Owning an E-Bike: Joining the Green Revolution in Toronto

Owning an E-Bike: Joining the Green Revolution in Toronto

Bicycles for human transportation dates back to the 18th century. Humans found the need to move around and transport goods from one place to another. As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of all invention”. This cannot be more accurate as the first automobile with two wheels was created in 1817 by a German named Baron Karl Von Drais. This first human-propelled machine was the foundation of the evolution we have experienced in the automobile industry.

As time went on, four-wheeled automobiles were developed by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Karl Benz. People started moving from point A to point B with the gasoline-powered automobiles. With the advancement in science and technology, came different inventions and more modes of transportation came into play.  

Cars are made easier to ride in by incorporating both style and tasteful design in the overall frame of automobiles. However, these gasoline-powered automobiles generate toxic gas that is detrimental both to human health and the environment. 

Every automobile that burns gasoline produces fumes of hydrogen and carbon into the air. These pollutants are not only destroying our environment but are also affecting sea life, human health and the entire ecosystem in general.

How can this be solved? Men still need to move around. Inventors and manufacturers came up with a solution by creating electric vehicles. With this innovation, there is absolutely no need for combustion just the combination of both human and motor power.

Electric bikes are a new trend in the vehicle world. They are not just user-friendly, they produce no form of pollution and are good for the environment. Commuting around your city and incorporating more exercise into your daily routine becomes a piece of cake with e-bikes. This article contains information that will show you how the e-bike is great for the environment.


What’s all the fuss over e-bikes?

The invention of diesel and petrol engines is by no doubt one of the greatest inventions of all time. With these combustible liquids and gas, various means of transportation gain their functionality. Airplanes, buses, cars, powerhouse, etc are all powered by these carbon compounds. Speed and style is the new order of revolution. 

However, as models that are configured and to reduce human effort and produce comfort, these machines guzzle so much fuel. This excessive usage of fuel is increasing the level of pollution in the air. This has led to increased global warming and other dangerous implications for the environment.

So, why e-bikes? One of the major advantages of electric bikes is that they don’t use diesel or petrol. Therefore, they do not emit toxic carbon monoxide into the environment.

Electric vehicles are the newest concept in the automobile world. People are getting more concerned about the environment and their health. Therefore, instead of combustible vehicles, most people going green. Electric bikes are an important part of the green revolution. They are slowly getting into the mainstream and getting people’s attention.

E-bikes are easy to use. They provide simple and accessible ways to commute around the city of Toronto. With them, you are sure to have an amazing outdoor experience. They are basically simple bicycles powered by both human and electric power. They all come with electric motors of various sizes and pedals. However, you don’t necessarily have to use the pedals as these bicycles can power themselves electrically.

These bicycles are available in different shapes, design, frames and sizes to meet the needs of different types of riders. They can be ridden everywhere on different terrain. They are also designed to suit the atmospheric conditions of different states in Canada.

Electric road bikes are good for commuting from your home to work while enjoying the outdoor scenario. Electric mountain bikes are excellent for riding through the hills and steep inclines. Electric cargo bikes are great for either transporting your luggage or another passenger. There is an e-bike for every situation. 

They suit all situations while keeping the environment free of pollutants. E-bikes keep riders happy and mother nature remains green. In other words, electric bikes are good for the environment. You should get one too. 

Source of Power for E-bikes

E-bikes use batteries as opposed to gasoline. 

It is no news that exhaust from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles are detrimental to our health. Global warming is a serious issue. Going green is the new revolution of the automobile industry. 

Air pollution from gasoline reduces the quality of air causing cardiovascular disease, respiratory cancer, and other health problems in Toronto. 

Batteries do not emit fumes. No air pollution means a substantial improvement in the quality of air around you. E-bikes make use of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable by either electrical or solar source. The rate of discharge of these batteries are very low so you can go as far as 45km in just one complete charge. With these batteries, you can drive as fast as 25km/h which is within the speed limit regulations in the City of Toronto.

Many of these lithium-ion batteries are very portable. You can charge them if you have a solar panel in your home. These bikes also come with portable chargers. You can take them with you as you go for your ride.

There are different types and models of e-bikes. Some are more lightweight than others but generally, they come within a weight range of 21kg-45kg. New models with lighter weight are released into the market as technology in this niche advances. 

The motors that these bikes use are very powerful. They also have shock absorbers in order to ensure smoother rides on any terrain possible.

Electric bicycles are engineered with different components such as a digital speedometer, front lamps, navigation systems, mechanical gears all to ensure the comfort of the riders. Whatever model of electric bike you go for, you can be sure of smooth riding experience. There really is no reason to go green.

Why should I own an e-bike?

