Why Now is the Best Time To Buy an E-bike in Canada

Has an electric bike been on your wishlist for a while? Now might be the perfect time to invest in this safe and convenient personal transportation option. As our country starts to slowly lift restrictions that have been placed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still faced with uncertainty. The safety of crowded areas like public transportation continue to be questionable. 

An electric bike may be an ideal solution for many urban dwellers who are starting to come out of their homes but want to avoid crowded buses, subways and ride-sharing solutions. Similarly, a scooter provides a way to get exercise and fresh air without hitting the gym or visiting a park. As you very well know, these are activities that may be limited in your area due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This blog contains information on the advantages of an electric bike. As we go on, we will also explore the health, environmental and economic benefits of purchasing an e-bike now. 

Exercise with Purpose Using an Electric Bike

A big part of staying healthy and adjusting to life during the pandemic and beyond is finding creative ways to get active. Electric bikes offer several advantages when it comes to exercising, productivity and health during this time. While any form of exercise is a good idea, electric bikes are especially well suited for maintaining social distancing among other advantages, including: 


Using an electric bike to run small errands or get to work (assuming your work commute isn’t just to your living room these days!) is a simple way to incorporate exercise into our busy routines. 

Also, because electric bikes are able to take on hills more easily and take less effort to operate than a traditional bike, riders can use them for longer trips. This opens up the possibility of getting more done without a car or facing risky public transportation during the pandemic. 

Staying Social while Distancing

While social distancing makes team sports impossible, bike riding is a good alternative. Ideally, riders will ride on their own in uncrowded parks while maintaining a minimum of 2 meters of distance between each other.

However, you can still be social while riding with the help of Bluetooth devices like this Bluetooth enabled helmet. You can make calls, listen to music, and talk with a fellow rider with this hands-free option. 

Biking for All

Current events have left more and more of us scrambling for alternative ways to exercise. While biking is a great option for many, others might be limited by health factors. The ease of operating a bike with an electrical assist opens up the possibility to people who are less in shape or suffer from joint problems. In fact, it makes the cost of an electric bike worth it.

More Efficient than Walking

Electric bikes are not only faster than walking, they burn more calories with less effort. On average, a person riding an electric bike will burn around 440 calories in an hour. This is a major advantage that should be considered if you are wondering whether to buy an electric bike.

Someone walking at a moderate pace will burn between 210 and 360 calories in that same time. These numbers depend on an individual’s physical fitness and the terrain but they are a solid estimate of the average. 

Burn Calories with Less Sweat

One of the drawbacks of a traditional bike ride is that you are likely to arrive at your destination sweaty and uncomfortable. While you can still break a sweat on an electric bike especially in hot weather, it is likely to take longer and be less intense. This can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing if you use your bike to get to work. An e-bike eliminates or at least reduces this issue. 

Start a Side Hustle with An Electric Bike

If you are not an essential worker and are not at an increased risk of complications from COVID-19, now might be the perfect time to start a delivery side hustle.  With so many people out of work and many businesses unable to operate safely, one of the things people are clamouring for is the delivery of necessary foods and goods. 

Cargo-style e-bikes and accessories increase what you can carry on your bike, making it a great delivery vehicle. Delivering on a bike can be a fun way to make money while also getting exercise and helping your community during these difficult times. 

Sustain the Environment With an E-bike

Electric bikes and scooters have always provided a transportation option that was faster than walking but more environmentally friendly than other motorized vehicles. Choosing an electric bike over a car when possible will help continue what we have started during the pandemic. 

Our reduced mobility and manufacturing during the pandemic has shown just how much of an impact our transportation methods can make on the environment. According to one study, pollution has been reduced by 30% due to roughly half the global population being on some form of lockdown restrictions. Though we are experiencing fatalities and hospitalizations due to COVID-19, there has been a decrease in emergency room visits for pollution-related illnesses such as asthma. 

Keeping pollution at bay may also be critical to lowering death rates. Fortune Magazine reported that it seems that areas with higher pollution rates also had more fatalities from the virus. This could be linked to the fact that pollution affects our lungs and hearts leaving us more vulnerable. 

Though this recent reduction in pollution is promising, it also shows just how much more we need to do. Most importantly, it highlights the need to create sustainable solutions with alternative transportation methods. 

Even if a vaccine and/or treatment is found for COVID-19 tomorrow, pollution will still have major impacts on our health. E-bikes are one way we can help improve this situation going forward. E-bikes offer the following environmental benefits: 

Minimal Waste

With batteries lasting through many charges, an e-bike creates little waste. Additionally, the more people that use electric bikes, the less strain is put on our roadways by larger vehicles. This results in less repair and construction waste on repairing roadways. 

Zero Emissions

Because electric bikes do not create carbon emissions, they do not contribute to air pollution the way other vehicles do. A city with less pollution will have fewer instances of respiratory issues and other related illnesses. 

Reduced Dependence on Oil

Oil and the process of oil extraction cause a variety of environmental issues. Also, the increased use of electric vehicles can reduce the chances of oil spills and save land that would be otherwise decimated for the purposes of oil extraction. 

You Could Get a Rebate 

The Canadian government, along with other countries around the world have taken notice of the environmental and health benefits of electric bikes. This has led to incentives in the form of rebates for purchasing an electric bike. 

In Canada, you may get up to a $500 rebate on an e-bike through the Scrap-It program. To qualify, you need to purchase an electric bike and also scrap an old car. Visit the website to see further details on how to qualify.

Along with rebate potential, the popularity of electric bikes has led to decreases in the cost. Electric bike technology is continuing to evolve with current changes including a smoother ride, longer-lasting batteries and improved safety features. 

Take Advantage of Less Traffic 

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to get an electric bike now is that there simply isn’t as much traffic. While e-bikes have always provided a safe and versatile mode of transportation, traffic from larger vehicles has hampered their use. Now, with so many people following lockdown restrictions, there is less traffic than we have seen in decades. This is the best time to buy an e-bike!

Buy an E-bike: Spring is Bike Weather 

Electric bikes can technically be used year-round but spring and summer are the best time here in Canada. Though the colder weather can provide some decent biking days, the warm weather means you don’t have to bulk up on winter gear. 

With so many businesses still closed and restrictions to contend with, a bike ride out in the open can be a major relief. Whether you have been isolating during the pandemic, are an essential worker going out every day or something in between, we are all feeling the stress of this unprecedented situation. 

Our mobility has been restricted, our social outlets have been cut off and there is uncertainty with respect to our physical, mental and economic wellness. A bike ride on the open road may be one of the few activities that still feels the same as what we had. It is also one of the few ways to be out in public without feeling at constant risk of being too close to another person or worrying about the surfaces you touch. Because of this, buying an e-bike now is as much for your mental health as it is for your physical health. 

Final Thoughts

Current concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental issues and social distancing have created an ideal scenario for purchasing an e-bike. With an e-bike, you can safely get exercise and enjoy the warmer months. 

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