Why 2021 is the year of Electric Bikes

Electric motorbikes have seen an upsurge in interest from the public in the previous 5 years. The rapid growth in sales, individual preference for more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient modes of transportation with health benefits are some of the reasons why electric bikes have surged in popularity.

At Epic Cycles we have seen a rise in customer inquiries for our Magnum electric bikes, Blue rev electric bikes, and Surron Electric bikes and felt that the trend would continue in 2021.

Therefore, we felt it was necessary to create a blog post that discussed 9 reasons to get excited about an electric bike in 2021

  1. Electric bikes make pedaling easier

Electric bikes operate with a battery, they make pedaling easier. These pedals work similar to those of a regular bike, but with extra control over your bike’s speed. When you press down on your e-bike’s pedals, the motors inside them assist you in climbing hills and cruising along uneven routes easily.

Another electric bike feature is a throttle that delivers extra power to the pedals at the touch of a button. However, not all electric bikes have a throttle, and in some places, it is even illegal. Therefore, check with your city legislation before using the throttle on your electric bike

  1. Electric bikes are fast

Electric bikes can reach up to speeds of 40 – 80 km per hour. Not all bikes can reach this capacity as the motor is designed to stop accelerating when you reach a certain speed which varies depending on the model. Moreover, most electric bikes allow you to control how much assistance you receive from the motor by adjusting the power switch from Eco to Turbo.

  1. Riding times increase with electric bikes

Multiple surveys indicate, that once you start riding electric bikes, your riding hours increases. The ability to reach higher speeds, perform local errands make it easy to swap out a car ride for an electric bike ride without feeling like you are missing anything. The ride will not fatigue you either as when you’re tired from pedaling, you can use the motorized pedals to drive while you let your legs rest.

  1. There’s an electric bike for every demographic

There is a wide range of electric bikes available for all age groups and needs. We recommend that you choose the electric bike to suit your personal needs. For off roading we recommend our Sur Ron electric bike. During the winter we recommend our fat tire bike (Blue Rev Ultra) and Magnum Ranger. If you are commuting to work our Magnum bikes are great for getting around the city during peak rush hours. If you are looking to travel with a partner we have our Blu Rev bikes, magnum payload which allow you to carry an extra passenger or store groceries.



  1. They provide exercise

Electric bikes operate on a motor but also have the ability to pedal which will help you stay in good physical shape. Numerous studies have shown that riding a bicycle on a regular basis helps to regulate your blood sugar level and improving your fitness level after a few weeks of riding. It makes sense to take advantage of a mode of transportation that improves your health and has the ability to switch from motor assist to manual so that you won’t wear yourself out during the process.


  1. Improvement in Battery duration

At the moment, electric bikes need to be recharged after every 60 to 100 km, depending on the type and model. The number is not fixed and varies based on the terrain, style of riding and distance. However, future research indicates that battery life is expected to improve in the future and you will be able to enjoy extended periods of travel on your bike.


  1. They are a long-term investment

The initial cost is steep, but the long-term investment will become a form of savings. Your expense is reduced in certain ways such as; less money spent on gas, maintenance, auto insurance and lower medical expenses from living a healthier lifestyle. The initial investment can range from $2500 – $5000 but it will pay for itself over a period of time.


  1. They’re the future of transportation

Will they replace cars? No. However, electric bikes will play an important role in the future of transportation. Food delivery services who predominantly deliver food on bicycles are looking to introduce electric bikes to reduce travel times and avoid traffic congestion. Secondly, many studies have shown that individuals perform dozens of errands per month that are within a 5km radium of their home. Electric bikes could serve as an option for short errands and trips that could help reduce road congestion, provide a form of exercise and help the environment.


  1. You can even race them now

Did you know that there are electric bike racing competitions being organized around the world? The European Cycling Union added a new racing circuit for electric bikes in 2019. Similarly, the World Mountain Bike Championship for electric bikes was a racing competition held in 2019. Electric bikes are being recognized by major sports organizations and with the increased popularity we will see a rise in organizations who facilitate sports events that cater to electric bikes.



Electric Motorbikes are rising in popularity due to their inexpensive upkeep, ability to travel short distances at reasonable speeds and avoid contributing pollution into the environment. However, E-Bikes are relatively new which means there are a lot of questions surrounding their usage, maintenance and upkeep. This is why we published this blog that addressed the top 7 questions that were presented to us.

We at Epic Cycles hope to provide you the ability to purchase a motorized bike as we sell everything from Electric Scooters, Magnum E-Bikes, and Stromer Bikes which can be purchased and shipped anywhere in Canada.

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