Best e-bike for senior citizens 

An e-bike which is also called an electric bicycle is a type of bicycle that has an integrated electric motor which it uses for its propulsion. E-bikes are classified as zero-emission vehicles and are more environmentally responsible compared to an SUV. They are less impactful than electric cars and are basically as impact-free as a conventional bicycle. 

It is medically advised for people to remain as active as possible. Different age groups try to achieve this through different means. Younger people often engage in cycling, running and visiting the gym to achieve this, older people are however restricted.

Doctors often recommend cycling in order to help senior citizens increase their activity level which in turn leads to better health and a stronger heart. Having an e-bike enables you to cycle and be energetic with less physical stress. This works perfectly for older people.

In this article, we will take a look at why senior citizens need an e-bike, the benefits for senior citizens and the best e-bikes for senior citizens.


Why a senior citizen needs an electric bike

Like we said earlier senior citizens are restricted from certain activities that can keep them active and energized because of their age and strength level. An electric bike enables senior citizens to exercise without straining themselves so much. Let’s also not forget the long term financial benefits of using an electric bike. 

E-bikes help senior citizens to make trips which would otherwise be difficult and even impossible for them. With an e-bike, senior citizens can go up hills and long distances. It is also beneficial when navigating through traffic.


Things to consider when buying an e-bike for senior citizens

There are a few things that you should look out for when buying a bike for a senior citizen. They include:

Resistant tires 

When buying an electric bike for senior citizens there are certain things to consider, one of which is resistant tires. A senior citizen should buy e-bikes with puncture-resistant tires. It is also important to use puncture sealing technology like slimes in the inner tubes for more protection against dangerous falls. 

Back-up or double-strength battery

An important safety measure is having an e-bike that has a back-up or double strength battery. These types of batteries are the most energy-efficient types and they are the ones that last longer. 

Even though it does not cost much to operate an e-bike, this is a considerable battery replacement expense that should be incurred. 


When purchasing an electric bicycle for senior citizens, you should get a bike with fenders. This will help to protect against splashes and preserve the integrity of your e-bikes. 

Step-through frame

Bikes with step-through frames are the best kind of bikes for senior citizens. They are often referred to as step-through bikes, they either have a low cross-bar or the bars are totally absent. They are highly recommended for elderly people because it makes it very easy for elderly people to mount and dismount. 

Step-through frames also eliminate or prevent the stripping and ripping off clothes when mounting or dismounting. Another reason step=through frames are a must for senior citizens is that they are much safer compared to high top tube bikes. If one loses balance while climbing, all that’s required is that you stop without getting entangled and simply step through. 


Best e-bikes for senior citizens

Below is a list of some of the best e-bikes that you can get for your senior citizens. 

E-wheels EW-29 Electric Trike

The EW-29 Electric Adult Tricycle is a new addition and advancement in the tricycle world. It is three-wheeled, has four 12 volt lead-acid batteries, a 500-watt direct-drive hub motor and is electrically powered. For the sake of exercise, this e-bike can also be powered by pedalling. 

It has a rear storage basket attached to it, this is for you to store your groceries or even your pets. There’s also a smaller accessible front basket that you can put a relatively small bag. 

To turn on the electric power, all you need do is twist the hand throttle for power and then use the reverse/forward switch for maneuvering and comfortable riding.

For every charge, the bicycle can reach speeds of 15 mph and travel 20 miles, this is, however, dependent on the weight of the rider, the terrain and also the road surface.

It can go longer distances if you add a pedalling option to it. It is super fit for senior citizens because it has a low step-through steel frame which allows you to mount easily. There’s the bonus of an oversized seat with backrest and front and rear suspension that makes your ride very convenient. 

This bike has an LED front electric light, an electric horn, back reflectors and an electric battery indicator.

The E-Mojo E1 48 V 

It is an electric cargo bike and was designed initially as a simple fully integrated electric-powered personal vehicle. Just the right bike for the environment in Canada, it has easy step-through frames that allow you to get on and off. 

It has a hydraulic rear and front suspension coupled with the spring-mounted saddle and all these gives the rider a very enjoyable ride. It is perfect for both small riders and senior citizens.

The E1 electric cargo bike has a rechargeable and highly functional electric battery-operated motor. It is the perfect alternative to an automobile. Its lithium-ion battery can be easily and quickly charged. It charges for 5 hours and can travel for about 40 miles on a single charge. What better bicycle do you need for cruising around the quiet and peaceful Canadian towns than this e-bike. 

It would also interest you to know that you don’t have to stress about getting licenses because E-Mojo E1 is street legal and requires no license. It also comes with the hydraulic front and rear suspension. In addition to that, there is a front basket and rear rack which you can use to store groceries and whatever you’re carrying with you. 

The ProdecoTech Stride 300 

You want to buy an electric bicycle for senior citizens but you don’t have a lot of money? ProdecoTech Stride 300 is here for you, it is one of the most affordable electric bicycles out there.

Aside from being affordable, it is accompanied by front shock absorbers that give you a smooth ride.  There is no option of pedalling, you can only throttle to get the power working, this, in turn, reduces the range and climbing ability.

