Buy an Electric Bike in Vancouver: Used Vs New

When you want to buy an electric bike in Vancouver there are several factors you must consider. For example, if you plan to take on some of the city’s more adventurous trails then you will want a bike built for rough terrain. 

There is also the question of used vs new ebikes. Which is better? Is a used bike really going to save you money or cost more in repairs?  Most importantly, which one will fit your needs best. 

In this post, we will examine all of these questions and look at tips to buy an e-bike that is best for you. 

Where to Start: Research Before you Buy an Electric Bike in Vancouver 

Before debating used vs new ebikes, look at which bike is best for your needs regardless of its age. Electric bikes come in many styles with different features and capabilities. Researching the features that you need before deciding on new or used will help you avoid the pitfall of getting stuck on one or the other. 

You may be set on buying a used bike but the one you want may need hard-to-find replacement parts or too many repairs. Or you decide a new bike is the way to go but your budget limits you to a cheap model that does not suit your needs. Decide what features you want and keep an open mind for both new and used. 

Similarly, you should not make your purchase based exclusively on certain specs or even user reviews. What works for one person may not work for you. A quick list of things you should consider when deciding on a bike include speed vs distance, where you will ride your bike, the type of frame, battery life, and how often you will use your bike. Whenever possible, take a test ride before purchasing.

Used Vs New E-bikes Vancouver: The Pros and Cons

The debate between new and used e-bikes comes down to these main factors: cost, quality, maintenance costs, warranties, convenience and the buying process. Let’s look at how these factors stack up. 


A used ebike will almost always win in this category in terms of upfront investment. However, that lower upfront cost can quickly increase if you need to make repairs or get replacement parts. 


You may find that a used, high-quality e-bike offers greater value than a cheap new e-bike.  You may also be able to get more of the features you want for a lower price. With top of the line e-bikes costing several thousand dollars, it could be worth it to replace a battery or other small parts on a high-end bike. 

Maintenance and Repairs

When comparing the costs of used and new e-bikes, consider the age of the battery and other parts. While an e-bike frame can last much longer, the battery is usually only good for 2-4 years depending on how often it is ridden and the quality of the battery. 

A new e-bike battery will cost several hundred dollars. If the battery is close to needing replacement, you should consider this part of the upfront cost.


A new e-bike will typically come with a one or two year warranty on most parts, including the costly battery. Ideally, find a used ebike that still has a valid warranty. The warranty that comes with a new model is one of the top reasons to buy a new e-bike. 


Repairs are not only costly, they can be inconvenient. If you plan to use your bike as a main source of transportation, having a new, reliable model is critical. While used bikes that have been well maintained can also be reliable, they are likely to need more work than a new bike. If they are no longer under warranty, this can be an additional hassle. 

Buying Process

Another big argument for buying a new bike is that you can more easily find reputable, local shops to meet your needs. A local shop can answer questions for you, offer advice and let you test ride several options. Conversely, buying a used bike has fewer guarantees and if you buy directly from the previous owner, you will likely be buying the bike “as is” with no warranty. 

Buying an Electric Bike in Vancouver: Which To Pick

Understandably, the debate between a new and used electric bike can be quite confusing. We’ll make it simple for you. Here are some points to help you make your decision.

Reasons to Buy a New E-Bike 

  • More reliable 
  • Warranty to cover costs
  • The convenience of fewer repairs and maintenance
  • Easier, more reliable purchasing process

Reasons to Buy a Used E-Bike 

  • Lower cost 
  • Higher-quality bike for less

Buying An Electric Scooter In Vancouver 

Still having difficulty deciding between a new or used electric bike? There may be a third option that suits you better: electric scooter. Vancouver riders can usually get a better deal on scooters vs. e-bikes. While there are exceptions to this, you can often get a higher quality scooter for less than you would pay for a high-quality ebike. 

Who Should Get a Scooter?

Apart from being affordable, scooters are also more compact than bikes. This makes them more portable and convenient for people who plan to use them in urban areas.  

Some scooters are even light enough that you can fold them and carry them. For example, if you ride your scooter to work, you should be able to easily fold it and bring it inside with you. 

How Scooters Compare to Bikes

The drawbacks to a scooter compared to a bike are that they provide less opportunity for exercise, are slower and typically do not last as long. This makes them best for people who plan to use them for shorter, less frequent rides. 

Final Thoughts 

When looking to buy an electric bike in Vancouver, cost and purpose will likely be the biggest determining factors.  When considering cost, you should factor in the potential expense and inconvenience of repairs and maintenance on an old bike. The primary exception to this is when you can get a high-quality used bike that could be better than a cheaper, new model. 

Ultimately, the answer to which bike is best is dependent on your preferences and needs. At Epic Cycles, our team is dedicated to matching the right bike with each customer. If you have any questions, we will love to hear from you. Stop in at one of our shops or call us at 647-715-9000‎

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