Electric fat bike: Benefits and Cost

Electric fat bike: Benefits and Cost

Today, an electric fat bike is a common fixture in Toronto. Getting to your destination is more comfortable with electric bikes. It offers more speed at the expense of less energy from you.

When it comes to convenience, electric bikes do better than traditional bikes. In fact, with an electric bike, you can do so many things, ranging from running errands to getting to work daily. With electric bikes, you save more money, time, and energy. 

In the lineup of electric bikes, there are those referred to as electric fat bikes. These are bikes that feature an unusually large tire. With these tires, riders can feel like they are riding a cushion on air.

There are numerous benefits to the use of this bike type. Electric fat bikes in Toronto are now more common than they were some years ago. And it is only right to want to get one for yourself.

 In this detailed guide, we will take an in-depth look into the benefits, costs, types, factors to consider when buying yours. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about electric fat bikes.


What are electric fat bikes?

Electric fat bikes are no different from the electric bikes you have been used to. There is just a single difference, which comes in the wheel. Electric fat bikes are electric bikes with a wider tire. With the presence of these tires, these bikes can navigate terrains that may prove difficult for regular e-bikes. 

Just like any other electric bike, the fat bikes feature an electric motor that aids in propulsion. There are different e-bike types in the world. Some have simple motors merely designed to assist the pedal power of the rider.

While there are some more powerful ones, featuring a moped-style functionality. Irrespective of how powerful these bikes get, the ability of the rider to pedal is retained. Hence, they are not completely electric motorcycles. 

Electric fat bikes come in different designs, styles, and variations. One thing is common in all these designs. It has a wide tire; hence, the name. 


Types of fat tire electric bike

There are three main types of fat tire electric bikes. The fat tires come in different styles, and if you are going to get yours, you should consider the style. These styles are adapted for different types of riding. 

Also, fat electric bikes are categorized just as your standard e-bikes or traditional bikes are. Fat electric bikes are divided into; fat tire electric mountain bikes, fat tire folding electric bikes, all-around fat tire electric bikes, special-purpose fat tire electric bikes. We will discuss these types of electric fat bikes in this section.

Fat tire electric mountain bikes

These are just right for riding along trails and other off-road terrains. They are adapted for the rough terrain and are geared up with various tools and utilities needed for rough terrain or mountain riding. If you are going to be doing a lot of mountain riding, don’t just go for any of the electric fat bikes in Toronto. Go for the ones adapted for the job. 

Hunting fat tire electric bikes

This might seem to be close to the mountain fat-tire bikes in structure. Well, they are! However, the only difference is that this comes with several accessories that make it more adapted for hunting. Mountain climbing and hunting require different gear hence, the difference.

They also come with some higher-spec accessories, which makes them suited for even harsher terrains. Hunting is bound to take place in grounds tougher than mountains. 

Folding fat tire electric bike

Of all the electric fat bikes in Toronto, these are the most popular. They have a smaller sized frame, and they can be folded easily. This has boosted their popularity amongst people who want to commute around town, but also desire a bit more stability.

With this bike type, you can save space easily. When you are going out of town, or on holiday, they can be easily packed along, without taking up much space. 

All-rounder fat tire electric bike 

These are the perfect bikes if you will love to have a bike with a full-sized frame. Also, it is excellent when you don’t need to fold your bike since you won’t be travelling much. With this fat tire e-bike, you can quickly go round town, with whatever accessories you will need. They are very affordable too since you won’t be needing to purchase high spec accessories. 

All-electric fat bikes in Toronto fall in one of these categories. 


Benefits of electric fat bikes

There are so many reasons why you should choose a fat electric bike over the traditional e-bike or regular e-bikes. Here are some electric fat bike benefits you will be sure to relish. 

It brings out the adventurer in you 

If you are looking for adventure, trying out e-bikes will be a great option. With an electric fat bike, you can seek out your very own adventure. You get to try many bike tricks and you get to go to different places. This is so because the electric fat bike offers you more balance and control. This balance brings about more confidence which brings about more adventure.

 Electric fat bikes in Toronto are all pretty handy, especially during the snowy season. It gives you more control; hence, a better experience in the snow. Also, in any other season, you can go anywhere, ranging from sandy terrains to rocky grounds and even muddy terrains. You will have no problem touring the backwoods trails too. 

