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Best Ebikes to Buy in Vancouver 2020

Ebikes are fast becoming a preferred mode of transportation around the country and the world. Environmentally-friendly, a good source of exercise and a safe way to commute while social distancing, ebikes are a great investment in your health and the planet. As both seasoned cyclists and people new to bikes have taken greater interest, cities are creating more bike-friendly infrastructure and manufacturers have been able to add more features and value to ebikes. Vancouver residents in particular can benefit from the cities more than 300km of bike paths.

With decreasing costs and bikes built for a range of uses and abilities, there is something new and exciting for everyone in the lineup of best ebikes to buy in 2020. Here we’ll look at top ebikes in 2020, why Vancouver is a great city for cycling and what you should look for in an ebike to suit your specific needs. 

Best Budget Option

Forever Electric Road Bike

Some riders shy away from electric bikes due to cost, but many ebikes are similar in price to quality traditional bikes and have greater functionality. This is true for the Forever Electric Road Bike which comes in under $2,000 CAD.  


Ultra-Lightweight: At just 42 lbs, this bike is easy to lift and carry for most riders. This makes it ideal for both commuting in your hometown and taking it with you on adventures. 

Sleek Design: The Forever Electric’s sleek design is accomplished with a battery that is deftly hidden in the down tube.  This not only enhances the streamlined design it also makes it nearly impossible to tell it is an electric bike at first glance. 

Frame Type: A high step frame creates stability without the bulk.

Color Options: Orange and Silver 

Top Speed: 25 Km/hr

Estimated Range Per Charge: 30 to 40 KM

Cost: $1,999 CAD

Best Uses: Commuting in urban settings 

Best Value Folding Ebike

Magnum Classic II – Low Step Black

Built on 5th generation German engineering, the Magnum’s electrical system and seamless folding capability make it a reliable, portable vehicle. While it’s easy folding is one of this bikes’ most attractive features, it has even more to offer. The low step design makes this ideal for riders of all abilities while the powerful 500-watt motor ensures you can power through any commute. 

Other Features Include

  • 6 Levels of Pedal Assist: Choose how much or how little electric assistance you want while riding. This will allow you to customize your riding experience based on your ability and the terrain.
  • Cargo Room: The Magnum includes a rear carrier to store a tool kit and other essentials. 
  • Wide Gel Seat: Stay comfortable even during longer rides with the included wide gel seat.
  • Adjustable Height: Easily adjust the height of your seat with the quick release seat post.
  • Portability: The Magnum’s folded dimensions easily fit in most car trunks and make this bike easy to store. 

Top Speed: 32 KPH

Best Uses: Commuting / Urban / Suburban

Available Colors: Black with Blue Accents, Black with Orange Accents, White with Blue Accents, White with Orange Accents

Best Luxury Ebike 

Stromer ST5 Limited Edition

The award-winning Stromer ST5 is in a class of it’s own offering cyclists comfort, speed, distance, cargo options and everything else you could want in an ebike. While the ST5 may have more features than most riders absolutely need, it is undeniable that all the bells and whistles do make for a great riding experience and add functionality. 

Top Features Include:

  • 3G connectivity: Get all the info you need about your location, trip and stats through ST5’s on-board computer. You can also connect to your bike through a smartphone app.  
  • Range: Ride up to 180km on a single charge. This is more than double what most other bikes offer.
  • Superior Components: Stromer ebikes are crafted with only the finest materials to ensure you get a seamless design that is as beautiful as it is durable and functional. This includes the Ergon custom SMC40 Sport Gel seat for added comfort, and the Shimano Di2 rear derailleur, which shifts gears electronically and with precision.

Color: Stealth Green

Frame Type: High Step

Warranty: 2-Year Comprehensive

Speed: Top speed of 45km

Ebikes Vancouver: A City Built for Ebikes

We’ve looked at the best ebikes to buy but why is Vancouver one of the best cities for cyclists? 

Ebikes in Vancouver are particularly popular due to our bike-friendly paths and laws. In fact, Vancouver was ranked in the top three most bike-friendly cities in Canada, second only to Victoria. Vancouver earned this rating because of these bike-friendly features: 

  • Over 300KM of dedicated bike paths*
  • Recent reconstruction efforts have taken bikes into consideration and ensured paths are well maintained. 
  • Many streets and bridges now include bike paths
  • Vancouver scored a 79/100 on Bike Score which means the city has adequate infrastructure to make biking convenient for most commutes.

*Before heading to a bike path, check local laws to ensure ebikes are allowed on the trail. Typically, as long as you have a Class 1 ebike (a bike that is pedal assist only and with no throttle) you should be safe to ride on any path that allows cycling. 

Choosing the Best Ebike in Vancouver for You 

While exploring a list of best ebikes to buy is a great jumping off point for finding an ebike, it is also important to choose a bike based on your personal needs and preferences. For example, the most superiorly designed ebike with the best features will not serve you well if it does not have the cargo space you need or a riding position you find comfortable. 

When you buy an ebike in Vancouver, consider these factors for finding the best ebike for you:

  • Frame Type: There are two main frame types: high and low step. Both have advantages. A low step bike is much easier for some riders to mount and dismount as they do not have to lift their leg over a center bar. However, a high step design allows for a lighter frame. This is desirable for maximum speed and portability. 
  • Where You Will Ride Your Bike: Many new riders will often get excited about features that will help them go faster and travel over all terrain types. However, some features simply are not necessary if you plan to use your bike for commuting versus off-roading. 
  • Comfort and Speed: While there are plenty of fast bikes that are also comfortable to ride, bikes built for speed typically will have smaller seats, a high step frame, and require a less ergonomic riding position. For casual riders, a bike built with comfort in mind and ergonomic seating may be preferable compared to a bike built for speed.  
  • Your Personal Ability: Riding an electric bike is similar enough to a traditional bike that if you have ridden one, you should be able to ride the other. However, if you are new to cycling, you should test ride a few bikes to make sure you are comfortable. 

Where to Buy an Ebike in Vancouver

Epic Cycles sells all the top ebikes in 2020. We are a local Canadian team of avid cyclists helping to match riders with the best bikes for them. When you shop with us, you get personalized care from a hometown shop. We are here to answer your questions and perform ongoing maintenance for your new bike.

Learn more about Epic Cycles’ commitment to giving you the best riding experience by visiting our Vancouver location or contacting us today.

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