Electric Scooters Winnipeg


Benefits and Features of Epic Cycles Electric Scooters Winnipeg

Epic Cycles dramatically revolutionizes the world of Electric bikes and scooters, providing some of the best e-bikes and electric scooters Winnipeg to make cruising, running errands and navigation a lot easy and fun.

Several models of electric scooters are provided by Epic Cycles and these scooters have some of the most awesome features you can expect from your device. These are not just the traditional 90’s scooters. They have advanced and awesome features.

Top Features of Epic Cycles Electric Scooters Winnipeg

The electric scooters Winnipeg available at Epic Cycles all come with USB charging features. Besides, they have foldable frames and can ride at a top speed of 20 MPH.

The scooters are legitimate transportation option and come in several models such as the imax T3 electric scooter and imax S1 electric scooter. The former has a top speed of 18 MPH while the latter has sped up to 20 MPH and each of the scooters has trigger throttle drive modes and powerful motor.

Benefits of Epic Cycles Electric Scooters Winnipeg

The electric scooters Winnipeg are designed to be highly efficient. It is a very energy-efficient device and also cost-effective.

You might prefer electric scooters over electric bikes if you are interested in navigating through crowded places. The scooters come with an amazing and awesome design. They have a slim and compact design and are great for maneuvering sidewalks.

In addition, Epic Cycles electric scooters Winnipeg, unlike bikes are less restricted. This is primary because they have lower top speed when compared to bikes.

They can also be easily folded and have a fast locking mechanism. They are easy to fold, store and also very easy to charge. Electric scooters produced by Epic Cycles weigh about 33-36 lbs. This makes it easy to travel with them on buses, trains, and subways.