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Cost Of Regular Bikes Vs E-bikes In Vancouver

The increasing popularity of bikes and e-bikes has hit a new high as people seek exercise and transportation that allows for social distancing. But what’s better: traditional or e-bike? In Vancouver, we have many bike-friendly features good for both types. However, which one is right for you may depend on how you plan to use it.
Many people come to the conclusion that e-bikes are the way to go, but are then deterred by fears of a high price tag. Here, we will discuss some benefits of using e-bikes in Vancouver. We will also talk about how to decide which bike is right for you, and we will tell you some facts about the costs which may surprise you.

Why You Should Buy an E-bike 

An e-bike can provide exercise and an environmentally friendly alternative to other modes of transportation, while helping keep you motivated to work out. However, the main reason you should buy an e-bike is that it suits your needs. 
Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of buying an electric bike in Vancouver.


One of the big advantages of e-bikes is that they allow you to go further and faster with less effort. The electric pedal assist function that makes an e-bike an e-bike will let you go up hills with greater ease and reduce strain on your legs throughout your ride.

Will you still get a workout on an e-bike?

In Vancouver, like most areas, there is a variety of terrain. Your e-bike will make it easier to pedal up hills and other areas, but that does not mean you won’t have to work at all. You will still burn calories and work the same muscles you would on a traditional bike, but you will likely find yourself enjoying an even longer ride. 


Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with miles of coastline and stunning views of mountains. Whether you want to take off for a day of fun with friends or family, or escape for a day of peaceful solitude by yourself, an e-bike is a great way to do it. Many e-bike models are light enough and compact enough to go into the back of a car, making them a perfect option for out-of-town rides or as accompaniments to camping trips or family vacations.


E-bikes strike a beautiful balance between convenience and environmental responsibility. In this stressful day and age, we don’t always have the time to get where we need to go by walking or riding a traditional bike, but we may not want the carbon footprint that comes with using a car or motorcycle.
An e-bike gives you a quick, convenient way of getting from one place to another while being kind to the planet we live on.


It’s great to work up a sweat on a long weekend ride, but you may feel differently if you are using your bike for a work commute. Opting for a traditional bike because it seems like a better workout will be far less appealing when you arrive at work with a sweat-drenched shirt.  An e-bike will allow you to cycle comfortably to work throughout most of the year. In summer, turn on the pedal assist to enjoy your commute with minimal effort and sweat. In winter, the pedal assist will allow you to go faster, making the commute bearable even when the weather turns cold. 


The most important consideration for exercise on an e-bike vs a regular bike is that you can always turn off the pedal assist. If you feel that you are not getting enough of a workout on your e-bike, you can pedal manually. Conversely, if your traditional bike is too hard to pedal, there is little you can do about it. 


Speed between e-bikes vs regular bikes is less of a differentiating factor than you might assume. While there are e-bikes that are much faster than a traditional bike, these are not really e-bikes and are subject to different regulations. 
To be considered an e-bike in Vancouver that is allowed on public roads, your bike will require pedals. Additionally, electrical assistance is only provided when you are pedalling. In other words, it cannot function like a motorcycle which operates without you pedalling. 
Most e-bikes will not provide electrical assistance once you reach around 30 kilometres per hour. Because of this, you may personally be able to ride your e-bike faster than you would your traditional bike, but it will still be within a similar range as a traditional bike.

E-bikes as Personal Protection Equipment

With the coronavirus pandemic highlighting the ease with which viruses can spread, people are looking for socially distanced modes of travel. Bikes fit the bill perfectly. While traditional bikes are also included here, they do not allow for the same versatility as an e-bike and will not let you avoid public transportation as easily.

Do E-Bikes In Vancouver Really Cost More Than Traditional Bikes?

You really cannot have a discussion about electric bikes without cost coming into the conversation. Many people shy away from e-bikes specifically because of perceived costliness.
Cost is often considered first in the choice between an e-bike and a traditional bike. But are electric bikes really that much more expensive than traditional bikes? Yes and no. E-bike prices are falling, making them similar in price to traditional bikes. They can also help reduce your overall transportation costs by providing a safe, alternative mode of getting around. This makes e-bikes a sound financial and health purchase for many riders.
When contemplating e-bikes vs regular bikes in terms of cost, consider these reasons for you to buy an e-bike:

E-bike Costs Are Coming Down

Unlike many other products, e-bikes are hitting a boom. As e-bikes become more popular, manufacturers are able to produce more bikes for less and pass on the savings. 