This bicycle is set apart from the rest because it has gone through rigorous testing trials and came out to be the first full size, step-through and folding frame e-bike. It’s structured with the step-through frame in a way that you can effortlessly mount and dismount, regardless of who’s riding it. 

It has an SRAM X7 Twist 8-speed shifter and Avid DB1 hydraulic disc brakes. Mounted in the front wheel is a 300-Watt free-spinning motor which delivers 500 watts at its peak. 

ProdecoTech Stride 500 36V Electric City Bicycle 

Also in the range of affordable e-bikes is this ProdecoTech Stride 500 36V Electric City Bike. It has very solid components and a drive system that does not cost much. Unlike the rest of the e-bikes we have mentioned, there’s no pedal assist, no fancy computer system and no fenders.

However, this does not affect its productivity at all as it works just fine. You even get a two-year warranty that includes the battery.

To get it running, you need to insert the key, press the power button, twist the throttle and your bike is up and running. It is a quality electric bicycle with a scooter style drive system. It is powered by a 500-watt gear-less system. Since it has no gear, it is very quiet and durable for your peaceful and quiet neighbourhood in Canada. 

E-Joe Gadis 48V 350W Electric City Bike

This bicycle is a low-step framed one, which allows for easy mounts and dismounts, especially for senior citizens. It has two small tubes at the top and a half-tube at the bottom to make three tubes in all. The manufacturers did a great job of mounting the battery in a way that doesn’t overbuild the frame or run into the frame’s flex. 

It isn’t hard to get the bicycle running, you hold the power button on the control ring near the left grip to get your bike running. This bike comes with a display that shows your speed level, battery life, assist level and other information about your bike. 

You also have the option of charging the battery on or off the frame. The only thing is that you should be careful when charging on because the port is close to the left crank arm which might snag the connector. It offers 700 watts at its peak and runs on 48 volts of battery power. You can successfully ride it for 45miles if you charge the battery for 5 hours.

Electro bike Gama Cruise 350 W

This is not your regular fanciful electric bike, but it’s equally comfortable and relaxing for senior citizens. It has swept-back handlebars, a seat post shock and a suspension fork which allows the same relaxed upright body position for you. It has a throttle as well as pedal assist. 

It has a frame that you can acquire in a small or medium build that allows you to easily step over and handle the bike. This e-bike runs on an average-sized, 350-watt geared hub and weighs just above 54 lbs. It is very durable, comfortable affordable and good looking. 

E-Joe Anggun 3.0 Electric Comfort Bike

The Anggun 3.0 is powered by a 36 V/15Ah EX-remove LiNCm battery. Its battery can go for about 50 miles with one battery charge. It is considered the best-extended and fully equipped bicycle for its price. Also, it has a very powerful 350 watts speed motor. 

You enjoy a pedal-assist system that accords you total control of the power output through twist control. It also has a 4-level pedal assist with extra off settings in the additional turbo mode. Your bike comes with front/rear brakes, puncture-resistant tires, a premium front and many other upgrades. The battery can be charged up for up to 1200 cycles before it wears out. 

One of the reasons that make it perfect for senior citizens is that it is step-through. It stands at 26 inches and has a load capacity of 55 lbs and carry 300 lbs of weight. It also has a 7020 aluminum alloy frame and has a throttle control system.


Benefits of e-bikes for senior citizens 

In the event that you’re still not convinced about getting your electric bicycle, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you have one:

It encourages daily activity 

As people get older, their level of activity often reduces because of their reduced agility. Having an electric bike will not only help you get out of your house, but it will also encourage you to cycle. Also, it gives room for you to improve your choice of getting around and you will not be restricted by traffic.

No strains on your body

As it was stated earlier in the article, it is expedient for elderly people to exercise so they can increase their strength, their bone and functional health and reduce their risk of diseases and cognitive decline. 

Cycling is a form of exercise that will enable senior citizens to access regular movements without putting their bodies through stress. An electric bike provides you with all the help you need to cycle longer distances and faster. 

They are cost-efficient 

Having an electric bike saves you a lot of money as they are tax-free, don’t require a license, and have no need for insurance. You will be saving a lot of money when you have an electric bicycle. You also get to avoid waiting around for buses when you have your e-bike. 

Electrical assistance 

Your journey will be less stressful when you’re commuting with an e-bike. This is because you have a lot of assistance, you have a choice of different settings that can allow you to reach speeds up to 15 mph. Your journey will inevitably be enjoyable and devoid of stress. 

They are comfortable 

Electric bikes comfortable for senior citizens to commute in, their frames and structures are comfortable. It is very comfortable for cycling on the road, on cycling tracks or even the countryside. Also, you get to wear comfortable clothing and not necessarily have to wear cycling gear.



As a senior citizen, if you want to make life easier and more comfortable for you, the perfect gift you can get yourself is an electric bicycle. They come in handy to solve a lot of issues associated with exercise and commuting. Electric bikes are changing people’s lives! We advise that you get yours today! 

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