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Buying an Electric Bike in Vancouver: What To Look For

Electric bike popularity has increased dramatically in recent years and for good reason. Between environmental concerns, health initiatives and the more recent coronavirus pandemic, people are looking for alternatives to sitting sedentary in a closed vehicle. 

So, what should you look for when buying an Electric Bike? Vancouver residents, who have the advantage of both urban and off-road biking options, should begin by considering how and where they want to use their ebike in Vancouver. 

Here in our e-bike buying guide, we will explore tips to help you buy an e-bike that is perfect for you. 

Buying an Electric Bike in Vancouver That’s Right for You 

Before jumping into getting the latest, greatest and fastest e-bike there are some factors you should consider, including:

Your Personal Experience and Ability

One of the great things about electric bikes is that there are multiple designs suited for different needs. Some are designed to go faster, some for longer distances while others are equipped to take on rougher terrain or to carry more cargo. Other models even seek to address making riding more comfortable for people with mobility issues. 

Frame Type

There are two main frame types to choose from: step through and step over. Step over frames includes a center tube that provides stability to a bike without adding excess weight. These bikes tend to be lighter and therefore faster. However, this extra tube can be difficult for some riders to get their leg over. 

Some shorter riders, riders with mobility issues and older riders may be more comfortable with a step-through frame.  This frame uses a sturdier, thicker construction to compensate for not having a center tube. The extra weight can slow the bike down but is much easier to mount and dismount. 

Your Location

Vancouver’s hilly landscape is beautiful to look at but can also require more effort to bike on. Electric bikes in general will be better equipped to take these hills than a traditional bike. 

However, for even more help on hills, choose a bike with a high torque motor. For electric bikes, torque is the measure of how fast you can turn the back wheel. The higher the torque, the faster you can spin and accelerate. 

Bike Laws in Your Area

Before purchasing an electric bike, make sure what kind of laws exist in your city. In Vancouver, electric bikes are perfectly legal and safe to ride on the road as long as their motors are 500 watts or less and do not exceed 32 km/h. 

Why Choosing the Right Bike Type is So Important

When you choose a bike that is right for you, your ride will be more comfortable and you will be far more likely to use it. This is why it is important to consider factors like a step-through vs. step-over frame. 

If you are constantly struggling to not tip your bike when dismounting, you may not want to own it for long. Similarly, if your goal is to go as fast as possible, a bulkier step-through frame will seem inconvenient. 

Sustainability and Durability

Many people buy e-bikes as a way of reducing their carbon footprint.  While just about any ebike is going to be an improvement over a gas vehicle, some e-bikes are better than others. Consider quality when helping the environment and your wallet. A higher-quality bike may be more expensive but it will also last longer. This could mean a lower overall cost to you, less time and money spent on repairs and also less waste.

Why You Should Be Locally Buying an Electric Bike in Vancouver

There are several advantages to locally buying an electric bike in Vancouver. For starters, there is less waste and cost when the bike does not need to be shipped to you. Local also means helping to put money back into your community while getting better, more personalized service. 

Your local bike shop is also far better equipped to recommend bikes that are good for your geographical area. They will have information and tips regarding local laws, regulations and great places to ride. Moreover, It’s easier to get replacement parts, maintenance and repairs when your store is down the street vs a giant warehouse that multiple online stores pull from.

Additionally, buying an electric bike in Vancouver locally will give you the opportunity to test ride several bikes. This can be crucial for riders of all experience levels. Factors like the height of the bike are not easily judged online but can make a huge difference in your riding experience. Testing this out beforehand is key. 

Pay Attention to the Warranty

Warranties are another way that local bike shops shine. The warranties are often better and having a shop nearby makes it far more convenient to make claims on your warranty. At Epic Cycles, we offer generous warranties on many components of our electric bikes and scooters. We also perform repairs and maintenance at our shop locations. 

Is a Scooter in Vancouver Right for You?

Maybe the best electric vehicle for you isn’t a bike at all. Both electric scooters and bikes provide a fun, healthy and convenient mode of transportation. There are several factors that might make one better for you over the other. 

Physical Ability

Electric bikes can be much easier to pedal compared to traditional bikes, but they do still require you to use your knees and to comfortably sit. If sitting or bending your knees is more difficult than standing, an e-scooter could be more comfortable. 


Scooters are lighter and more compact than bikes. This makes them easier to transport. Scooters can be folded and easily fit in the back of a small car while bikes typically cannot. 


Scooters are not as fast and may not be as durable as a bike but they are significantly cheaper. This makes scooters a better choice for casual riders who will not be as tough on their electric vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

Many factors go into how to buy an electric bike that works for you. Set yourself up for success in choosing a bike by taking the time to think about how you will use your bike. 

Ultimately, the most important factor is how you feel riding it. While you may get used to certain aspects of a bike, if you find riding a bike uncomfortable or hard to control, these are things that can make riding dangerous. 

When in doubt, talk to experts. Epic Cycles’ team is composed of individuals who are passionate about electric bikes. If you have any questions or need recommendations, we would love to hear from you. Visit any of our locations or contact us

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