As a statement of fact, people who bought fat electric bikes started to ride about twice the number of times they usually ride. This is proof of how effective the bikes are in bringing out the young fun-loving child in you. 

It is amusing

Fat electric bikes are always fun to ride. If you have seen anyone make use of the fat electric bike, you will always find them coming back with a broad smile on their faces.

People who haven’t taken time out with fat electric bikes before, get the same feeling, even at the very first time. It brings back the feeling you got when you learned to ride as a kid. Fat bikes can be enjoyed, either you are riding very fast or slow. When it comes to fun, fat bikes are the way to go. 

It is very comfortable 

Fat bikes are very convenient to use. The fat tires are obviously of a large volume and low pressure. With these characteristics, it can act as a shock absorber.

It is so easy to control, just as you would do a sports car. While riding, the large tires are designed to absorb lots of vibration. Hence, there is a drastic reduction on the stress passed to your hands and the lower back. 

Depending on the type and product of tire used, you can always have the pressure adjusted. Therefore, you can change the tire pressure to whatever terrain you will be riding on. You can also equip the bike with front suspension, which allows for additional shock absorption. This is highly recommended if you are looking to engage in some summer trail riding. 

It is effortless to ride 

Electric fat bikes in Toronto mainly elicit one question from potential users. People worry about whether the bike is hard to ride. There is just one brief answer, “no.”

The bikes are straightforward to ride, and you can confirm this by yourself. There is a provision for balance and control, thanks to the fat tires, which undoubtedly makes riding more comfortable. This is undoubtedly a good deal for beginners. 

They are very versatile 

Since the innovation of electric fat bikes, there has been a series of advancements and innovations in the parts. Hence, the bikes are good to go for any season and terrain. If you are looking to get to work, the fat electric bike has got you. Even if you want to compete with your friend on mountain trails, the bike is good to go. 

In recent times,  fat e-bikes have been used for trail riding in the summer. The versatility is just beyond words and is solely responsible for its popularity. These bikes can be ridden anytime, anywhere and in whatever season. 


Do I need an electric fat bike? 

This is a matter of preference. It is also dependent on the terrain you are riding on. With traditional bikes, there is less suspension compared to fat tire e-bikes. The fat tires have more suspension because they run at a lower pressure, which enables you to cycle in whatever terrain and in all weather conditions.

So, if you are in areas difficult for the traditional bike to ride in, you need an electric fat bike. It always seems as though the fat tires come into their own when you use them through sand, snow, and mud. Rough terrains indeed call for a fat electric bike, and if you are down for the benefits stated above, this is your best pick. 


Electric fat bikes; can you make your own?

There are many electric fat bikes in Toronto to choose from. Later in this article, we will take a closer look at how to pick the very best for you. However, you can also build your own.

By making your fat tire e-bike, you tend to save yourself some money. By creating your fat bike yourself, you can easily customize it to whatever you want. In the course of building, you can always add what you need and do away with what you won’t need.

What do you need to build your fat electric bike?

One of the very first things you need if you are going to build your fat e-bike is technical skills. You don’t need to be a mechanic, but if you are comfy with a wrench or a screwdriver, you are good to go. Apart from these skills, these three components are needed:

  • Fat tire bicycle (Also referred to as the donor bike)
  • Fat tire electric bike conversion kit
  • Battery

With these three components, you will be able to customize your bike to your needs.  When getting these components, you should note that there are different qualities of them. The quality of the element you get ends up affecting the overall quality of your DIY fat e-bike.

One thing though, if you are going to build a bike that comes to standard, you must be ready to spend on quality parts. Don’t go for the cheaper ones as they are most probably of inferior quality. Your best option is to go for the premium products, which come at a higher price than the others. Since this guide is to help you build the very best bike, we will consider the premium parts. 

The bike

You need to start with the fat tire bike. In this case, go for the GMC 26″ fat-tire electric bicycle at the very least. This comes for over $400. 

