How An Electric Bike Accessories Store Can Help You

How an Ebike accessories store can help you

Electric bike accessories stores are becoming more prevalent in Canada. With more and more e-bikes on the road, their help is of great importance to all e-bike owners. Generally, people tend to boycott the service of an electric bike accessories store when purchasing their new e-bike.

However, in the long run, it doesn’t often end well. You can prevent such occurrence today by visiting an electric bike accessories store in Canada before getting your e-bike.

Electric bikes sound space-age, yet they’re simple in concept. These modern marvels are akin to your favourite two-wheelers and are equipped with battery-powered electric motors for easy commuting. E-bikes as they’re often called, are popular because they’re quiet, non-polluting, and can make cycling a lot more fun for a lot more people.

However, electric bikes with all its advantages also have shortcomings. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to consult a reputable electric bike accessories store before getting that your dream e-bike. 

In this article, we’ll put you through on how an electric bike accessories store can help you get the best of an electric bike. We have also included a visual experience of our e-bike accessories store in Canada. 

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What is a Bike accessories store?

A bike accessories store is your one-stop store for quality electric bike accessories and quality testing. An electric bike accessories store can help you choose the right electric bike for your daily commute.

They have a wide range from compact folding bikes to beach cruisers, from city commuters to high-performance mountain bikes. 

Also, with a reputable electric bike accessories store, your e-bike safety is guaranteed. Remember, it’s better to spend more now rather than spending more than enough later.


Why you need an electric bike accessories store

While thinking of which or what type of electric bike to buy, most people find it confusing and end up getting an unsuitable bike. However, an electric bike accessories store can be the bridge between you and your dream e-bike.

Before buying your first e-bike or changing the old one, there are necessities you need to put into consideration. For instance, you need to consider how much you’re willing to spend and where you’ll be riding your electric bike. 

Electric bike accessories like fenders and lights are often necessary for riders in Toronto. Most especially if you live in a rainy environment and intend on commuting to work or frequently ride in the dark, then fenders and lights are the best.

An electric bike accessories store can provide the personal service and support that you need when it comes to buying a bike. Also, they can help you with buying, charging and repairing your electric bike. 


What are Electric Bike accessories?

Electric bikes are great, but depending on your budget, intended use and environment, the bike alone may not ultimately serve your needs. That’s where accessories come in. Electric bike accessories are tools or spare parts that contribute to the functionality of your e-bike and your safety while riding. Are you planning to buy your first e-bike or change the old one? Then, this article is for you.

Here are a few of the necessary accessories your electric bike can get from most electric bike accessories stores in Canada.


Helmets are extremely important. Regardless of your speed or riding condition, your safety is guaranteed with a helmet. Luckily, there are new types of helmets you can get with integrated lights for added safety. You can purchase the new Specialized Centro LED helmet for yourself and appreciate how sleek and lightweight it is. The alternative approach is adding a stand-alone LED light to your existing helmet.

Flat Protection 

Flat protection and air are especially critical on e-bikes because they tend to ride further and weigh more than conventional bicycles. Whether you’re using a liquid sealant or buying pre-Slimed tubes, you’ll need some air to keep the bike running until you get home. This is where portable pumps and CO2 cartridges come in.

Prevention is massive but walking a 50 lb electric bike home is a lot less fun than hopping off and pumping every mile or two. This is why you need to get a pump or adapter that fits your tube or tire type. Most people have had great luck with the new mini-pumps that have a flexible stem that screws on to the tube valve. CO2 cartridges are fast and lightweight, but once they are spent, that’s it, and you can’t tell the pressure as easily.

However, a portable hand pump with a pressure gauge will come in handy as it’ll help you know when your tyre is over-inflated. Note that there are now solid bicycle tires that do not require air.

Solid bike tires tend to offer less comfort and can even bend rims and break spokes if you hit a hard angle at higher speeds. However, the air has the flexibility of being adjustable so you can adjust it based on your weight and ride environment. Typically, the air pressure is lower for soft terrain and higher for smooth, hard pavement.


Lights are essential for both safety and utility. Some are designed to help other riders identify you while others illuminate your path and help you to see. The best e-bike lights are those that are pre-installed and run off the main e-bike battery. Nevertheless, not all e-bikes offer this kind of integration.

