Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Have a traditional bike you love but are interested in trying out an electric bike? An electric bike conversion kit lets you have it all: your own bike that you know and love, paired up with the power and convenience of an electric bike! Conversion kit options are a cost effective and easy way to get the power of electric with an existing bike design.

Get your electric bike kit from Electric Bike Online Store based in Toronto.

Benefits of Electric Bike Conversion Kit

  • Cost: An electric bike kit will save you hundreds over buying a new electric bike.
  • Comfort: While Magnum strives to make each of our electric bikes comfortable and safe to ride, you may have a bike already that fits the bill for you. This is especially true if you have a bike with one or more customizations like a special seat, handlebars or personalized paint job.
  • Convenience: an electric bike conversion kit is a simple do it yourself type project that can be completed quickly.
  • Space Saving: While you could have both an electric and traditional bike, space can often be a factor. If you know you don’t want to part with your current bike, consider the electric bike kit.
  • Versatility: Because of the easy installation, you can remove your electric bike conversion kit when you prefer to ride your bike as a regular bike. Standard electric bikes can also be ridden unassisted but are heavier, so it can be more difficult.

Things to Know About the Magnum Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Our currently available electric bike conversion kit is best suited for 26” bicycles. It can also take up to 6 hours to charge but will give you up to 55 miles of ride distance when a full charge is achieved. It also comes with electric brake levers and a throttle mode.

Ordering Your Electric Bike Kit

Get started with ordering your electric bike kit from our catalogue or contact us at ‎(323) 375-2666‏ for fast service.