King Song 14D EUC (DEMO MODEL)


Top Speed: 30km/hr

Range: 32 km max potential range

Motor Power: 800W sustained, 2400W peak

Battery: 420Wh, 67V with Smart BMS, balancing, over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection.

Control Board: High performance design – can reliably sustain 800W.

Hill Climbing: ~30° max

Max Load: 265lbs – higher payloads will generally decrease performance

Dimensions: 19” H x 17” L x 8” W

Weight: ~32lbs

Pedals: Pedals with grip tape, 4.9” ground clearance

Tire: Extra maneuverable 14” diameter tire

Connectivity: Bluetooth for data transfer + music streaming.

Speakers: 4 speaker built-in sound system with 12V amplifier

Lights: Bright headlight, rear brake light, customizable side lights

Handle: Built-in retractable push handle


White, Black


Get Financing Today with:


1. Integrated Trolley bar;
2. Colourful atmosphere lamp and battery indicator
3. Convertible illuminating and braking lights. 4. Bluetooth speaker (Music or Trumpet)
5. Cooler inside for heat dissipation;
6. App support, change various ride characteristics, view speed/ battery level information
7. Soft leg pad to alleviate leg soreness

EUC Performance

Top Speed

30km/h after unlocked

( Default setting: 1st level beeping at 18km/h, 2nd level beeping at 19km/h, pedal tilt back at 20km/h)



Maximum Gradibility

approx. 30°

Battery Set

420Wh lithium battery with equilibrium, overcharge, overdischarge, over-current protection

Operating Temperature

-10C to +60C

Maximum Load



Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 67.2V 2A

Charging Time

approx. 3.5h

Rated Power


Maximum Power



White, black

Size Specifications

Machine Size (mm)

476mm x 437mm x 202mm

Package Size(mm)

660mm x 560mm x 260mm

Height of pedal


Tire Diameter

14inch, Diameter 295mm

Net weight

approx.  14.5kg

Body interface

High quality waterproof charging port, power on/off button

Battery Indicator

RGB indicates battery level

Use Protection

Tilting Protection

45° side to side left and right. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, noneed to restart manually.

Speed Limit Protection

Beep when exceed limit speed

Low Battery Protection

Low battery protection activated on 40% battery; when the battery is lower than 5%,the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate till closing down



King Song