Magnum Metro Conversion Kit Review

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Electric bikes are the rave of the moment in Canada, and everyone seems to have one. They have excellent features that make them even more desirable. Hence, those who don’t own an electric bike, or still use the conventional road types feel left out. 

Others want to keep their old bikes and have the exciting features of an e-bike. The good news for all these people is that there is a kit they can use to convert it to an electric bike!

It’s called an electric bike conversion kit. There are different models out there available for use. However, this review is centred on the Magnum Metro Conversion kit. Keep reading to find out more about the kit. You can also check out the YouTube video below for a visual take on this review. 

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What is an electric bike conversion kit?

A conversion kit contains tools and materials used to upgrade a bike from a conventional one to an electric type. Conversion kits are sold in e-bike stores in Canada, as they are very popular. In the biking world, the process of converting is called electrifying. It’s a fairly easy process if you are experienced and know your way around a bike.

And if you don’t, there is no problem. You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how. The objective of the kit we will be reviewing is to turn a normal bike into a rear hub e-bike. So, let’s get straight to it.

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The Magnum Metro Conversion Kit

This kit from Magnum is one versatile type that comes with a lot of features. There are so many aspects to deal with, but we’ll break them down into sections on;

  • Electrical and Mechanical Details
  • Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • How to get started with the kit

Model details 

  • Make: Magnum
  • Kit model: Metro Conversion Kit
  • Suggested Use: Neighbourhood, Urban, Road, Commuting, Cargo, Cruising, Mountain
  • Bike Class: Throttle-on-demand (Class 2), Class 1 Pedal Assist, Class 3 Speed Pedelec
  • Year of Make: 2019

Mechanical Details

  • Battery Weight: 4.26 kg
  • Brake Details: Mechanical Brakes, with inhibitors and rubberized edges
  • Rims: Double-walled, aluminum alloy, 36mm hole and 24 mm width 
  • Wheel sizes: 29-inch, 27.5-inch, 26-inch
  • Motor Weight: 5.03 kg
  • Tube: Schrader Valve
  • Spokes: 13 Gauge, stainless steel
  • Frame Rear: 12mm Axle, 142mm of hub spacing, Nuts of 19mm
  • Accessories: Optional second battery, adjustable rack, battery slider

Electronic Details

  • Motor Make: Das-kit
  • Motor Torque: Minimum of 90 Nm
  • Battery Make: LG, Panasonic, Samsung
  • Amp Hours of Battery: 13 Ah
  • Watt-Hours of Battery: 624 wh
  • Motor Maximum Output: 700 W
  • Motor Nominal Value: 500 W
  • Motor Type: Geared Rear-mounted Hub
  • Charging Time: 6.5 hours
  • Minimum estimated range: 40 km
  • Maximum estimated range: 89 km
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-NCM (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese)
  • Top speed: 40 km per hour
  • Drive Mode: Trigger throttle and Cadence Pedal Assist
  • Readouts: Assist Level, Odometer, Current Speed, Timer, Battery Level, Trip 1 and 2, BMS Voltage
  • Display Accessories: 5 v USB charging post, Button pad
  • Display Type: C6, Backlit, Fixed, LCD

Exciting Features of the Magnum Metro Conversion Kit

The Magnum Metro conversion kit has many features that separate it from your normal conversion kits. We love to refer to these features as exciting features. They include:

Three-wheel sizes

The Magnum Metro conversion kit has three wheel sizes, depending on the bike you want to use them on. We are sure you like your old wheels, but you have to let them go if you want the upgrade. The 26-inch wheel size is just the type you will find in a Magnum Metro e-bike.

The wheels change the rim and have reinforced eyelets, 36 holes and strong gauge spokes. The best part is that they have machined sidewalls if you decide to use rim brakes.

Setup can go up to 25km per hour

With all parts on the kit installed, your newly electrified bike can go up to 25km per hour. To see a bike speed up so fast is exciting. The Magnum Metro conversion kit lets you set up your old bike as a Class 3, Class 1 or Class 2 e-bike. This means it has a speed pedelec, throttle and pedal assist. The throttle you get from this kit is narrow and doesn’t take up space on the handlebar. How nice! 

Customizable parts

The brakes and throttle of this conversion kit can be customized to meet legal restrictions. You can do away with the throttle or set a lower top speed easily, which is just awesome. The brake levers can also be discarded if you like a hydraulic one. However, you’ll be missing out on the excellent motor inhibitors, which is not too much to lose in exchange for hydraulic brakes.

Excellent rear-driven hub

You can expect quality from this Das-kit geared hub, like all the others they make. Its minimum rating is 500W. However, it can get up to 700 W. In both cases, the 90Nm torque is just enough for the setup.

Powerful battery

The batteries on this conversion kit are of high capacity and just the perfect type you’ll need to convert your old bike. It’s a 48v, 13 Ah battery made by either LG, Samsung or Panasonic. The batteries should deliver about 620-watt hours and should take about 6.5 hours to charge fully. The kit also comes with a 2A battery charger, which is the standard.

A closer look at the battery shows that it has a casing made from aluminum alloy and a lock. Unlike with the Magnum Metro Bike, you’ll have to turn on the battery every time you want to use it, which is great when hanging around playful children. The battery weighs about 4.2 kg, which is quite light for a battery of that size.

