How to Fix a Flat Tire on an Electric Bike?

Enjoying your favorite electric bike, taking it for nightly strolls and using it to run errands while saving costs is one of the greatest feelings. While enjoying your bike throughout the day we must be educated of regular maintenance procedures that will arise while using the electric bike.

One of the most common procedures that are vital to learn is how to fix a flat tire on an electric bike. Unfortunately, there are many pieces of glass, nails and sharp objects on the road and at one point in our electric bike journey, we will face this situation.

It’s a frustrating experience that may cause an individual to panic or become overwhelmed as they don’t have experience. However, this blog has been designed for our customers, to provide knowledge to everyday riders so that we can tackle the situation head on and continue our journey.

  1. Ride Prepared

Are you the type of person who goes for a ride without bringing essential items? This careless mistake might cause a bit of agony when you are riding your electric bike and suddenly find yourself facing a flat tire. There a few essential items we would recommend everyone should carry with them in a small emergency backpack during their ride. It should/can contain:

  1. Pump/Co2 Kit
  2. Replacement Tube
  3. Tire Lever
  4. Tool to Remove the Object
  5. Tire Pressure Gauge

In the scenario of dealing with a back tire that has become deflated it might require additional tools such as; a wrench, zip ties and a cutting tool.

  1. Removing Electric Current from Bike

Before attempting to change the tire ensure that all stored electricity has been discharged to avoid any mishap. The best option is to hold the power button while the battery is turned to an off position. This eliminates any chances of an electrical current. Removing the attached battery on the electric bike is also good practice as it makes the bike lightweight when fixing/removing the tire.

  1. Bike Repair Procedure

The first step is to loosen the axle nuts. If you like, you can remove the axle nuts, but it is not necessary to fix the tire. Once, the axle nuts have been loosened, you can remove the wheel. During this process be mindful of the unplugged motor wire and brake rotor. They must not be damaged as it will create bigger issues for your electric bike. Your next step is to pull the tire from the rim that will create enough space to allow you to use the tire lever.

Now comes the easy part. Once the tire has been removed from the rim, place the new tire tube should be inserted. Do not insert the tube while it is deflated as it won’t maintain its shape. Therefore, it best to have air pumped into the tube. Overall, this will make it easier to manage and require less energy and time to fix the tire.

  1. Verify the Bike is Operating

Once you have fixed the tire, clean the debris and place everything back into your bag. Slowly ride the bike to check the tire’s ability to withstand your weight while you ride the bike. If everything checks out, you have successfully repaired our electric bike!


The above tips have been provided so that you can fix a flat tire without needing to call anyone for help. The only requirement to complete the job is to have the above-mentioned tools with you before you start your journey. If you follow the above steps you can easily deal with the deflated tire and be able to continue your journey with ease.

Electric Motorbikes are rising in popularity due to their inexpensive upkeep, ability to travel short distances at reasonable speeds and avoid contributing pollution into the environment.

In the field of lightweight motorized bikes, we are beginning to see the rise of electric tricycles who can provide a smooth ride but also help to perform local errands.

This blog was created to introduce our readers to electric tricycles which will make more of an appearance in the upcoming days as they become more popular with consumers.

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