Sur Ron Electric Motorcycle Review

Sur Ron Electric Motorcycle Review

Affordable, built to take on all terrain, and a battery that lasts up to 3 hours, need we say more? Probably, yes. Built for speeds up to 77 km/h, the Sur Ron motorcycle is ideal for pretty epic off-road adventuring.  Lightweight construction and sleek design also contribute to this bike’s appeal.

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Quality in the Details

The Sur Ron X won its place as the winner of the 2018 German Red Dot Award for Design with exceptional attention to detail. With over a million dollars in research and design backing the construction of this unique bike, riders get quality and hassle-free user experience.  

Testing for both safety and performance were of top priority before the bike came to the Canadian market. Developed in state-of-the-art facilities, the Sur-Ron went through rigorous simulation trials to ensure each element of the bike can perform for riders of all skill levels. This includes multiple pro-athletes who use the bike for stunts and jumps without compromising the sturdy suspension. 

Let’s look at some of its features in more depth.


Sur Ron X Battery and Charger

Sur Ron’s charger works with the battery to charge faster, prolong battery life and optimize range. Unlike many other batteries, the Sur Ron’s can be regularly pushed to the max without affecting their ability to hold a charge. This is accomplished with a high rate of discharge in the 18650 battery’s cells. The 18650 lithium-ion cells are known for their superior ability to keep up with high-drain devices which allows for a longer charge.


Despite this long charge capability, the huge 60v 32ah pack only takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to fill. The included 10A charger makes this possible. Equipped with an outer fan, the charger is protected from overheating even in warm weather, making it safer and more reliable. 

Off-Road Use Only

An important factor to note about the Sur Ron X is that it is exclusively for off-road use. Because of its speed potential and lack of pedals, the Sur Ron is considered a motorcycle and not an e-bike. This makes the bike great for off-road adventures, but it is not street legal in Canada.


Light but Strong Frame

One of the best style features of the Sur Ron comes from the frame.  Internal structure elements reinforce the bike while the outside looks sleek and effortless. Made of high-pressure aluminum, the bike’s frame combines strength with lightweight construction. 

The Sur Ron weighs in at only 50 kg but can support up to 130 kg. This lightness can make for a unique riding experience with easier, more responsive handling. 

By applying a 6,000-ton press to the aluminum, the Sur Ron is made naturally 3X stronger without adding weight. Powerful jumps are made possible with this same technology as the rear swingarm is light but still able to withstand significant impact.

The seamless build-quality continues with the stainless-steel hardware. This will reduce the chances of rust and preserve the look and functionality of the bike for years to come. During our inspection, this quality jumped out in every detail. Sturdy frame bumpers protect the front from damage and each welded piece fits together flawlessly. 

Real Motorcycle Tires

Don’t be fooled by the size and light weight of this bike. It’s a true motorcycle with the wheels to match. Safe, durable and aesthetically cool, Sur Ron’s tires are another great example of the bike’s attention to detail. Three times heavier than regular tires, these rubber beasts will outlast and outperform standard bike tires.  Large, 13-gauge spokes add to the durability as well.



The Sur Ron includes a permanent, magnetized, internal motor with 6000W of power. Created especially for the bike, this axial flux electric motor is not a rebranded piece. With the axial’s ability to provide a higher rate of accessible power, it packs a greater punch in a smaller package than a radial flux. 

The 2-stage drive makes it possible for the motor to run a high RPM without overheating or excessive noise. A belt in the first stage reduces noise from the RPM and a chain in the second moderates the torque on the rear wheel.

Ease of Operation 

The Sine Wave Controller plays a major part in not only the sound of the bike but also the simplicity of operation. This upgraded controller improves on the older model which had rougher edges and a square shape. With the improved design, noise is reduced by nearly a third. 

Power curves are effortless and reliable with the Sine Wave’s digital programming and control. A unique, regenerative feature allows you to charge the battery when coasting over 12 KMH. This regenerative option does add some resistance when riding but can be switched off for an easier, gliding coast similar to that of a non-motorized bike. 

Additional improvements to operational ease include:

  • 20% increase in torque output
  • 30% decrease in noise over old “square” styles
  • Smoother handling at higher speeds
  • Increase in top speed by 10%
  • No gears or clutch 
  • Regenerate power when coasting



Sur Ron tapped into motocross suspension design to up the ride quality of this value-driven motorcycle. With a front and rear suspension to rival more expensive bikes, the Sur Ron provides optimal shock absorption.

Our Epic Cycles team found the ride smooth and comparable to higher-end bikes. This made riding longer distances more comfortable and a lot more fun too. Quality suspension added to the feeling of balance and control. With the tires making better contact, the ride felt stable and the steering effortless.

For shorter, more powerful riding, the Sur Ron also has a lot to offer. A drive chain that could easily work with a larger motorcycle provides 6000w of power. Even from a resting state, you can get the bike up on the back wheel. 

Power is important, but does it provide a good riding experience? The suspension also helps here. The Fast Ace suspension in the rear combines with added linkage for smooth compression. 

Superior compression ensures that your swing arm can react to changes in the road easily even when riding at top speeds. However, Sur Ron also provides a harder compression for the second part of compression which allows the bike to take the impact of larger jumps. DNM Volcano powers the front compression can be adjusted for a different riding experience 


Top Speeds and Range

Multiple factors play into each rider’s top speed and range. The rougher the terrain and faster the speeds, the less distance you will be able to cover. For example, when ridden at the top speed of 77 KPH, only around 50 kilometres may be covered, and the charge will last around an hour. Hardcore riders who are riding at top speeds and taking on hills and dirt will get even less distance, perhaps only 30 km. 

To maximize the charge time and distance, this requires going slower and sticking to relatively smooth terrain. Only under these ideal conditions is a three-hour charge possible with a distance of 80 km.

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Bonus Features

USB Port:  Who’s going to say “no” to an extra USB port? We definitely aren’t. The Sur Ron’s attention to detail extends to the ultra-convenient addition of a USB charging port. Located above the battery’s case, the port allows for mobile device charging while you ride.

420 Drive Chain: The Sur Ron does not skimp on the drive chain. These 420 chains ensure you can push the bike to its max without breaking or snapping the chain.

Adjustable Foot Pegs: With several inches to adjust, the Sur Ron accommodates riders of different heights. This can also provide a varied riding experience.

No Duplicate Connectors: The bike’s wiring includes foolproof connectors. With only one each of 3, 4 and 6 slot connectors, it is impossible to connect them incorrectly. Each connector can only plug into one type of slot.  This makes maintenance, repair and tinkering with the bike simple.

LED Lights: Small but powerful, the stock LED headlights on the Sur Ron X can be adjusted up to a brightness of 3200 lumens or as low as 80 lumens. While the light is powerful, it is also prone to overheating when turned to the brightest settings. Fortunately, there is built-in heat protection and the lights will shut off when they are too hot.



For off-road adventuring, the Sur Ron X cannot be beaten in terms of value and quality. The bike combines features like motocross suspension and a fast-charging battery with a low price point. This makes it ideal for both beginners and more seasoned riders.

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