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Tips for Electric Bike Beginner

Electric bikes are the perfect combination of technology and sustainability and are some of the best bike options around. People often mix up the term ‘electrical bike’ and assume that it is something akin to a motorcycle, when in fact, it isn’t as different as regular bikes.
An electric bike is one that has a few tech elements that can make a bike a lot more efficient and user-friendly. For those who want a bike that is in keeping with today’s times, this is the type of bike that one should go in for.

If you are someone who is an electric bike beginner, the chances are that you have a lot of questions running through your head right now. In this article, we are going to dive into the concept of electric bikes and all their intricacies.

How Does Electric Bikes Work?

While we are all familiar with how regular bike functions, it is important to note the ways in which an electric bike functions as well before you go in for it. If you are an electric bike beginner one of your concerns is probably about of the components that are there within an electric bike and if they are the same as that of regular bikes, just with a few things added to it.

It is a common misconception that an electric bike completely eliminates the need for human power, but is rather something that augments the movement that one has when working a bike. There are three main components that are added to the bike, and these are the battery, the motor, and the drivetrain.

These components work to supplement the movement of the bike, making it a lot easier to maneuver around with. Overall, these three components make the process of riding a bike a lot more efficient, especially for those who want to ride the bike for longer distances.

There are three main components of an electric bike, and understanding these is incredibly important if you want to find something that can work well for all your needs.


The following are the main parts of a bike that one must pay attention to.

1. The Battery

One of the first things that one must be aware of with regards to an electric bike is the batteries that are included in it. Because an electric bike works in an electronic manner, it needs something that can help give it the energy that it needs. The battery is the part of the vehicle that does this job and is something that can make an enormous difference with how efficient your bike really is.

Typically, an electric bike is powered by around 350 to 500 W of power, which is quite less when taken into consideration how much power simple household devices tend to use. The batteries that an electric bike comes with aren’t the same that you would find in household appliances, because it needs to be much lighter to allow for smoother movement on the bike.

2. The Motor

The motor is one of the most essential components of an electric bike and is something that has a huge effect on the efficiency that this bike provides. The motor is also the part of the bike that requires the power that the battery provides.

However, it is important to note that different models of electric bikes tend to use varying kinds of motors, which all depend on the structure of the bike and also the features provided. Some motors tend to be big and bulky to accommodate the additional functionality that the bike provides, while some have smaller and thinner motors that provide the bike with just enough to cover the essentials that it needs.

3. The Frame

People who own a bike are generally aware of the importance of a frame. The exterior portion of a bike doesn’t only impact its aesthetics, but also the manner in which this bike works. It is also important to note that the frame is the main portion of the bike that holds your weight, and not having a bike with a good frame can result is disastrous consequences. The frame of an electric bike is not always the same as that of a normal bike and needs to be made with a different shape to accommodate the different parts of the bike.

4. The Brakes

There is no doubt that the brakes are an important part of the bike and something which one should pay a lot of attention to because of the safety that they provide. Electric bikes are a lot more efficient with the brakes that they have and are designed to be able to provide a lot more streamlined braking. The features that the brakes in these kinds of bikes provide is designed to be able to allow for better maneuvering on slopes and downhill roads in particular and is a feature that regular bikes were lacking for an incredibly long period.

Frequently Asked Questions from Beginners

Now that you are familiar with the parts of an electric bike and the features that they provide, its time to get into a few questions that people tend to have when they are thinking of getting an electric bike.

1. How To Charge An Electric Bike?

Because the electric bike runs on a motor and a battery, the power that is needed in this type of bike needs to be up all the time. Charging is an important part of owning a bike and is something that is essential for running a good electric bike.

Normally, an electric bike comes with its battery and charger that are fairly simple to use. All that one needs to do is plug in the charger of the bike and connect it to the battery port, and you are good to go. Generally, a bike that has fully depleted of its power can take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours to charge. Some batteries that are considered ‘fast charging’ will be done in a much shorter period.

2. How Far Can An Electric Bike Go?

One of the bigger questions that people tend to have about their electric bike is how far it can go with a single charge. Because this kind of bike needs a certain amount of charge, there is a limit when it comes to the distance that one can ride when going in for this kind of charge. While there is no definite answer on how far a bike can go, the average is around 118mph.

There are a number of factors that tend to affect just how far a bike can go, and these are as follows:

  • The weight of the person riding the bike
  • The power level that the person chooses to ride at
  • The surface or ground that they are riding on
  • The additional baggage that they are carrying along with them
  • The speed at which they are riding their bike
  • The force at which they are peddling at
  • The number of times they need to stop riding the bike
  • The external weather conditions in the area that they are riding in
  • The pressure that is applied to the tires and the kind of products used
  • The kind of battery and the capacity of it
  • The size of the motor that has been fitted onto the bike
  • The speed at which the person is riding the bike

3. Can An Electric Bike Get Wet?

When going through different kinds of terrain, there are bound to be patches of water and surfaces that aren’t as dry as one would expect. A common misconception is that an electric bike cannot encounter any kind of water as a result of the electrical parts within it.

However, the reality of an electric bike is quite different as compared to his, and is, in fact, something that can sustain a good amount of water contact. Electric bikes are designed to be waterproof and can easily go over water and mushy surfaces without taking any damage.

With that been said, there are certain limitations when it comes to this. An electric bike cannot be fully submerged into water for example, since that could damage the battery and the motor. However, encountering rain or water being thrown at it is completely fine for this kind of bike.

4. Electric Bike Maintenance for Newbies

Most of the beginners don’t know, that you can actually extend the life of your electric kike by properly taking care of it. Common electric bike maintenance routines like checking bolts, tire pressure, lubing the chain make a huge difference over time.


An electric bike is the one upgrade that regular bikes have needed for an incredibly long time. They have been able to provide the right kind of upgrades that bike generally needed, and have been able to stay true to their simplicity and efficiency. Even though these bikes are not as environmentally friendly as regular bikes, they are still the better and more efficient alternative to cars and motorcycles that pollute the air that we breathe in and use up essential resources that we need.

If you are still wondering about certain aspects of electric bikes, there are plenty of resources online that can help you figure out just what you need. If you are looking for tips on how to ride your bike on a mountain trail, or how to change the battery or even just how to make your bike look cool, check out resources below:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz2S7ECvZI4
  • https://electricbikereview.com/forum/threads/how-to-replace-an-electric-bike-battery-if-the-model-is-discontinued-or-the-company-is-out-of-business.22737/
  • https://www.icebike.org/bike-accessories/

The internet is full of abundant resources to help you do this with absolute ease.


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