A Detailed Look At The Magnum Low Rider Bike

Magnum Low Rider

The Magnum Low Rider electric bike is making movement easier within Toronto. In Toronto today, alternative and more economical methods of transportation within the city are becoming increasingly common. Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters have become very popular amongst citizens in Toronto. 

This is because of the ease involved in the use of these alternate modes of transport. There’s also the fact that minimal cost is required to run a bike or even a skateboard, for that matter.

A bike is also not restricted by traffic jams, traffic lights, and other limitations caused by vehicular movement. If you are interested in a functional yet stylish bike, then you should take a look at the Low Rider bike. The Low Rider bike was first designed based on inspiration from low rider cars. A low rider bike is always characterized by a curved frame, tall upward-swept hanger handlebars, and wheels with a lot of spokes.

Low rider bikes are usually very individualized in their creation and have a lot of style to them. Quite a number of people in Toronto own a low rider bike. A lot more than you think. 

Teenagers who are not old enough to drive particularly love Low rider bikes. Even adults who already own cars are still in love with the invention. We are sure you will too. This is because low rider bikes are a doorway to owning your own unique and very stylish bike.

Today, we are going to be focusing on the Magnum low rider electric bike. The Magnum low rider bike is the perfect blend between the high-performance and finesse. In this article, we will show you why you should own this electric bike. We will also explore the functionalities and unique features of this bike. 

That’s not all. We have a video review to help you understand the beauty and efficiency of this bike. You can check it out here.

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About the Magnum Low rider electric bike

The world of technology is progressing these days very steadily. It’s no wonder that there have been innovations where bicycles are concerned. The magnum low ride electric bike is one of the newer innovations, and it is an absolute delight to behold. Without even talking about the performance of the superb bicycle, only it’s beautifully designed body can convince you to get yourself one.

Magnum is one of the best makers of Low rider bikes. If not the very best. Their latest bike offering proves this. The Magnum low rider electric bike was created for swift, efficient movement.

In fact, when we took it out for a spin, it passed all the tests and raised the bar for other bikes. The Magnum low rider is equipped with some fantastic features you’ll be glad to have on your bike. We will rate the Magnum low rider electric bike as a nine out of a ten.

Why can we do that? The Magnum Low rider electric bike is a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and aesthetics. Did we mention that it is electric? Yes, you will not have to slave at the pedals to climb those laborious slopes.

This means that your ride on the Magnum low rider bike becomes much more comfortable and relaxed. The comfort of the Magnum bike is also aided by the suspensions fitted to its balloon tyres. When you buy the Magnum low rider electric bike, it is generally smooth sailing from there on out.

It will be an injustice, not to mention the beautiful design that went into the making of the Magnum low rider electric bike frame. The bike frame can only be described by words such as elegant and classy.

It is quite difficult not to take a second look at the Magnum bike to appreciate its beauty. Taking the Magnum low rider electric bike out for a test spin was a thrilling experience. Read further to find out more about the superb bike. 


Features of the Magnum Low Rider Electric Bike

There is more to the Magnum Low Rider bike than a beautiful design. This electric bike offers good value in terms of its electrical components. 


For an electric bike, the Magnum low rider electric bike has one of the most powerful motors out here in Canada. The Magnum low rider is equipped with a stunning 500 watt Das-kit R4 motor mounted on the rear tyre. This means more speed for you and more distance covered in little time. 

Although there is an option of combining pedalling with the power of the motor, this is rarely needed. On its own, the powerful motor is capable of generating speeds of about 20km/hr from the Magnum low rider.

That’s a lot of speed for a bike. No one likes to be late for a meeting, even a casual meeting. So if you are looking to put an end to tardiness because of your bike speed, then you should look towards the Magnum low rider. 

There are three modes the Magnum low rider motor can be set to;

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist

This is the combination of both the motor power and your pedalling efforts. An impressive point to note is that the Magnum low riding automatically detects pedal movements and adjusts itself. With the combination of both pedalling and motor power, the Magnum can reach speeds of at least 25km/hr. Whoosh!

Trigger Throttle

If you are moving using only the Magnum low rider’s motor, it will set itself to this speed mode. You can attain a speed of 20km/hr depending on the terrain, your weight, and how fast you want to go.

Walk Mode

Here, your Magnum low rider bike will only move as fast as you can walk. Why walk when you can ride? This is a good feature for those looking to take a leisurely ride out in Toronto.


Amazingly, the Magnum low rider electric bike has eight gears! Let’s not jump the gun. The Magnum low rider is equipped with Shimano, Acera M360 Derailleur. The Acera M360 Derailleur, in turn, has a speed of 8. 

In plain English, that is a lot more freedom for you to choose from depending on the slope of the terrain you’re riding. More gears mean that you can pedal easier, and that means more speed. The gear also has a shield on it to protect it from the effects of the elements such as rain and snow. 

The Magnum is equipped with a Shimano Grip Revoshift, and the gear shift is in the right handlebar for easy access. Changing gears has just gotten more straightforward and quicker. You see, the Magnum low rider electric bike has been created to serve all your needs.  


