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How to Use The Display on Your Electric Scooter and Bike 

Do you know the display on your electric scooter or bike can help optimize your battery usage, personalize your riding experience and help you write the epic song that will save the world? Ok, one of those isn’t true. We’ll let you guess which one. 

That being said, your display is your command center and knowing how to use it will ensure you are getting the most out of your electric scooter. 

Here we’ll discuss the controls and settings of your display and focus on three popular models. These include the Das Kit C7, Das Kit L7 fore electric bikes and the display used on the X7 and X8 scooters. While there are differences, the displays for bikes and scooters serve the same purpose and have many of the same controls. 

For detailed instructions on which buttons to press and how the settings menus work, watch the included videos in this post. So, let’s get to it! 

Basic Controls on Your Electric Display

The way you adjust and access different settings on your electric bike display will vary slightly depending on the display model. For example, on the L7 the “+,” “-,” and “M (mode)” buttons are attached to the display. On the C7, these buttons are on a separate piece that is connected to the display with a wire. 

Because of the way the buttons are positioned, the C7 has a larger viewing screen than the L7. This can be easier to read and allows for more information to be displayed at one time. However, some find the button locations easier to use on the L7. 

Finally, on the X7/X8 scooter display, the Power and Function buttons are on the throttle. They will work similarly to how the “+” and “-” buttons work on the L7. 

What’s On Your Home Display?

When you first power on your bike or scooter display, there are some important numbers and settings. You can also access advanced settings but we will get to those in a bit. 

There will be variations on the placement of each item on your home screen display, but most will include the following:

Pedal Assist Sensor for Bikes

This tells you how much electrical assistance your motor is getting. Adjust this while you ride to make difficult terrain and hills easier. The slowest pedal assist is 15 km/h and the fastest is 32 km/h. 


This is available on the C7 and L7 bike display and tells you how many kilometres you’ve journeyed with your bike. 


This shows how fast you are going. A speedometer is important on electric bikes and scooters because some municipalities have restrictions on how fast you can go on the street.

Typically, this is not an issue with a bike with pedal assist. However, throttle-only bikes can exceed this and may not be legal in your area so be aware of this. Similarly, scooter rules will vary in your area. 

Max Speed Setting

You will set your max speed under your advanced settings. This setting is helpful to control speed in areas where it might be restricted. Max speed can be set on both scooters and bikes. 

For bikes, this is the max speed at which your motor will get power via the pedal assist function. For scooters, which are fully motorized, this will set the speed the scooter maintains. 

Battery Charge Indicator

The number of bars for a full charge will vary depending on the model but 5 bars tend to be completely charged. 

On the C7, you will also see a voltage number. This is more accurate than the battery bars. Generally, about 54.6v is fully charged while 47v is low and 45v will need to be charged before you can use it again. 

Accessing Advanced Settings: What You Need To Do

From the home screen, you can access your advanced settings to further customize your riding experience. In each of our three models, you can access the advanced settings by holding down two buttons. 

On the L7 and C7, you will hold the plus and minus buttons for 8 seconds. On the X7/X8, you will hold the Power and Function buttons at the same time. Over the next few paragraphs, we look at some of the advanced settings your electric cycle or scooter has.

Pedal Assist: What Does It Do and How Should You Use It? 

Pedal-assist refers to the power that is given to your motor to assist your pedalling. The ability to engage this is what differentiates your electric bike from a non-motorized bike and a throttle-only bike, which is essentially a moped. Throttle-only bikes are fully motorized and you simply sit on them without needing to use manual power at all. They don’t have a pedal-assist setting. 

For our C7 and L7 models discussed here, you will find pedal-assist under your first advanced setting option. When the Pedal Assist is at 0, the motor is given its maximum power level. 20 km/h is the lowest level of assist and 32 km/h is the highest. 

Consider using the higher settings when you need to go uphill or over difficult terrain. Less assistance to the motor also means you are getting more of a workout.

Power Output: To Eco Mode or Not to Eco Mode? 

Your power output setting changes how quickly your bike can accelerate. Each of the displays we are focusing on in this article includes three power output settings: Eco Mode, Normal, and Power Mode.  

The power mode is the fastest acceleration option. This means it will use maximum torque, the ability to spin the back wheel. Also, torque will help the bike accelerate quickly even from a still position.

Eco Mode offers the slowest acceleration. This mode is intended to give you a greater range at a slower speed. In theory, it can be used to extend your battery life if you are on the road and are low on power.

That being said, we have found in our personal experience that Eco Mode drains the battery faster than Normal Mode. Because of this, we generally leave ours in Normal Mode unless we need the extra torque from Power Mode. 

Furthermore, Normal Mode is a good balance between the two.  For inexperienced riders, Normal is safer than Power because it will give you more time to react and adjust as the scooter accelerates. Also, it gives you a better riding experience over eco mode which can significantly slow down how quickly you can accelerate.

Wheel Diameter Settings

Setting your wheel diameter is a way for your scooter or bike to calculate how fast you are going. Typically, this number should already be entered correctly when you get your electric scooter or bike. However, if you ever need to buy a new display, you should check this setting. 


Similar to wheel diameter, your voltage should be set correctly when you purchase your electric scooter or bike. If you ever need to replace the display, that is likely the only time you will need to change this setting. 

Throttle Settings and Start Mode for Scooters

Your start mode can be set as either “Non Speed” or “Kickstart.” Non Speed will allow your scooter to start when you touch the throttle, even if the scooter is at rest. Kickstart requires you to manually start moving to activate the throttle.

While the convenience of Non Speed may be tempting, it does pose some safety risk. Since the scooter will take off instantly when the throttle is pressed, this can be problematic if you accidentally press it while getting on the scooter. In this mode, your scooter can take off even if you are not on it. 

Kickstart is far from difficult and offers the extra insurance that your scooter won’t go cruising away without you. We recommend this mode unless you are an experienced rider and need a quick start.

Cruise Control for X7/X8

On the X7/X8, you can choose a cruise control setting in your advanced settings under P1 (see the video for exact instructions on how to access this setting.) When you choose to enable cruise control, you can hold down your throttle for 5 seconds while you ride and your scooter will remain at that power output setting.

This is not the same as maintaining the same speed, but it can be if the road you are on is smooth and flat. If you are going uphill or the road is rougher, the scooter may slow down even when the power output remains the same. 

Final Thoughts

Jumping on a new scooter or bike is one of our favourite things to do. You can make that experience even better though if you take a minute to explore your display settings. 

Knowing how to use your display before jumping on for a ride can help you avoid accidents or having to stop your ride to figure out how to adjust things like the pedal-assist or speed. 

If you haven’t already, take time to explore your settings for an even more epic ride next time you hit the road. Check out our online store for selections of the most advanced, safest electric scooters and bikes in Canada. 

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