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Spare Parts

In our commitment to serve our customers better, we offer a full range for electric bike parts and electric scooter parts. With many easy fixes available for common problems, we simplify the process of repairing your bike or scooter, so you can get back to enjoying the ride faster. Get started by checking out our complete catalogue of electric scoot parts and electric bike parts.

Affordable, Do It Yourself Fixes with Electric Bike Parts and Electric Scooter Parts

Many fixes can be done quickly by replacing a battery, tire, or other small part for electric bike. Magnum makes this easy with our selection of spare pieces. We can also help you with repairs when you call to speak with our knowledgeable representatives.

Replacing Your Charger

Just like any other USB charged device, your electric bike or scooter may need a replacement. While we include a premium charger with your Magnum bike or scooter, chargers tend to take a lot of hits when used regularly.

Knowing When to Replace Your Charger: If there are no obvious signs of damage such as an exposed wire or other broken parts, the primary way to know if your charger needs to be replaced, is if your bike or scooter won’t charge or is charging very slowly. Most Magnum products take around 4 to 6 hours to complete a charge. If you notice your device taking much longer than this, it’s time to replace. This will help ensure your device is in good working order and fully charged when you need it.

It Might Be Your Battery: Batteries are much more expensive electric bike parts to replace but it could potentially be this. When there is difficulty with charging, it is usually the charger, and this should be checked first. However, if a new charger doesn’t work, we’ll work with you to get the battery or other part you need.

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