you can travel as far as you want.

With a car that runs on fuel, you don’t have the risk of running out of battery power or whatnot. An electric bike can only take you as far as 45 miles with one full charge. This limits the use of e-bikes to just urban areas. On the other hand, your car can go anywhere you want it to, as long as you have the fuel. 

You can journey in comfort

You don’t need much energy when driving your car. Hence, you are relatively comfortable. You can sit in the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle and enjoy a leisurely ride.

You can drive at a higher speed

This is a major pro of having a car. With a car, you can speed up and get to where you want to get to, faster. Although you need to be mindful of the speed limits in your area if you don’t want to receive a ticket. With a car, you can attain high speeds that are insurmountable with an e-bike.

Some of the cons of using a car in Toronto include

Owning and maintaining a car is costly

Even if you are not going to get a new car, it is still costly to be the owner of a car. There are other fees apart from the initial purchase fees that you need to sort out. Other than these, you also need to fuel the car, amidst other continuous maintenance practices. There is an evident difference in the cost of owning a car and that of owning an e-bike. 

You don’t burn calories

Exercising is the only way to keep fit. Exercises help you to burn those calories that your body doesn’t need. You cannot burn calories in your car, but you can burn a considerable amount when you make use of your e-bike. 

The only stressful thing you do in your air-conditioned car is probably when you step on the accelerator or brakes. You can’t work out while you are in your car.


Advantages of en e-bike over a car

There are several factors that make the e-bike a better alternative than cars in Toronto. Most of these advantages lie in the pros of using e-bikes. They include: 

You can dodge traffic with your e-bike

Unlike using a car, you don’t need to be stuck in traffic while trying to get to work or any other destination. You can take faster routes and get to where you are going with an e-bike. There are road networks that your cars are limited to. Hence, they can’t be compared to e-bikes. E-bike can go through paths that your car can’t pass through. 

You are not taxed on e-bikes

This is another way in which the e-bike is a winner in the e-bike vs. car debate. E-bikes are considered as regular bikes. Hence, they are not taxed. You don’t need insurance. Also, you don’t need a license to ride one in Toronto. 

You don’t need to do anything extra, pay any fees to anyone, or have some processes lined up before use. Just buy a bike of your choice and start riding.

You save money

There are many costs involved in the owning of a car. You don’t incur most of these costs with an e-bike. This is another winning point for the e-bike in the e-bike vs. car debate. 

With an electric bike, there are no costs incurred on maintenance, no fuelling needed, amidst costs like insurance and licenses. You can save money without worrying about huge repair costs.

It boosts your fitness levels

Riding your e-bike involves you exercising. That way, you burn calories and get yourself fit. Whenever you are faced with the e-bike vs. car options, make sure to go for an e-bike, if you want to be fit in the course of moving around. This is important, especially if you don’t have extra time for exercising.

You experience more and contribute to the safety of the environment

Bike rides are fantastic, and it exposes you to the beauty of the outdoors. On an e-bike, you get to feel the freshness of the atmosphere, and you take more notice of what is going on in your environment. The same cannot be said for cars.

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E-bikes vs. Public transportation

E-bikes vs. cars is a thing. This innovative model of transportation has come to disrupt the transport industry. However, e-bikes are not just competing with cars now. They are competing with the general scope of transportation. The world is looking towards more affordable and less destructive ways to power our modes of transportation. Electric vehicles have been the answer. 

With e-bikes, you need not join the rat race of hopping onto buses or trying to catch a train as you head over to work. In Toronto, with your electric bike, you can get anywhere, as fast as possible and with less stress. 

E-bikes have bridged the gap between cycling systems and motor systems, a very good compromise at that. With an e-bike, you are always on the move, you don’t have to wait for a cab or get stuck in traffic. As long as you charge your e-bike, you will be sure to get to your destination faster!

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E-bikes are a must-have if you are looking to cut down on cost. They are also great if you want to enjoy the comforts of the outdoors. They make you do less work on the pedals, making your movement from place to place easier. Get yourself an e-bike today!

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