E-bikes Can Save You Money

While both traditional bikes and e-bikes can be used as transportation, an e-bike’s ability to go further with less effort will allow you to use it for more tasks. When you combine an e-bike with seat bags, you can easily use it for grocery shopping and other errands. A traditional bike may prove too difficult to take for a round trip to the store, especially with added weight. 

Traditional Bikes Are Not Always Cheaper

The truth is, there is a wide range of prices for both traditional and electric bikes. A high-end mountain bike can easily compare in cost to a similar quality e-bike. 
What you pay will be determined by the features you want. Instead of choosing between e-bikes and regular bikes based on cost, consider what you want to use your bike for. If, for example, you want a bike exclusively for exercise and you are already in shape and/or a competent cyclist, a traditional bike may be for you.
However, if you want the versatility of being able to use your bike for transportation or you are not accustomed to cycling, an e-bike will give you better options. Whatever money you might save on a traditional bike will not be worth it if it ends up sitting unused because it cannot meet your needs.  

E-bikes For Any Budget

Asking how much an e-bike costs is like asking how much a car costs. It is impossible to give a dollar amount, because the price depends on so many factors.

What Will The E-bike Be Used For?

This should be the first question you answer when choosing an e-bike. If you are planning to use your e- bike for commutes on city streets, you would select a different e-bike to someone who is going off- roading in the snow. Much like traditional bikes, there are some e-bike models designed for specific purposes, and these may have specialized safety features that would make them more expensive.

How Far Do You Want To Go?

One of the biggest considerations when choosing an e-bike is range: the distance an e-bike is capable of traveling on a single charge. Some people only want to zip around in the city – short trips several times a day. Others want to use their e-bikes for long weekend rides. Your needs will determine the battery you choose. Fortunately, Vancouver has an extensive network of charging stations, so if you plan your trip carefully, you will not get stuck.

What Conditions Will You Be Riding In?

Are you strictly an asphalt rider who will only bring out the e-bike in sunny weather? Or do you get a thrill from riding on rugged mountain terrain or down snowy trails? The conditions you will use the e- bike in will determine what tires you get, what braking systems you need, and whether you need additional features for visibility.

what conditions will you be riding in

Are You A New Or Experienced E-Bike Rider?

If you have just received your driver’s license, you are not likely to go out and buy a Porsche. Similarly, if you are new to e-biking, you will probably want a fairly basic e-bike model that is easy for beginners to use. On the other hand, someone who has fully incorporated e-biking into their lifestyle may choose a model with more versatility and more features.

How Much Storage Space Do You Have?

Some e-bikes are designed to fit into smaller spaces than others. From foldable e-bikes that can be kept unobtrusively in a corner of your bedroom to more rugged models that need some garage space, there is truly a bike for any size footprint.

Making Biking Accessible To More People

One of the biggest advantages of e-bikes that is often pointed to is that e-bikes make cycling possible for more people. Since they reduce the amount of effort it takes to pedal, those who are older, or who have certain injuries or disabilities can still enjoy the benefits of cycling without pain. 
Similarly, if you have never been a cyclist or have not ridden a bike of any kind in many years, an e-bike may be ideal. Trying to start a cycling routine when you are not used to that kind of exercise can easily become discouraging.
Many new riders find themselves giving up on cycling the first time they have to struggle up a hill without pedal assistance. With an e-bike, you can start out with pedal-assist to get yourself acclimated then turn it off once you need a challenge.

Combining The Best Of Both Worlds

You’re finally sold on the idea of getting an e-bike. You are excited about exploring new places in new ways – but there is one problem. You still love your trusty old traditional bike with its custom paint job and happy memories. You don’t want to part with it – but you do not have the space for another bike.
Fortunately, there is a solution for you. With an e-bike conversion kit, you can turn your own bicycle into an electric bike. You can hold on to the comfort and familiarity of the bike you know and love, and get the speed, distance and convenience of an electric bike.
E-bike conversion kits come with everything you need to upgrade your traditional bike to an e-bike. You don’t need any specialized knowledge or tools – simply follow the instructions and you will be able to get the job done easily.

Where to Purchase E-bikes in Vancouver

When purchasing an e-bike, buying local can be a huge advantage. You will have quick access to local experts who know the ins and outs of using e-bikes in Vancouver. You will have someone to make recommendations based on your needs, and you will get to try out models before making a commitment. It will also make repairs and the purchase of accessories easier. At Epic Cycles, we are committed to matching riders with the best e-bikes for their needs, and to providing ongoing support. Shop our online catalogue or come visit us at our Vancouver location.

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