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10 Huge Environmental Benefits of an Electric Bike

The electric bike is one of the most groundbreaking innovations in recent history. Of course, the theory has been around for a long time. But recent years have seen perfection and affordability in the electric bike niche.

That is brilliant news for the environment. Electric bikes allow you to go much further and faster than regular bikes. They’re the ultimate replacement for gas-guzzling machines. 

The environmental benefits of an electric bike are a huge part of why they’re popular in Canada. Here, we take a close look at why electric bikes are good for the environment. More importantly, we’ll show you why e-bikes are a great option for you.

Why Electric Bikes are Good for the Environment

Below are the major talking points:

1. Eco-friendly battery

Electric bike batteries are usually made of lithium-ion. This battery is small and compact compared to lead-acid batteries which are much bulkier. Lithium-ion batteries are also eco-friendly as they don’t contain acid. Acid can be harmful if it leaks and also makes batteries harder to recycle. 

Because electric bike batteries are rechargeable, there’s no need to dispose of them after every discharge. They also take a short time to recharge — usually around 2-3 hours. Some e-bike companies also offer a portable solar charger that is friendlier to the environment. 

2. Lower carbon footprint

It’s impossible to discuss the environmental benefits of an ebike without covering its carbon footprint. Over the last decade, the world has been pivoting to a green movement to save the environment from the effects of global warming. Using vehicles that don’t emit carbon by-products has always been the best way to achieve that.

The e-bike is a good example of such a vehicle. Electric bikes rely exclusively on electric power from the battery and are aided by manpower as you pedal. Therefore, they don’t pollute the air or the immediate environment. 

By switching to electric bikes, we can reduce our carbon footprint by almost half. Switching to electric bikes means fewer cars on the road which equals fewer carbon emissions. It’s a situation that ensures a greener environment.

Electric bikes are also easy on the roads. Consequently, fewer carbon products will be necessary to repair damage from using them.

3. Off-peak charging

off peak charging

Off-peak charging means charging your device when the power demand is low. It’s important to note that drawing a lot of power from the grid can be strenuous on the grid itself.

Charging during off-peak hours is cheaper. Electricity is discounted to encourage people to use electricity when essential services and businesses are closed. The time usually ranges from between midnight and 7 am.

You can plug in your electric bike during these times to charge more efficiently. It’s a win for all involved parties. For electricity suppliers, demand during off-peak hours isn’t high and will be easy to meet. 

Recently, there have been instances of governments needing to utilize old fossil fuel power plants to meet peak electricity demand. Charging at night can take away some of this strain. 

4. Chargeable using sustainable energy

Green electricity comes from renewable sources like wind and solar. These two are readily available and their exploitation does not affect the environment. Environmentally, these are considered to be good alternatives to other sources like geothermal energy and nuclear energy. 

The general shift to electric vehicles means we can get rid of gasoline-powered vehicles that pollute the environment with their harmful emissions. 

More importantly, when you buy an e-bike, you can charge it with sustainable energy sources. Charging your bike using renewable sources of electricity reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to the efforts to save and conserve the environment.

5. Zero emissions

As we have established by now, electric bikes do not use gas and diesel to run. They rely on electric power from the battery and human power which comes from pedalling. This unique operating system means e-bikes don’t produce harmful carbon products. 

Conventional means of transport like cars, trucks, and motorcycles produce harmful gases like carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide contributes to an increase in the greenhouse effect which leads to a general rise in global temperatures.

This rise in temperature worldwide has devastating effects. Since e-bikes are electrically powered vehicles with zero emissions, they help reduce this greenhouse effect.

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6. Increased cycling distance

Electronic bikes are motorized vehicles. They have a motor either in the hub or in their crank. These motors assist the rider by reducing the amount of energy they expend while riding. Therefore, the rider can travel further without getting tired.

Thanks to the above, the chances of fatigue and muscle strain reduce drastically. Electric bikes also reduce the strain felt in joints as the rider pedals.

This increased cycling distance has various applications. It means electric bikes are a viable alternative to cars when traveling short-to-medium distances like to your local store. And since your riding experience is assisted, you can carry heavier loads than you otherwise need a car to carry.

7. Protects against air pollution

protects against air pollution

The biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is the transportation industry. The fact that there are billions of these vehicles every day on the roads does not help in the struggle against global warming.

A study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency states that the average passenger vehicle produces 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Imagine these numbers multiplied by millions of cars. That is how big an impact conventional vehicles have on the environment.

There is also the issue of smog. Urban areas experience dangerous amounts of pollution these days. Smog can cause irritation on your eyes, nose and throat. It worsens existing lung and heart problems and can cause cancer with long-term exposure.

The use of electric vehicles like the e-bike can be the perfect remedy to these effects. Since they’re quiet, electric bikes are also perfectly suited to get rid of noise pollution.

8. Safer for roads

Electric bikes, although heavier than traditional bikes because of the added weight of the battery and motor, are light and conservative on our roads. Other forms of transport damage roads, leading toe consistent repair work. 

Tarmac, which constitutes most of the modern roads, comes from mixing tar — a fossil fuel bi-product, with other substances like sand and gravel. Tar is not the most eco-friendly substance as it pollutes the environment with each usage.

Repairing roads also require heavy machinery with heavy carbon emissions. Their emissions contribute to air pollution and further damage the environment. With electric bikes, you can reduce the need for road repairs and further environmental pollution. 

9. Efficient mode of transport

Compared to other forms of modern transportation, the electric bike is more efficient. It requires a lot less power to travel the same distance as gasoline-powered vehicles. Electric bikes are also versatile as they can access otherwise inaccessible areas.

The environmental benefits of electric bikes include easier transportation in congested urban cities. They can easily maneuver through traffic jams. In some cities, electric bikes even have dedicated lanes. 

E-bikes also have advantages over other forms of travel such as trains. E-bikes are not affected by schedule restrictions like trains and buses and you have the choice to travel alone when you desire.

10. Perfect replacement for bikes

Why not just get a standard bike? That’s a valid question especially as a standard bike is cheap. But, when you’re a little tired and struggling for time, you’re more likely to grab your car keys than your cycling helmet.

An electric bike gives you that extra power so you don’t need to worry about working up a sweat to get from A to B. If you need to travel a few miles, then an electric bike will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Regular bikes are, of course, brilliant for the environment but not everyone has the energy or time to use one. The electric motor of an ebike not only has the same environmental benefits but will also make your life a lot easier. 

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Final Thoughts

Electric vehicles truly are the future. They are safe for the environment and will also make the user healthier too. It’ll e a very positive development if more people were to embrace and start using them.

Thankfully we’re seeing a shift to more environmentally friendly vehicles but for many people, this change isn’t happening quickly enough. 

The huge benefits of electric bikes are clear and they should be encouraged. Hopefully, soon we see even more electric bikes on our roads.

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