Magnum Metro Bike Review

Electric bikes are getting a lot of hype at the moment, and for good reasons. They have pushed through the boundaries by being environmentally friendly, faster and more comfortable to use. With e-bikes, you can cover more grounds, train with loads or just enjoy uphill rides. And with their sophisticated electronic devices that support very high speeds, riding has never been smoother. Little wonder they are becoming more popular in Toronto and all over Canada.

Of all e-bike manufacturers in the Canadian market, a standout company that brings creativity to the table is Magnum. With products made from scratch, you can expect only the best designs and features from their e-bikes.

Our focus in this review is on the Magnum Metro Bike. Continue reading to get a full description of this popular model, and the reasons why you should buy the Magnum Metro e-bike.

That’s not all. We have taken the time to put together a video review of this e-bike. 

We have also included all the details you need to know about this bike in the article. That way, you can have a lot of info before visiting an online e-bike store. 


What is the Magnum Metro Bike?

The Magnum Metro low step bike is the perfect example of quality for value. It packs sportiness, power and comfort in just the right proportions. Before we go on to the features of this e-bike, it is worth mentioning that it was our winner of the Best Commuter Bike of 2018.

For a stylish bike, the Magnum Metro Bike is quite versatile and well-suited for leisure rides. As a successor of other e-bikes from Magnum, this model does not compromise on any of its predecessor’s features. If for anything, it is even a total upgrade. And for a change, it comes in two colours: brown and white. That’s pretty cool, right?

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Now, let’s dig in deeper to get a feel of what the Magnum Metro Bike has to offer.

Bike Details

  • Weight: 26.48 kg. This is pretty light for an e-bike, so carrying it about isn’t difficult.
  • Battery Weight: 4.17 kg
  • Motor weight: 4.58 kg
  • Frame sizes: 44.45 cm
  • Attachment points: Rear Rack, Bottle Cage and Fender Bosses
  • Cranks: Forged Alloy Pro-wheel Ounce
  • Handlebar: Aluminium alloy, Low-rise
  • Handlebar length: 610 mm
  • Seat post: Aluminium alloy, Promax Suspension
  • The diameter of the seat post: 27.2mm
  • Seat post length: 340 mm
  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminium alloy e-bikes made from this grade do not corrode. You can go for a ride without having to worry about your frames peeling off.
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches (66.04 cm). The Schwalbe wheels are brown coloured in both the black and white versions of the Magnum Metro Bike. 
  • Pedals: Wellgo Aluminum Platform. B087. The pedals are durable and stable to use for a long time.
  • Fenders: Rear and Front. The two fenders absorb much of the kinetic energy from impact. The rear one has a reflector that is completely integrated with the bike.
  • Grips Saddle: Selle Royal Brown. The Metro’s grips are firm and branded with the Magnum logo.
  • Rims: Double-walled
  • Pedal Assist: Cadence sensor
  • Number of Gears: 8 

Electric Details of the Bike

  • Motor Type: Geared Hub, Rear-mounted
  • Motor Torque: 90Nm
  • Battery Volt: 48v
  • Battery Ampere hours: 13 Ah
  • Battery Type: DLG, Samsung, Panasonic
  • Estimated range: 48km to 97 km
  • Drive mode: Trigger Throttle, Cadence Sensing
  • Display Type: Fixed, Monochrome LCD, Das-kit
  • Top speed: 45 kph


Exciting Features of the Magnum Metro Bike

Like we mentioned earlier in this review, the Magnum Metro Bike is perfect if you are looking for a stylish commuter to use. Some exciting features packed in the Magnum Metro Bike are;

Low-Step Frames

This is a must-have for commuter bikes. Bike frames should not be too high, if not it will only be suitable for a few people. The Magnum Metro Bike has a low frame that makes it much easier to mount and dismount. Its double-walled rims go perfectly with the 700c tires, so you can definitely move quickly on this model. The 6061-aluminum alloy used to make the frames are also very strong and lightweight.

Long Lithium-battery life

The standard battery type used on bikes is lithium batteries. The Magnum Metro Bike comes with either a premium DLG/ Panasonic/ Samsung 48v, 13A lithium batteries. These batteries can take you for a journey of almost 10 km before you need to recharge. The best part is that they support fast charging, and you should get a full battery in 6.5 hours. How nice is that!

Powerful and Eco-Friendly Das-Kit Motor

The 500W Das-Kit Motor is all you can ask from an e-bike. With this system, you can ride as fast as 45 km per hour. You can also climb terrains and steeped roads with ease. The bike has a throttle mode that allows you to switch to and from pedalling mode. Now, you don’t have to expend so much energy in riding your bike!


The icing on the cake on the Metro Magnum e-bike is its display. Although monochrome, it displays your speed, battery life, distance covered, assist level, and how long you’ve been riding the bike. With this, you can monitor your stats on the go. It’s quite large, so you don’t have to strain your eyes or bend over to see what’s written on it.

In-built Charging Port

Even though we don’t recommend using phones while biking, this model has a USB port for charging electronic devices. It’s located in the top right section and is positioned out of the way of your legs. 

Adjustable saddle height and seat suspension

The saddle height is adjustable to suit different body positions and reach. Its stand-over height is the real deal for small people.


Magnum Metro vs Magnum Ui6: What’s the difference?

Are you thinking of buying a Magnum Metro or Magnum Ui6 bike soon? Can’t seem to make up your mind on which one to go for? Let’s help you out. Here are the differences between these two models form Magnum.