The conversion kit

In making this fat e-bike, you can go for a mid-drive motor, at least. You get a lower center of gravity, as well as the enablement to use all your gear with electric power. If you will use this bike for mountain climbing, or slow riding through the snow, the 1000W Bafang BSHD or the 750W Bafang BBS02 is advisable.

The Battery

You should go for the 50V 17.1Ah triangle battery from M3EV. It is one of the best cells out there, and you get a mounting bag-shaped similarly. 

Putting together the kit on the bike is as easy as it can get. The first step is to remove the pedals, the pedal cranks and bottom bracket assembly, right from the bottom of the bike. Then you should replace it with the motor kit. The motor kit contains the motor and pedal cranks that also need to be installed.

Subsequently, add the triangle frame bag with the battery inside. When this is done, you can add all the wires to the throttle, the motor, and the internal controller. Once this is done correctly, your bike is ready for a ride.


Electric fat bikes: Buying guide

If you don’t want to go through the stress of making your electric bike, you can always buy from an e-bike store. Though electric fat bike costs might differ at different locations, it is bound to be more than you will incur by building one yourself. 

However, it is always advisable to buy a new electric fat bike. These come with a level of guaranty that you cannot get from building one yourself. In this article, we will discuss how to buy the best electric bicycles.

What type of fat electric bike is for me? 

This is the very first question you need to answer. Answering this helps you know the accessories you should look out for on the bike. As stated above, there are four types of bikes, the fat tire electric mountain bike, the fat tire folding electric bikes, the hunting fat electric bike and the all-around fat tire electric bike.

You should consider the features and uses of the various types. This will guide you in knowing what type of bike you need. 

The frame size 

This is the second factor to consider. The frame size of these bikes is just like those of conventional bikes. However, there is bound to be a difference in the front fork sizes, as they are spaced to accommodate the massive tires. You need to cross-check the frame size, to ensure it is comfortable for you as you ride. 

One easy way to go about this is comparing with the frame size of a traditional bike you are comfy with. The height is what you should be on the lookout for. A tall person should go for a taller frame and a corresponding one for shorter persons. 

Some measurements of your own body may be needed before you go ahead with buying an e-bike. Measure your height, inseam, torso, and arms. Make sure the measurements tally with the frame size you want to go for 

Type of electric motor drive 

The very core of the electric bike is the motor. The type of motor on the e-bike plays a considerable part in its performance. There are three types of motors you can use for electric fat bikes in Toronto. These are the front hub, rear hub, and the mid-drive motor. 

The front and rear hubs are situated in either the front and rear tires respectively. While the mid-drive motors are located around the bottom bracket of the electric bike, this is the area where you will also find the crank and the pedals. 

There is a difference in power, cost, and riding experience with these motors. The mid-drive motors are more expensive, but you get more power and a better balance. 

The difference between the front and rear hub motors is that the front hub pulls the bike forward, while the rear hub pushes its forward. This difference is mainly felt when you are making a turn or riding on the hills. For beginners, it is advisable that you choose a bike with a mid-drive motor at an electric bike store.

The Batteries 

It is crucial to consider the battery of the fat electric bike you are getting. If the battery quality is terrible, you will experience so many issues with the bike. The best quality batteries are made from LG, Samsung, or Panasonic. Choose a battery from any of these brands. For maximum power, go for a battery with the 48V label.

The Brakes 

Thanks to innovation and development, you can now get a standard disc brake on your electric fat bike. For your braking system, make sure to look at the rotor size and the pistons. You should also consider if it is a mechanical or hydraulic system.

The larger the rotor size, the more the potential stopping power of the brakes. Also, the more the piston, the quicker the stopping force. You should also consider how often you will be using the brakes.


This is another factor to be considered. Most electric fat bikes come outfitted with front suspension, while others are equipped with full suspension. You don’t need a full suspension if you are riding to get around town. But if you are looking to go mountain riding, you need it. 



Electric fat bikes in Toronto are more popular than they used to be. They offer so much more than the regular bike and are surely twice as fun. They are known to provide balance and ease of ride. From your standard fat tire bicycle, you can make your own fat tire electric bike. If you are, however, looking to buy yours, you should consider the factors above to ensure it is the best.

Our online e-bike store can help you find the best electric fat bike in Toronto. Contact us today! 

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