How to Prevent Electric Bike Corrosion

Electric bikes are vulnerable to corrosion. Rusting is the chemical breakdown of metal caused by its exposure to oxygen and corrosive materials. The element can be rain, salt or any other material that can cause rust to develop and expose the metal. Rust should be a concern as it is part of bike maintenance both for appearance but also to maintain safe conditions on the road 


However, proper care can prevent rust and damage. Here are some tips for preventing corrosion and rust:


  1. Keep it Clean


Store your electric bike or electric scooter safely away in a dry space when it is not being used and clean your electric bike frequently to eliminate grease and dirt. You can even consider getting a bicycle cover to use when the e – bike is not in use. You can clean your electric bike by rinsing the frame with water and cleaning the rims and brake pads. Consider keeping a brush on hand that you can use to give the e -bike a quick brush-down before storage. If your electric bike enables you to, you can remove the wheels for a better clean. Be committed to keeping your e – bike clean. A clean electric bike will last longer and provide for a more optimal riding experience.


  1. Lubricate


Materials like dust, salt, moisture, and dirt can all wear down your chain, brakes, and other moving parts. We recommend using a high-quality lubricant to ensure your electric bike has a long and happy life. To clean your e – bike chain, you can use a rag and lubrication; apply a small drop, turn the cranks backwards and wipe off the excess. You can also apply lubrication to the brake arms, levers, and shift cables. Remember that you only need a very small amount.


  1. Remove the Rust


Rust is dangerous to the lifespan of your bike, plus, who likes the look of rust? Remove existing rust by using sandpaper or a steel wool pad. You can use a bit of lubrication on the rust to help it come off more easily. Be prepared to scrub; it might take a while for the rust to slowly disappear! Once the rust is gone, you can buy nail polish (similar in colour) and apply it to the metal area to cover it.




Electric Motorbikes are rising in popularity due to their inexpensive upkeep, ability to travel short distances at reasonable speeds and avoid contributing pollution into the environment. However, E-Bikes are relatively new which means there are a lot of questions surrounding their usage, maintenance, and upkeep.


This is why we have created these blogs to address questioned presented to us.

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