Brakes and Motor

The Magnum Metro Bike uses hydraulic brakes and a 500-watt motor. On the other hand, the Magnum Ui6 comes with a 350-watt nominal motor and mechanical brakes. The difference in power is not so much but can make the difference when climbing steeper roads.


The Magnum Metro Bike comes with a 48 -volt battery, while a 36-volt battery is found in the Ui6 model.

Range and energy consumption

You’ll expect the Metro version to have a wider range since it has a greater power rating. However, both models have almost the same range. The Magnum Metro bike’s system consumes more energy. 


Pros of using the Magnum Metro Bike in Canada

There are many advantages you can enjoy using the Magnum Metro Bike. They include:

Excellent value for money

This bike has almost everything you need for a pleasurable ride. Its drive system is excellent, battery capacity is just perfect, and there are lots of cool features on the bike. It’s the complete package.

Its throttle is great

If you get stuck in traffic on normal bikes, you’ll definitely have to pedal your way back to full speed. This bike has a top-notch throttle that will help you speed you up, even if you have to stop at traffic or sign stops. With it, you can get up to 32km per hour in no time. Just be careful not to fire up the throttle if the bike is stationary. It can take you off your feet!

Flexible Battery Pack

The battery on this bike is excellent, but it doesn’t end there. It is also very flexible. It can be charged when on or off the Magnum Metro, and is lightweight. The battery’s cables can bend or get snagged, so be careful when charging it.

Stylish-looking Fenders

Another standout thing we like about this bike is its fenders. They provide just the protection you need. Since they are metal and made from alloy, they will not rust, so that’s definitely a plus. The ends have rubberized flaps, so you don’t bump your leg on metals while pedalling.

Matching brown tires, gel saddle and leather grips

It is great that these components match and blend. And frankly, it’s good to see something other than the conventional black tires for a change. If you intend to buy two Magnum Metro Bikes in Canada, then you can get different colours.

Solid Pedals

We like that the pedals on the bike provide just the right amount of traction and are solid. That’s definitely an upgrade from the cheap plastic or cage pedals other bikes have.

Nice racks

This is where Magnum really stands out from other e-bike manufacturers. The racks are solid and go well with trunk bags. No need to worry, they will not block your backlight! The Metro model also comes with a triple strap to keep small things in.

It’s the perfect gift

Due to its versatility, the Magnum Metro Bike is the perfect gift for a loved one, family or friends. No need to worry about swinging over the saddle, this bike has got you covered. 

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Cons of the Magnum Metro Bike

Of course, there are also aspects of using this bike that is not too perfect. They are not many and will not affect your user experience, but we do have to mention them.

The Magnum has a chain guard, but no protector on the inside that would have made things much easier. We’ve also noticed that the bike’s chain falls off while riding, but this is not so much of a red flag. You can easily get one from local stores and attach it to your bike.

Also, the lights need to be manually switched on and off. Just make sure to turn them off, so you don’t run out of batteries the next time you want to use it.


How to use the Magnum Metro Bike

Now that we have the specs and features out of the way let us have a look at how to use it. Breaking in this e-bike can be broken down into a few short steps. 

Charge the battery

This Magnum bike is an e-bike, so there’s no way to avoid charging it. Once you have it all up and running, you’ll be ready for some exciting rides.

Power it on

The power button is located on the left grip’s pad. Give it a little push for a few seconds, and the display should come on. Unlike in the Ui5 model, you don’t have to power on the battery, and later the display. 

Readouts like the battery capacity and current speed should be displayed. If you press the power button once, the backlight will be activated. The walk mode is activated when you hold on to the arrow button, and you can use it to go up a ramp.

Get your protective gear on

You’ll need a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to ride any e-bike, and this is no exception. You can easily get them from the same store you buy your Magnum Metro Bike.

The final step is to start riding! Be sure that you obey all of the traffic rules and regulations in your locale too!

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Maintenance of the Magnum Metro Bike

Like other e-bikes, you need to take good care of the Metro if you want it to last long. You don’t have much to worry about since most of its parts do not scratch or rust when exposed to water and air. Just be careful with the display screen. If it gets a few scratches, it won’t look good again. 

Furthermore, if you intend to buy the Magnum Metro bike in Canada, make sure that you protect it from temperature extremes. Don’t keep them outside or anywhere else where they can be easily exposed. The Metro’s batteries last longer this way.

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Who is this bike for?

The Magnum Metro bike is for people who want the premium feel, but don’t want to spend so much on an expensive e-bike. This bike allows you to do less work, so it’s really nice for pleasurable and convenient rides. It’s great for almost every type of terrain, which is definitely something commuter e-bikes should have. With the adjustable seats, anyone can take the Metro out for a ride.

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Any Warranty on the bike?

Magnum provides a one-year warranty for the Metro, like with all other offerings from other bike models. This covers the battery, electrical parts and all costs of servicing the e-bike. If you buy the Magnum Metro from an e-bike store in Canada, much of the ergonomic features like saddle height and alignment of wheels will be handled for you.


In Conclusion

That’s it on our review of the Magnum Metro bike!

Economical, stylish, affordable, powerful, and impressive. All these adjectives describe the Metro e-bike. Magnum has made a significant upgrade from its previous models, so we definitely think the price on this bike is justified. It is one you should consider getting! Don’t forget to check out other reviews on our YouTube page. You’ll love them!

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