The X7 VS X8 Scooter: All You Need to Know


Electric scooters are an exciting personal transportation option for many urban and suburban dwellers. For those new to electric scooters, both the X7 and X8 are entry level choices that are well suited to many riders. These motorized scooters feature a sleek design coupled with several key safety features, compact design and a lightweight structure for easy carrying. 

So, why choose one over the other? While the two models offer many of the same features, there are key differences. If you’re looking to buy the X7 scooter, you should know its key features. In this blog, we will help you shed more light on the X7 vs X8 argument. Think of this as a buying guide that compares both electric scooters.

The X7 vs X8: Safety Features 

Both the X7 and X8 include several important safety features, including:

Triple Brake System

A quality braking system is the hallmark of a good and reliable scooter.  Brakes are, arguably, the most important feature on an electric scooter which can reach speeds of 32kmh. To ensure the X7 and X8 can perform well in both wet and dry road conditions and allow for safe stopping even at short distances, these scooters include three brake types: 

  • Mechanical Disk Brakes:  Mechanical disk brakes give riders a manual braking system they can activate by pulling on the brake lever. This type of brake does not include a brake fluid which can be an advantage in that you will not need to replace the fluid. 
  • Electronic Brake System:  An electronic brake system adds another layer of protection without increasing the weight of your scooter. These brakes can be activated with a switch located on the handlebars. This switch creates resistance in the motor so it can not rotate as quickly.
  • Rear Fender Brake: The foot brake offers another option for riders who would prefer to activate the brake by tapping the back fender with their foot instead of from the handlebars. 

Safety Lights

Safely riding a scooter at night requires powerful headlights and/or reflective material. If you choose to buy the X8 electric scooter, it has lighting features that ensure riders are visible even in dim conditions. The same goes for the X7.

Integrated LED Headlight

This powerful light is located on the front of the handlebar stem. Though the light is strong, the integrated design keeps it recessed into the stem. This allows it to be functional while keeping the overall look of the scooter sleek. 

Rear Brake Light

The rear brake light can be easily activated by double clicking the function button on the throttle.  This light includes a blinking action to increase its visibility.

Double Locking Mechanism

In the X7 vs X8 electric scooter argument, both models offer an easy folding design. To ensure the scooter only folds when you want it to, there is a double locking feature. This includes twisting the locking mechanism before pushing a button on the front of the handlebar stem. While easy to use, the design makes it impossible to engage it accidentally.

Handlebar Bell

A simple yet effective device, both scooters include a bell that can be activated with a lever on the handlebars. 

X7 vs X8 Electric Scooter: Comparing The Design 


Both scooters are known for their simple and sleek designs. The primary difference you will notice in the X7 bs X8 is the location of the battery. If you take a close look at the X8’s battery, it is affixed to the handlebar stem which creates more bulk to the front of the scooter while the X7’s is inside the stem.

Silicone Grips

Soft silicone grips add to a comfortable riding experience.The grips can prevent hand fatigue which can lead to a rider unsafely taking their hands off the bars. 

Easy Folding

Both the X7 and X8 scooter can be folded down in a matter of seconds. Once you disengage the double locking mechanism, the handlebar stem folds down and locks securely into a rear fender. Thus, creating a compact and easy to carry design. 

Fast Setup

Both the X7 and X8 are almost fully functional right out of the box. The only assembly required is attaching the silicone grips and tightening the brake lever. Once the battery is charged, the scooter is ready to go. 


Solidly built 10 inch tires offer reliable performance on smooth to moderately bumpy terrain. This size of tire also helps prevent excessive strain on the motor. However, the tires are still small enough to allow for easy maneuvering  and sharp turns when needed.

X7 vsX8: How Long Does the Battery Last?

The battery is the biggest difference between the X7 and X8 and is what gives the X8 greater range. The X7 comes equipped with a 5 amp power battery while the X8 has a 10 amp. Let’s take a closer look at the difference a more powerful battery makes.


