Tips for Riding Your Blue Rev Trio Electric Bike at Night

Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike at Night

Riding your electric bike at nighttime is more fun, especially during the warm summer months where you can enjoy with a group of friends and take in the breeze at night. It definitely beats the hot, muggy, Canadian summers that can make it difficult to ride your electric bike. Therefore, if you consider yourself a night rider, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to enjoy your ride on your motorized electric bike:


1. Pick the Right Bike

The Blue Rev Trio is perfect for day and night riding as it has a powerful 500-watt motor on a 24” wheel. The beautiful aspect of the Blue Rev Trio is that it comes with compartments in the front and rear which are great to store additional reflectors, lights and nighttime gear that you may need during your night ride


2. Pick the right light


Turning on the headlight of your electric motorbike, the taillight, and the integrated brake are very important, regardless of the time when you are riding your electric bike. They help you see the path and also make you visible to other drivers.

Now the question arises, what kind of headlight is the best suited for your lightweight electric bike? The choice is not so obvious as having the brightest light does not equate to the safest light for nighttime riding. For example, some mountain bikes have headlights with well over 4200 lumens. This is six times as much as that of cars and is perfect for cruising in woods at night but won’t be a good choice for riding in the streets.

These lights are made for exclusively for mountain riding and using them for a nighttime ride can make it difficult for you as well as others, to see. It might also cause hindrance while seeing the brakes and indicators.  

Based on our recommendations, one of our most popular lights is the Blue Rev Raze 1500 headlight which is one of our most heavy-duty lights that provides 360 degrees rotation, and can be operated with a single click. This makes it easy to turn on at night and can run for up to 5 – 8 hours. This is perfect for a short ride around the block or a longer ride during hours where visibility can be a concern.


3. Dress yourself (and your bike) for success


It is easier for you to stand out in the morning but riding on your lightweight electric bike at night makes it difficult for other drivers to notice you’re riding on an e-bike. So, you have to take some measures in order to be noticed. For this purpose, you can go for a fluorescent jacket or wear a bright helmet. There are also many experts who state that you should accompany your jacket and helmet with reflective pants or leggings in order to grasp the attention of the drivers as soon as they see you pedaling on your rad bikes. In addition to this, ensure that your headlight and taillight is on. You may also cover the frame and fenders of your e-bike with reflective stickers.

Our personal preference is our Livall helmet which comes equipped with front LED lights and brake warning lights. The front warning lights work together with the 270-degree taillights to project the rider from all directions. Moreover, we have taken the additional security measure to by having a built-in gravity acceleration sensor which when it detects any significant deceleration, the front and taillights will be highlighted for eight seconds to draw attention to front and rear vehicles.


4. Ride defensively


Despite turning on the headlights of your electric road bike, putting on reflective outfits, and warping reflective stickers around the frame, you need to ride as if people can’t see you. That means you need to be extra conscious while cruising.

Be careful while crossing the roads. Let the car pass by you when you’re passing through a narrow road and you detect light coming from behind you. If you’re a music lover, don’t bring a Bluetooth speaker with you. This would help you concentrate on the track.

Selection of the best-suited route is also a great idea. Cruise on the path where people expect you to be such as in bike paths/ lanes. Moreover, slow down when you come across potholes or blind roads, so the incoming traffic may notice you and you can avoid accidents. Take care of your comfort level. Riding in the dark is fun but requires extra care.


5. Ride with Friends


Taking your electric road bike for a spin at night is never a bad idea but having a group of friends can make things more fun and safer as well. You can create a network of buddies who regularly go on a route together to enjoy their bikes. This provides familiarity with the route, the ability to have a group of friends riding together which reduces the chances of a car accidentally hitting a single rider due to visibility issues and if there happens to be a mechanical issue, you can rely on your friends who can always assist in a time of need. 




The above mentioned were a few tips and strategies to follow while cruising at nighttime. These tips will help ensure your safety while at the same time making it easier for you to be noticed by other drivers. It’s important to point out the rise in popularity means that Electric motorbikes are on the rise. However, with the rise also comes a lot of questions of best usage practices, maintenance and upkeep.

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