Excellent Display

The C6-Daskit display is all you can ask for from any kit. It is controlled by the button’s pad that also included in the kit. Immediately you switch on the power button close to the grip, the display is powered on as well. It has different menus, and all you have to do is press and hold down the set button to view all of them. 

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Pros of the Magnum Metro Conversion kit

The display that comes with the Magnum Metro conversion kit is very easy to read. You can put it to swivel, and it has a button pad to control it. Das-kit C6 is just the type of display you want to have on any electric bike.

The mechanical brake levers are very good. We like that you can switch them if you are uncomfortable or used to mechanical brakes. However, they should give you no problem.

Also, we like the rear rack a lot. It comes with Bungie notches and pannier blockers, and a reflector at the back. It is almost 30 kg which is not so bad for all the features it offers you. 

We also like that the conversion kit is versatile. It doesn’t require an electric bike’s frame, which is just great. Finally, it’s quite cheap for all of the awesome features it offers.

Cons of the Conversion Kit

The cadence sensor of this kit can wobble if not sealed properly, so that’s quite a concern. However, if installed by the representative of a reputable e-bike accessories store you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

It takes quite some time to convert the bike. There are quite some parts to fix together, so this can take you more than a few minutes. However, converting your bike should be a breeze for experienced customer support providers.

A lot of wiring can hang out. Again, this is only a problem if you’ll be converting your bike by yourself, and do not have experience in doing so.

When the whole bike is converted, it will be slightly heavier than it was. To many, this is the price they have to pay, and they are quite happy to do so. Also, this conversion kit doesn’t have a USB charging port. This is another difference between a converted and an actually Magnum Metro bikes. You cannot charge your gadgets on an electrified bike.

Ways to maintain the Magnum Metro Conversion Kit

It will be a pity if, after a couple of days, your newly converted bike stops working or develops a fault. That’s why you should take proper care of it by following these rules we have included below.

Keep the batteries in good condition

No battery, no e-bike. Batteries are perhaps the most important component of e-bikes, and their maintenance cannot be overemphasized. These lithium batteries that come in the kit should not be exposed to extreme conditions to allow them to work properly. Furthermore, you should not allow them to completely drain before recharging again. It puts a lot of stress on the cell’s chemistry.

Protect your C6 Das-kit display from scratches

No one likes scratches on any kind of display. When the C6 display that comes with this kit gets scratched, it looks really bad. You can protect the display from sunlight and scratches by putting your helmet over it.

Don’t alternate between a conventional road bike and an e-bike

We understand that it can be hard to let go of your old bike, especially if you’ve used it for a while. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to switch back to the conventional type because many wirings and parts can get bad. Stick with your new bike.

Follow the instructions contained in the manual

Magnum includes a manual in almost all their products. In them, you’ll find the best ways to handle and use the parts and assemble. Go with what they recommend!

Be careful with the frame and motor

The motor is so powerful that it can push against the aluminum alloy frame. Over time, the motor can rock and damage the frame. Ensure that the bolt that holds the motor is tightened correctly.

Keep the parts clean all the time

Wipe the sides, frame, display and rims with a clean, dry cloth frequently.

How to fix all the parts together

If you buy the Magnum Metro conversion kit from a local e-bike accessories store in Canada, then you should have it fixed up for you there. Otherwise, there are 12 things included in the kit, which include;

  • Brake lever set
  • Wheelset
  • Controller
  • Rear carrier band
  • Rear carrier
  • Charger
  • Disc
  • Display cable
  • Sensor
  • Battery
  • Throttle

Check to make sure that all these components are available and in their right quantities. If they aren’t, then, we recommend you contact the bike store you got it from.

Steps to fixing the Magnum Metro Conversion Kit

  • The sensor and disc should be placed and assembled on both sides of the bottom brackets. They need to match to work.
  • Assemble the disc. Then fasten the ring to tighten and fix it.
  • Next, fix the ribbon and assemble the sensors. You can also adjust the distance between the sensor and disc if you’ve made a mistake with them.
  • Moving on to the wheels, the inner wheel and tire should be assembled and pumped first. 
  • The shim and screws should then be removed from the motor. Fix the disc brake before the twist screws. Ensure that they are fixed in the correct direction.
  • Assemble the fixed-rotating and cassette freewheel. Again, make sure you get the directions right.
  • Then, fix the motor wheel and connect it with a cable to the controller.
  • Moving over to the controller, connect it with all other components. Fix the controller in its case, and make sure it is very tight.
  • Place the battery case in the carrier.
  • The last section is the display. Start by removing the original brake lever and grip that were on the bike.
  • Assemble the throttle, brake lever set and display. When they are together, then you can fix back the grips.
  • Lastly, fix the throttle and brake cable. Also, connect all the other cable.

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Is there a warranty for the product?

The Magnum Metro conversion kit sold in Canada kit has a one-year warranty. This warranty covers the parts and cost of general servicing for the period.

Final Take

We’ve come to the end of our Magnum Metro conversion kit review. The benefits of this kit outweigh its disadvantages by a large margin. It is quiet, reliable and quite responsive. 

For people wishing to join the community of e-bikers, this is the solution they’ve been looking for. You’ll just need to take extra care, and pay keen attention to details when assembling the parts.

If you want power, simplicity and versatility from your bike, then consider getting the Magnum Metro Conversion kit from our e-bike store in Canada.


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