The Magnum low rider bike was no doubt designed to be a beauty. It features an elegantly curved frame that has a low step. The low step makes it easy for you to mount and dismount the Magnum low rider. However, it’s not just about outward appearance. The frame of the Magnum low rider is built from Aluminum alloy 6061. This means that the frame is not only stylish but is also very resistant to corrosion. 

The beauty of your Magnum low rider bike is guaranteed to last for a long time, provided you take good care of your bike. The Magnum is stylish yet sturdy. Interestingly though, it is essential to note that the bike is not heavy. The Magnum low rider bike weighs just about 27kg. Also, it can support up to a weight of over 100kg with a limit of about 120kg. One of the most beautiful bikes in Toronto, yet, very functional. 


A good motor needs a competent source of power, and the Magnum low rider has a battery that is up to the task. As with all the other features of the Magnum low rider electric bike, its battery is perfect. The Magnum low rider has a 48 Volt and 13 AH Lithium battery, which is capable of sustaining you for up to an impressive 60 miles. 

However, this distance is affected by factors such as the terrain, rider’s weight and the peddle assist level. 

The battery of the Magnum low rider, which is attached unobtrusively to the curved frame, requires a charging time of just about 6 hours. 

In addition, after that, even under the most unfavourable conditions, you are good for at least 30 miles. Another perk to the Magnum low rider battery is that it also has a USB port. This means you can charge your phone on the go. However, we do not advise you to text and ride. Play it safe.


The tyres of the Magnum low rider electric bike were delicately yet very sturdily made. The tyres are Schwalbe Big Ben made and are lined on their inside with kevlar. 

With a diameter of 66cm and a width of about 5cm, the tyres of the Magnum low rider are very reliable partners to have with on the road. Both the front and rear tyres are further protected by custom-made fenders, which adds to the aesthetic value of the Magnum low rider. Functionality, aesthetics and durability, these tires have got it all. 


Its very effective suspension increases the comfort from the Magnum low rider’s bike tyres. The low rider features an adjustable Spring Suspension With Lockout. That is not all. The height of the suspension can be adjusted according to your preference within 10cm. 

The suspension which is attached to the front wheel easily makes rough terrain seem less bumpy. The comfort that comes with the low rider is another incentive for you to get one. 


Visibility at night is always a concern for drivers of various vehicles in Canada. However, with the Magnum low rider electric bike, you do not have to worry about low visibility at night. The low rider is equipped with a front-mounted independent headlight, which does an easy job of dispersing the darkness. 

However, the Magnum low rider does not only make sure you can see while riding, but it also makes sure you can be seen. It does this utilizing its rear-mounted brake lights, which come on when the brakes are applied. This brings us to the brakes.


The only thing more important than a fast bike is a bike that can stop on a dime. While testing the Magnum low rider, we found that it has excellent brakes. The Magnum low rider electric bike is fitted with Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes With Motor Inhibitors. 

This means that as soon as the brakes are applied, it cuts off power from the motor so that the Magnum low rider can slow down or stop faster. The efficient brakes of this superb bike make for significantly safer riding.


It will be dangerous not to be able to keep track of your bike’s power functions. This is why the Magnum low rider has been equipped with an LCD. Although it is monochrome, it will help you to keep track of your power output, battery level, speed, pedal assist level. 

Also, this awesome bike keeps track of travel distance and travel time. The Magnum’s LCD has a six-bar indicator of its power output, battery level, and pedal assist level, which makes it easy to read without squinting or bending over. The LCD of the Magnum low rider is conveniently located on the handlebar so that it can be looked at even while in transit.

Adjustable handlebars

This ingenious addition to the Magnum low rider electric bike cannot but be mentioned. The adjustable handlebars allow you to pick your preferred position for your handlebar. 

The handlebars can be moved either forward away from you or backwards towards you. All you have to do is pull back a clamp in the middle of the handlebar and then adjust to your preferred position. Do not forget to lock the clamp back in place. 

Additional Features

There are several other perks that come with the Magnum low rider that are minor but still worth mentioning. First off, the low rider is equipped with large seats which are guaranteed to give as much comfort as you need while riding. It also has Selle Royal handlebar grips to help you hold the handlebars without worry about slipping. Both the grips and the bicycle seat are brown to match the bicycle design.


How to maintain the Magnum low rider electric bike 

The Magnum low rider requires no technical maintenance skills. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. These instructions are

Do not leave your bike out when not in use. 

Although the aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion, the rest of the bike is not very resilient. There are electrical components in the motor, battery, and LCD, which constant exposure to rain and snow will damage. Get your bike into the house. 

Clean when dirty 

This is to protect the beautiful body of the Magnum. It will help the paint, the frame, and the bike generally to last longer. Plus nobody likes a dirty bike.

Turn off the headlights when not in use

Although the Magnum low rider headlight has a lot of pros, it has one particularly con. It does not go off automatically when the bike is turned off. So, always remember to turn off the headlights when you are done riding. It will extend your battery.

Finally, try not to crash your bike

Crashing anything is never a good thing. And the Magnum low rider electric bike does not like to be smashed. Drive safely and carefully.

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Taking a ride out on the Magnum low rider electric bike was a thrilling experience. We hope this review has shown you all the things we enjoyed while out on the Magnum low rider. If you have any other questions about the Magnum low rider electric bike or you are wondering where to get the bike out here in Canada, please direct your questions here. We’ve got you!

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