Best Gifts for Cyclists

Gifts for Cyclists

There’s more to cycling than the bike you choose to ride. Both fun and functional accessories make for a great riding experience and great gifts for the cyclists in your life. With cycling becoming even more popular in Canada, the selection of cool gear is expanding. With so many options, the choice of gifts for cyclists can be intimidating. But we’re making the choices easy.

At Epic Cycles, we’re a team of avid cyclists ourselves so we know what we want in a gift. We want things that keep us and our bike safe, looking awesome and running well. We’ve compiled our very favourite cycling gifts that do all that and more. Each item on this list has been handpicked and tested by our team.

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Lizard Skins Cache Saddlebags

Keep spare parts, repair kit and other essentials close with Lizard Skins Cache Saddle Bags. Each saddle bag attaches securely under the seat of your bike. Water-resistant 1000D material adds another layer of protection. Available in micro, medium and super for all your important gear. The medium is large enough to accommodate repair and replacement items such as tire levers, multi-purpose tools, a wallet, and keys.


  • Water-resistant 1000D material
  • Zippered compartment
  • Interior divider
  • Reflective logo
  • Webbing loop for optional light
  • Snag-proof Velcro straps


Smartphone Drybag

We love the open road but that doesn’t mean we want to be without our cell phones. With waterproof dry bags, you can keep your mobile device safe, secure and still in reach. The waterproof material is sonically welded and sealed to ensure your phone stays dry even in the worst weather conditions.

Drybags are also available in different sizes to provide a snug fit for both android and iPhone devices. We especially like the TOPEAK SMARTPHONE DRYBAG 5″ which is designed to fit most 4-5” smartphones. It features a QuickClick™ mountable pack which allows you to keep your phone mounted securely to your bike. Clear TPU plastic allows you to use your device with the Drybag on.


Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grip

Lock-on grips provide a more secure riding experience. Durable rubber makes for a cushioned and comfortable grip. The lock-on style keeps the grips in place for longer and more reliably than slip-on style grips which can become stretched out and slide off. Lock-on style, in contrast, will stay put until the grip is completely worn out or you manually remove it. Plus, with the Lizard Skins logo, these grips give your bike extra style.

Each Lizard Skins lock-on grip includes screws, clamps, and plugs.


Axiom Rainrunner 360 Reflex Fenders

Is your bike not equipped for fenders? Rainrunner 360 Reflex Fenders have you covered. These full-coverage fenders are designed to fit a wide range of bikes including those without eyelets. Once mounted, these fenders provide a range of comfort and safety benefits, including:

  • Eliminate Road Spray: Rainrunners cover your tires from front to back to completely eliminate road spray from hitting.
  • Extended Rubber Mud Flaps: The included mud flaps provide an additional layer of protection against wet weather. These also protect fellow riders from road spray.
  • 3M Reflex Material: Reflective material ensures other cyclists and drivers will see you. The placement of the reflective material is visible from every direction.
  • Rattle-Free Stays: Rainrunners’ stays provide superior mounting that ensures your fenders will not rattle. This reduces noise and distraction. Screw clamps allow you to adjust the fit of the fenders for an even more secure fit.
  • Axel Runners for Eyelet-Free Mounting: Each pair of Rainrunners comes equipped with aluminum axle runners. These add eyelets to any bike.
  • Techniflex Material: Rainrunners is composed of a composite material called Techniflex. This unique material is flexible enough to be bent and twisted but will bounce back to its original shape without damage. Even freezing temperatures will not compromise the fenders’ flexibility.


Axiom Seymour Oceanwave® P35+ Cycling BackPack

Cycling is a great exercise and an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. However, it often leaves something to be desired when it comes to carrying more than the basics. With Axiom’s Oceanwave pack you can take along a laptop, sleeping bag or up to two and a half-full bags of groceries.

Each Oceanwave pack has a waterproof polyurethane coating to protect your items. Water-resistant stitching adds another layer of protection. Drawstring closure helps to maximize the usable space inside each pack and multiple side pockets keep you organized.


Big Gift Ideas

Accessories and add-on gear are great for someone who already has a bike, but what about someone who’s just getting started? We have affordably priced bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters that make great gifts for anyone new to cycling or anyone who is looking to upgrade.


Magnum Ui6

Voted Best Value Bike by Electric Bike Review, the Magnum Ui6 can reach a top speed of 35 kph and run up to 55 miles on a single charge. As this is a 5th generation bike, the Magnum Ui6 offers construction and durability that riders can depend on.

Features include:

  • Superior Brake and Gear Shift: The Magnum Ui6 features a Tektro Mechanical Disc brake system which provides a fast and consistent braking experience. It also has a 7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Tourney TX gear shift system. This system is both durable and light.
  • Fast Charging Lithium Battery: The Magnum’s lithium battery can achieve a full charge in just 6 hours.
  • Daskit Motor: The Daskit motor allows you to reach speeds of up to 35 kph and works well for both of the Magnum’s drive modes: Trigger Throttle and Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist.



Gifts for cyclists provide a safer, smoother and more convenient riding experience. Items like saddlebags, drybags, and mountable backpacks provide storage that will allow you to expand the use of your bike. Fenders and special lock-on grips make great gifts as they increase both safety and comfort for the cyclist in your life!

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