Fortunately, a handful of e-bike accessories stores can tap into the battery and add them after-market for you if you pay a bit more. For everyone else, there’s a whole wide world of after-market bike lights. Most use LEDs because they draw very little electricity and are long-lasting. Some of the best e-bike lights are the rechargeable models. You can try to get two (2) from a company that uses the same charging cables for its products.

Other ways to increase your visual footprint are to choose light coloured bike frames – like white or silver. This helps you get proper reflective tires. Also, wear clothing with reflective striping or patterns.


Locks ensure that your investment will last longer. At least they increase the chances that a thief will overlook your bike and move along to something much more easy to pilfer. E-bikes cost more than standard bikes, but the exciting part is that they aren’t as easy to sell as other bikes.

Without all of the included parts, it might be hard to sell a stolen e-bike. Sometimes, you may need the charger and a key to get the battery pack off. An unwitting second-hand buyer might be completely locked out through software, and some models now offer GPS theft recovery.

However, you can avoid the hassle by making sure that your bike is not stolen in the first place. You can easily try the rubberized coating on U-Locks because it will protect your frame. This lock also comes in several lengths to accommodate fatter tubing, and both sides lock so it takes twice the effort to cut through. You can as well try out a Kevlar cable for use with these locks and a combo pack which includes both items.

These days you can get accessories like the Boomerang CycloTrac that sounds an alarm based on bike motion. Also, there are some that send you a text alert and even track the bike using GPS so you can chase down a would-be thief.


The suspension is one of the necessary accessories your bike needs. If you complain about your back, arms and neck or getting tired on long rides and mainly off-road, then the suspension is exactly what you needed. If you love adventuring, a full suspension electric mountain bike is the perfect fit for you. 

While there are plenty of in-town bikes with just a front suspension, some are stiffer than others. However, there are ways you can improve the ride through suspension accessories. The first option is a suspension seat post. 

Note that there are new alternative suspension features available in some electric bike accessories stores in Canada. Some of which dampens vibration and balance comfort with weight and simplicity. Also, all of these suspension posts are going to raise the minimum seat height of your bike. Thus, if you’re already struggling to mount up, this might be an area to avoid.

The other less-common area to modify with suspension is your stem. Now, this is less common because it can impact steering. Note that there are a bunch of saddles with rubber elastomer and springs available as well. All of these can help you take the edge off and smooth out your ride. This is another area that’s worth exploring with your local bike shop so you can try things out before buying.

Bike Tools

Conventional tools can handle many of the standard maintenance and repair jobs on an electric bike. For example; screwdrivers, metric Allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench for axle-nuts, etc.

However, bikes require several tools that are not commonly found at hardware stores. You can buy each one separately at an electric bike accessories store around you.

Also, you can buy an excellent collection of bicycle tools in one handy case. A few of these tools are specifically made to help install a mid-drive kit. Even without those, the rest of the tools will be useful for your electric bike at any time.

Left Side Mirror

This is another safety item. Cars can often run quietly, and when riding, your hearing is usually clouded by wind noise. In this situation, it is vital to be able to see a car approaching from behind. Imagine a 4,000-lb car being driven by someone who is texting while driving, that’s a scary prospect if you can’t see the car. A left side mirror will help you see.

Part of the reason most riders prefer the fat-tire e-bike for street-commuting is that it’s easy to navigate. You can easily bail out over a curb onto the sidewalk if you feel a car is going to pass too close to you. You can easily do this without damaging your wheels. Therefore, you never have to find an escape route that won’t wreck your rims, forcing you to walk home.

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Electric bike accessories store experts can help you out by recommending and supplying the right accessories for your particular e-bike. They’ll be able to tell you which kickstand and mudguard your bike needs. Also, they’ll be able to help you out with replacement or second batteries and chargers.

Aside from this, an electric bike accessories stores can get a hold of all the spares for the electrical drive system from suppliers. Hence, they can easily repair or replace any worn or faulty parts to keep your bike on the road for a long time. Visit our e-bike accessories store here in Epic Cycles for all of your needs today.

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