Electric Bikes

We made innovations on a classic mode of transportation. Our electric bikes is set to transform  your riding experience to one that is positively memorable, affordably convenient and enjoyable.

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Electric Scooters Vancouver

Ride around the city in the coolest way possible. Shop for electric scooters and use it on your way to and from work. It will go with your business suit and briefcase to complete your overall look that says, “I’m cool. Cool rules.”

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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Do you have a bike you want to change for the better? We have Epic Cycle conversion kits that will transform your old bike to a powerfully electric model for a fraction of the cost.

Spare Parts

Do you have damaged electric scooters or broken pieces of e bike parts? No worries. We can get your bike running as if it’s brand new thanks to our premium selection of spare and replacement parts.

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Expect to get cool things from Epic Cycles at an astounding discount! Make sure to always check our sales section to know our latest and greatest deals.

Quick Facts About Our Electric Bike Vancouver

What are the top speeds of our electric bikes?

The top speed would depend on the model you will choose. A top speed ranging from 20 and 28 MPH is possible with our Magnum e bike. Be aware that an average car’s top speed for city driving in Vancouver is 31 MPH.

Are There Age Restrictions on E-Bikes

Vancouver residents should be 16 years of age to operate an e bike. A driver’s license is not required. Age requirements in other provinces may vary and can be as low as 12 or as high as 18.

How long does it take for an e bike to charge?

The time it would take to charge an e bike would depend on your chosen model. Most Magnum models are fully charged after 4.5 to 6.5 hours.

How to properly take care of an electric bike?

The maintenance work an electric bike requires is the same as with regular bikes.

Do you still have to pedal when using an e bike?

Yes you still have to pedal when you’re on an e bike. Though you still get a good cardiovascular exercise from pedalling, the process is easier with e bikes. Most of our models have throttle modes to help you maneuver the e bike  when riding uphill or against heavy winds.

How far can an e bike go once charged?

Vancouver is establishing itself as a world-class cycling destination. It is a perfect place for e bikes thanks to an increase in the area’s bike infrastructure due to the city’s Greenest Action Plan. Residents and visitors alike prefer to ride along its seaside bike paths. On a single charge, most of our models are capable of running a maximum of 60 miles and a minimum of 20 miles.

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Scooters and E Bikes Vancouver Spare Parts

Epic Cycles makes sure that fixing your scooters or e bikes is easy and worry-free. Customers in the Vancouver area can order a replacement part or come to any of our locations to select their preferred part and receive expert repair advice.

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