Riding an Electric Bike Through A Crisis

Can Electric Bikes Reduce Transportation Expenses?

The pandemic has normalized zoom calls with friends and family, social distancing and working from home. Our social media feeds are filled with statistics and conversations that make many feel uncomfortable. 


It’s hard to imagine the world we lived in prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, however, many have strived to normalize the world we now live in. People have started to prioritize their physical and emotional health now more than ever, however, roadblocks have emerged with some businesses and gyms being forced to close down. 


Like you, we can’t wait for things to go back to normal, but there are so many things we can do while we wait that can boost both our physical and mental health. 


Here are some benefits to getting on your electric bike that can leave you feeling refreshed and energized, whether it’s cycling indoors or outdoors. 


More Money in Your Wallet

Your electric bike can easily replace your car in many situations. Consider biking to a nearby grocery store or to work rather than taking your car; you won’t get stuck in traffic and you’ll never be late for work again! Substituting your e-bike with your car can save you time and money used on gas. In addition, it’s good for both you and the environment. 



A Low Impact Form of Exercise

A researcher made an excellent point about the low impact that electric bike cycling can have on the body. When you sit on an e-bike, you put weight on bones in the pelvis, compared to putting weight on your legs when you walk. Other benefits associated with riding an electric bike include building muscle and providing an aerobic workout. 


Endless Possibilities 

Cycling provides for endless possibilities, geographically. No matter where you live, you will find somewhere to use your bike: on the streets, on a bike path, in a park, through the forest, in your neighbourhood  etc. It’s easy to fit riding an electric bike into your daily routine by riding your bike to a shop, to the park, to school or to work. Being outdoors also provides health benefits such as feeling connected to nature, reducing stress and improving mood and self-esteem. 



Choose Your Intensity

A great benefit of riding a e-bike is that you can choose the desired intensity. Consider taking a light stroll around the block for low impact or a climb up a mountain for a better muscle workout. Either way, you are building stamina and strength. 


Positive Physical Health

Electric cycling is one of the healthiest and low-impact forms of exercise which means that it causes less strain and injuries than most workouts. You don’t have to treat cycling as a professional sport to enjoy its numerous benefits:

  • Burn calories
  • Builds strength
  • Builds stamina
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves coordination


Positive Mental Health

Electric cycling has been proven in many studies to reduce levels of stress, specifically the stress hormone called cortisol. Many cyclists often talk about a “high” they feel, similar to the coined term “runners high”. Cycling can produce many benefits for health, including a boost in mood, a better sleep and an improvement in memory.


The Bottom Line

Local bike shops in many cities around the world have been busier now more than ever. The demand for bicycles has spiraled upwards and has surpassed projections. As many of us are subjected to social distancing, individual outdoor activities have been encouraged by many city politicians. COVID-19 and the arrival of warmer weather has created the perfect environment for cycling enthusiasts to pursue the joy of riding. 



This blog was created to introduce our readers to electric bikes which will make more of an appearance in the upcoming days as they become more popular with consumers.

We at Epic Cycles hope to provide you the ability to purchase a motorized bike and tricycles as we sell everything from Electric Scooters, Magnum E-Bikes, and Stromer Bikes which can be purchased and shipped anywhere in Canada.

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