Fat tire e-bikes: Should I Purchase One?

Cyclists have always looked for competitive advantages that will enable them to finish first in a race, all the while exerting the least amount of effort. Until recently, this meant using an electric bike with the thinnest tire possible. It made sense because the lower the rolling resistance, the faster the E-bike will ride. However, more recent research in bike technology has shown that thicker tires, which provide more cushion and traction, can help you ride safer, and ride faster in certain specific road and weather conditions.

Fat tire electric bikes are a new trend, which means they have become popularized through the internet but there are still many who do not know what the term means and the pros and cons of fat tire bikes. Therefore, we have prepared this blog to answer all your questions about whether you should buy a fat tire electric bike.


What is a Fat E-Bike?


A fat tire bike has tires that are four to five inches and can take you to certain places that a mountain bike cannot. The tires cover a large surface area which is ideal to ride through terrain like soft sand, snow, loose gravel, mud, and rocks. The frame is specially designed to accommodate larger wheels and air pressure is between 5 to 30 PSI.


The wide tires of a fat tire bike allow the weight of the bike to be distributed over a larger surface area which reduces bumps and vibrations. They have better traction and suspension, can ride in all weather conditions, and have less maintenance. However, they are heavier than a typical bike and (can) cost more.


Benefits of a Fat E-Bike



  • Thicker tires means being able to carry more speed into corners which allows for more confidence when you ride your bike. Having more traction in a wider tire means that your tires are on the ground for a longer duration than a typical bike. As a result, fat tire bikes can stop faster and are built to handle more difficult conditions. Wider tires mean a smoother riding experience, even when the weather conditions are not the greatest.


Air-Ride Suspension

  • Wider tires also mean additional cushion to ride more safely. Suspension is important when riding on rougher terrain and fat electric bikes contain more suspension to make the bumps have less of an impact on your ride.




Weather Conditions

  • A fat (tire) electric bike allows you to ride whenever and wherever, despite tough conditions such as snow, rocks, and ice.


Downsides to a Fat Tire Electric Bike



  • Because the frame is heavier and there is a lower tire pressure, overall fat electric bikes can be slower compared to other models, particularly when riding on the road.



  • Fat tire electric bikes can be more expensive than a basic hybrid or road bike because of the specialty components found within the bike. Most of the extra costs are from the wider wheels and tires, etc.



  • Fat tire electric bikes are heavy because of the speciality components, such as the wider wheels and tires. They typically weigh about 35 pounds compared to 24 pounds for a basic electric bike. The heavy weight axle means you may have to exert more effort while peddling, but this can be negated with electric pedal assist.




Electric Motorbikes are rising in popularity due to their inexpensive upkeep, ability to travel short and long distances at reasonable speeds and avoid contributing pollution into the environment. However, E-Bikes are relatively new which means there are a lot of questions surrounding their usage, maintenance and upkeep. This is why we published this blog that addressed the top 7 questions that were presented to us.


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