Electric bikes are the new trend. They have found their way into the mainstream. You see them on the road, music videos, television shows and even on the runway. They are fashion and travel bloggers’ newest best friends. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and fit into different situations from commuting to work to taking a ride around the city of Toronto.

Toronto’s Public Health sector released a statement saying that the level of the five most common air pollutants has reduced a great deal and there is a major improvement in the quality of air in the city. It’s no lie that there is a green revolution in Toronto. Majority of individuals are going green and opting for better options when it comes to automobiles.

If you are still wondering why you should own an E-bike, here are a few excellent reasons why owning an e-bike might just be exactly what you need:

Great way to exercise

You can enhance your health and fitness by investing in an electric bike. Majority of people complain that they do not cook their own meals, work out at home and can’t afford a gym membership. The very popular excuse is ” I don’t have the time’. 

Well, now, you can cycle everywhere: the mall, work, town hall, the park, etc. Cycling is a great way to exercise and it engages all the muscles in your body. With e-bikes, you are guaranteed to get a great workout in and develop core muscle strength. Drop some extra pounds and tighten those muscles with an e-bike.

Good for the environment

As established already, electrical bikes do not emit carbon. They are environment-friendly and you do not require pollution control measures from the authorities. It is a great way to join the green revolution and keep the air in our environment clean. E-bikes are definitely one of the greenest, most effective forms of transportation currently on the market.

Spend less on fuel and  maintenance

We all need one form of transportation or the other. In Northern America, it is mostly private cars. Having a private car means it needs to be fueled regularly. 

Cars are one of the largest expenses that most Toronto residents incur. The cost of having and maintaining a private car is enormous. Imagine other necessities you could afford if you weren’t spending that much on fuel. You could probably afford that vacation you have been dreaming about.

An electric bike will enable you to go completely car-free. The battery is durable and when charged regularly can last for a period of 3-5 years. It may seem more fancy to drive a car or call a cab but what you do not realize is that buying a car doesn’t just cost a couple of dollars, it takes more than that. In the end, you eventually end up spending a lot more than you bargained for. 

Here are some points to ponder on:

  • The cost of buying a car can literally empty your pocket. No matter how cheap the cost price is, you can get an e-bike for half the price or even less.
  • The price of gas is constantly on the rise. It rarely falls.
  • The high cost of maintenance 
  • High insurance costs

Opting for an e-bike saves you a lot of money. It is easy to maintain. All you have to do is make it a duty to service your battery system and electrical motor at least twice a year.

Great for shopping

There are different types of e-bikes. A cargo electric bike comes with an extension that can either carry another passenger or your cargo. You don’t have to struggle with your groceries on your bike. 

You can easily put them in the extended font space while enjoying an easy and smooth ride. Wanna go shopping with a pet, no problem. Electric cargo bikes are the best choice. You can cycle to the store and cycle back with your pet in front of you the whole time. It is definitely more fun and exciting.

Provides an enjoyable outdoor experience

Being outdoors on a beautiful day in summer or spring is a no-brainer. Enjoy a long distance ride on your electric bike and create the most exciting and fun memories. With an e-bike, you have access to more views and sights compared to when you were in a car or bus. You can cover more distance without getting fatigued.

Escape parking and traffic problems

On busy days and holidays, it can be very difficult to find an empty parking space. A single parking space can contain at most 30 bikes. Driving round in circles can be very frustrating and time-consuming. While still trying to figure out where to park in your car, bikers are in and out of the building already. 

Apart from the ease of parking, you can totally stay unaffected by traffic. No matter how tight traffic is, your e-bike can always help you weave through traffic. You will be sure to find your way around and get to your destination faster instead of being stuck in traffic for hours. You have an important event to catch up with? Take your bike and beat the traffic!

Noiseless operation

E-bikes usually have a smooth operation. They make very little or no sound at all. They have efficient and powerful motors engineered to run smoothly without making any sound. You can rest assured that your preferred form of transport is not constituting a nuisance.

Easily climb those hills

Apart from the lithium-ion battery and the excellent weight distribution properties of an e-bike, they have efficient shock absorbers that flatten out the effects of bumpy hills and inclines for you. Irrespective of what terrain you are riding on, the components are integrated beautifully to keep you going smoothly on those hills.

What more to expect from the e-bike world

Inventors and manufacturers are working towards sustainable development(keeping e-bikes relevant on the roads) They plan to do that by:

  • Incorporating aluminum or carbon to create the frame. This is to ensure lighter weight bikes and reduces the stress on the electrical motor.
  • Producing lighter batteries. This will make it possible for riders to carry an extra battery with them when going for a ride

Electric bikes are safe, good for the environment and easy to maintain. Not to mention you can increase the quality of your health and those around you. Join the green revolution in Toronto and get yourself an e-bike. We are sure mother earth will reward you for it. Call us today!

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