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How Much Does Riding an Electric Bike Cost?

When it comes to the most economical mode of transport, electric bikes sit near the top. You can save a lot more money by using an electric bike instead of a car or public transport. Are you curious about how much it costs to maintain and ride an electric bike? Read on to find out!

Initial Cost of the Bike

A new electric bike can cost you anything from $300 to $10,000 depending on the features you want in the bike. A good electric bike with plenty of features and great durability can cost you around $1,000 or more.

You can buy electric bikes for lower prices as well but they’re only recommended for people with a very tight budget. Bikes below $1,000 generally have smaller batteries and in turn, have a much smaller range per charge.

A good electric bike usually has better battery optimization that allows you to travel farther per charge compared to budget electric bikes. A durable electric bike will also cost less to maintain compared to the more expensive luxury electric bikes.

Cost of Charging an Electric Bike

The price of charging your electric bike depends on the charge capacity of the battery (given in kilowatt-hours or kWh) and your local electricity prices.

Your electric bike’s battery should have its capacity written on it. In case it’s not written, you can always check online to find out. At times, the battery might come with only its voltage rating and amp-hour rating. You can calculate the kWh by multiplying the voltage and amp-hour ratings together.

Mathematically: (Voltage x Amp-hours)/1000 = kilowatt-hours

Once you know the kWh of your electric bike’s battery, you can calculate the charging cost using this formula:

kWh Capacity x Price of Electricity per kWh = Total Cost per Full-recharge.

An average electric bike usually has a 0.4 kWh battery with a 20-40-mile range. The average electricity cost in America in 2021 was $0.143 per kWh. Using these assumptions, an average electric bike costs about 6 cents per charge.

How to Save Money on Charging?

If your electric tariff plan gives you off-peak hours, you can charge your electric bike at a lower cost. For most regions, these off-peak hours start late at night and last until early morning. This lets you get a cheaper full-charge overnight.

Another tip is to make sure your charger and electrical outlet are in good condition. Charging your electric bike using an old or damaged charger results in a waste of energy as heat.

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Servicing and Maintenance of an Electric Bike

For the most part, maintaining an electric bike is not that different from maintaining any other bicycle. In addition to the occasional maintenance of brakes, tires, gears, and chains, you have to get your electric bike’s battery health checked every few months.

Owners of electric bikes usually spend between $100 and $150 annually on parts and supplies for their electric bikes. You can expect to pay a similar amount for professional servicing should you choose to do so. Total yearly maintenance expenses for your electric bike can be around $300.

How to Save Money on Maintenance?

A good way to save some extra money on bike maintenance is to do most of the basic maintenance operations by yourself. You can do tasks like changing the brakes and tires of your bike at home by yourself.

Factors That Affect Bike’s Lifespan

An electric bike is affected by the same environmental factors as a traditional bike in many respects. The drivetrain in particular is very vulnerable to pressure and wears out quickly compared to other parts.

Things like dirt and muck wear down your bike’s parts. If water is added to the mix, it can form a grease that can quickly eat away at your bike’s durability. It is recommended to clean your electric bike after a ride through mud or water environments to protect its components.

If you let dirt and muck accumulate on your bike, it will add to the resistance that the gears have to overcome to run. This will drastically reduce the bike’s range and economy. Having a clean bike can help increase the lifespan of your bike’s parts as well as save you money.

You may give your drivetrain a simple wipe down with a cloth or a thorough cleaning with a degreaser if it appears overly unclean. If you notice a problem with your bike that you’re unsure about solving, you should consult a professional. If you don’t do things correctly, there’s a chance that you might break something, costing you more money to repair it.

Tire Replacement Cost

Compared to a typical bike, an electric bike’s tires have to bear higher speeds and weights. To bear the additional mechanical stress on the tires, e-bike tires are made more durable than traditional bikes. Hence, they are more expensive as well.

Still, depending on the class of e-bike, you might not need to go out of your way to buy more expensive e-bike tires. Class I e-bikes can use tires from traditional bikes without many problems. However, Class II and III e-bikes require more durable e-bike tires for safe operation.

In case the tire only needs minor repairs, you can often replace the inner tubing of the tire for around $15. Still, if the tires are sufficiently damaged to warrant replacement, the total cost of a new set of tires will range from $70 to $120.

This pricing will cover the cost of a tire (ranging from $45 to $90) and the labor costs. If you have the tools and are confident enough, you can save labor costs and replace the tire yourself.

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Cost of Extras

Apart from charging costs and the original price of the bike, you might also want to spend some extra money on safety gear and additional equipment for riding your bike. Most of these, other than safety gear, are optional and can be ignored in certain cases.

On average you might have to spend $100 -$1200 extra for these add-ons.

Safety Gear

While safety should never be compromised, you don’t need to spend too much on protective gear for everyday bike riding. A simple helmet can cost you around $25, whereas a high-end racing helmet can be $300 or more.

Knee and elbow protectors will cost you roughly the same as well. Generally, you only want to invest in high-end protective gear if you’re serious about cycling and plan on doing activities such as attempting mountain bike trails.


To keep your bike safe and secure, it is a good idea to get a high-quality U-lock that is portable and strong. Another choice is to get a chain lock; you can often get one for less than $20 but they are less secure than U-locks. Bikes can easily be stolen so it is recommended you invest in a good quality lock to keep your bike safe.


Lights are only necessary if you’re planning on riding your electric bike at night. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t plan to ride your bike at night, you can choose not to invest in them.

Still, when cycling at night, front and rear lights are necessary. Many lights now have adjustable settings that let you select from several illumination styles. The price of rear lights can range from around $40 to $60, depending on whether they’re rechargeable or not.

Front lights on the other hand, usually cost between $10 and $20. You can also use reflectors in place of rear lights for use on the road.


How long should an electric bike last for?

A decent electric bike can be used for many years with careful maintenance. Electric bikes last ten years on average. Depending on your bike and how you ride it, your electric bike can survive for more than a decade given the right care.

Do you need insurance for e-bikes?

Electric bicycles are not subject to the same insurance requirements as cars. They do not have the same insurance requirements even when some insurance providers consider them to be motorized vehicles. You can choose to get insurance for your e-bike but generally, they are not legally required to be insured.

Are electric bikes worth the cost?

Yes, electric bikes are well worth the cost. They are more affordable than cars and motorbikes and very easy to maintain. They are excellent for personal use and they generally have enough range for all your daily commutes to the grocery stores, office, or school.

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What happens when an electric bike runs out of battery?

You can continue to use your electric bike even after it runs out of battery. Without any battery, your e-bike will behave like a regular bike. However, you might feel like it takes a lot more effort to pedal because of the heavier weight of the bike.

How much does it cost to replace an electric bike battery?

A new 400Wh-700Wh e-bike battery can cost you $500-$900 to replace. The cost can be more or less depending on the brand, warranty, and capacity of the battery.