The X7 can travel around 20KMH on a single charge. Double the battery power equals double the distance for the X8 which can travel between 40 and 45kmh on a single charge.  Range for both will be affected by road conditions and the speed you are traveling. If you want to cover longer distances, buy the X8 scooter. 

Top Speed

While the X8 has greater range, the heavier battery slows down the top speed. The X8 can reach 25KPH while the X7 can reach 32KPH. 

Charging Time

A bigger capacity battery means a longer time to get a full charge. As a result, the X8 will achieve a full charge in about 6 hours while the X7 will only take around 3 hours. This difference can be significant if you need to use your scooter often and charge it quickly. It is also ideal to fully use your battery’s charge before recharging. Depending on how you plan to use your scooter, the smaller battery on the X7 could be advantageous. 

Total Weight

Both the X7 and X8 are lightweight enough to be lifted by most riders. The X7 weighs in at 12.5kg  while the X8 is 15kg. Depending on how much you plan to carry the scooter versus how much you will be riding it, the lighter weight of the X7 could be beneficial. 

Battery Location

Both scooters have their batteries located in the handlebar stem. However, the X8’s battery is affixed to the outside of the tube while the X7’s is inside the tube. 

Weight Capacity

100kg is the recommended maximum weight that each scooter can carry. The weight of the rider can affect performance and ability to reach top speeds. For example, a heavier rider may have more difficulty operating the scooter while going uphill.

A Look at Both Motors

Both the X7 and the X8 have a Brushless DC 350W motor. What does wattage mean for your scooter though? A scooter’s motor wattage determines a lot about performance including how quickly it can accelerate and how it will do carrying heavier loads. 

With a 350W motor, both can successfully carry riders up to 100kg. This is also part of what allows the scooters to take on hills and reach their top speeds. While this is not the most powerful motor available for a scooter, it is an improvement over the common 250W motor.

The brushless DC design is also an upgrade on older brushed DC motors. Brushed motors include mechanical brushes to power different phases of the motor’s operation. Brushless replaces this with digital circuitry. This adds to the performance and longevity of the motor.  

Where Can You Ride the X7 and X8?

Regardless of which you pick in the X7 vs X8 argument, both models include sturdy 10-inch wheels which gives some flexibility on where they can be ridden. However, these scooters are primarily meant for smooth, flat surfaces and not offroading. Both can handle minor bumps but really should be kept to paved trails and sidewalks. Gravel paths are about the roughest terrain these can take on.  

Some pedestrian paths may restrict their use as well so observe local laws. Similarly, and not surprisingly, they are not intended to be ridden on a main road where cars and other large vehicles will be. 

Despite these restrictions, they make for a handy and fun way to travel in many communities and parks. For most riders, small to medium hills will be rideable. Several factors will determine if it is possible for you to ride up a hill. The steeper the incline, the harder it will be. However, your weight can also affect performance. Generally though, the X7 and X8’s 350W motors are able to go up hills easily.  

X7 vs X8 Electric Scooters: What is the Cost?

The cost difference between the two scooters is around 100 CAD. Maintenance, design and durability remain the same so this difference is not enough for most riders to base their decision on. Factors like weight, top speed and charge length are typically better indicators of which scooter will work best for you. 


When deciding between the X7 and X8 the biggest factor is in the battery. The overall look, safety features and functionality of the scooters is largely the same, but the battery changes other key elements. 

The X8’s more powerful battery gives the scooter a greater range and longer charge. However, it also makes the scooter heavier and slows down the top speed. The X7 will also charge faster because it has a smaller battery but the charge will not last as long or allow for as great a range. 

Both are able to handle hills and smooth to moderately bumpy terrain. This makes them great options for urban and suburban areas. Overall, riders who want a longer charge should buy an X8. However, for faster travel, buy an X7 electric scooter.

Luckily for you, we are currently running a sale on both electric scooters. However, you can also check our online store for more electric scooter models. For more information you, call 647-715-9000 or send an email via

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