Spring Bike Maintenance

What are some items to check on your electric bike before riding after a prolonged break? If you are at a loss, we have you covered in our blog below.

Here are our top suggestions to ensure you can ride without worrying about the safety or functionality of your bike due to prolonged inactivity during the winter

  1. Adjust your seat:

Tighten and adjust your seat to ensure you maintain a comfortable ride. A loose seat can be uncomfortable and cause the rider to lose balance while sitting, if they are not careful

  1. Check tire pressure:

Bike tires lose pressure when they sit idle for a long duration. Imagine the amount of air lost on a bike that has been sitting for 3 months due to winter. It’s always best to fill to the manufacturers recommended pressure level, which can be found on the tire side wall.

  1. Check spokes:

Check for loose/broken spokes by running your fingers over the spokes. Imagine a harp player who plays the instrument by gliding their fingers over the strings. Similarly, you do not need to grab the spokes but glide your fingers over the spokes and you will know if they are loose. If they are loose, bring them to us so that we can inspect and fix the spokes in question.

  1. Brake Levers:

Pull brake levers to ensure they work with both sides of brake pads. The brakes should completely stop the bike, while the wheels are in motion. If you notice a loose brake cable it should be replaced immediately.

  1. Brake Pads:

Brake pads are essential for safety and they must be checked every few months Brake pads should maintain their grip and not become loose. If they appear worn out, replace your brake pads.

  1. Bike Chain:

If you notice the bike chain skipping when shifting or pedaling or chain not going through gears smoothly, bring the bike to our shop so that we can inspect and perform a tune up.

  1. Apply Dry Lubricant

Apply dry lubricant to gears, the chain, and all moving parts of the bicycle to ensure everything is lubricated.

  1. Thorough check

Make sure all other components of the bike such as; stem handle bar, headsets, front wheel skewer, read motor axels, pedals, should be inspected to ensure they are tight.

This checklist should be part of every bike rider’s seasonal ritual to ensure they have a safe ride with their electric bike.


Electric Motorbikes are rising in popularity due to their inexpensive upkeep, ability to travel short distances at reasonable speeds and avoid contributing pollution into the environment. However, E-Bikes are relatively new which means there are a lot of questions surrounding their usage, maintenance, and upkeep.

This is why we have created these blogs to address questioned presented to us.

We at Epic Cycles hope to provide you the ability to purchase a motorized bike as we sell everything from Electric Scooters, Magnum E-Bikes, and Stromer Bikes which can be purchased and shipped anywhere in Canada.

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