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About Epic Cycles

After nearly a decade of dedication to innovative production of our electric bicycle, Epic Cycles is proud to offer our products to the Canadian market. With so many dynamic metropolitan areas and scenic, natural trails throughout the country, we knew our products would make a great fit for Canada’s avid cyclists.

At Epic Cycles, our goal is to change the way people travel by promoting electric bicycle riding as a safe, green alternative to other vehicles while providing the convenience of motorization.  We’re thrilled to work with our Canadian customers to expand our travel by electric bicycle. Canada has proven to be a market rich in knowledgeable customers who share our vision along with cities that are also working towards green solutions. To learn more, visit our electric bicycle and electric scooter Canada catalogue.

Innovation and Affordability with Electric Bicycle, Canada

Epic Cycles knows that a green solution to travel will only be successful if it meets the needs of customers. One of the primary ways to do this, is to ensure both durability and affordability. By focusing on innovative design and quality, we’re able to produce an electric bicycle with a cost-effective price tag that is also able to last even with regular use and rough terrain.

This is what makes our electric bicycle products the perfect choice for a wide range of customers. Whether you’re a college student looking for an easy way to get around campus or an established professional who wants to reduce your carbon footprint, we provide you the best solution with our electric bicycle. Canada’s diverse landscape of wide open spaces and bustling cities can easily be traversed with our electric bicycle.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction with Electric Bicycle-Canada

At Epic Cycles, we believe that customer and product should be valued above all else. We continuously improve and revolutionize our designs to serve our customers better with a more efficient and thrilling electric bicycle. Canada customers especially love our electric bicycle conversion kits and accessories for further customization.

By consistently growing our company and investing back into our production, we’re able to produce advanced electric bicycle designs while serving our customers better. We back this up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our team of knowledgeable technicians, friendly customer service representatives and dynamic administrative staff who all work together to ensure we produce an electric bicycle Canada customers can feel inspired by.  Learn more about our customer guarantee and extensive warranty, here.

Meeting Your Green Travel Needs – Electric Bike and Electric Scooter, Canada

Over our years of dedication to green travel solutions, Epic Cycles has increased our offerings to include options for electric bicycle conversion kits and models of electric scooter. Canada customers can choose one of our existing electric bicycle models or convert their favorite bike with one of our kits. Choose an electric scooter for even more travel options that are also good for anyone who has difficulty biking due to knee or joint problems.

Getting to Know Our Brand for Electric Bicycle – Canada

Ready to learn more about the Epic Cycles brand and finding your perfect electric bicycle? Canada customers can call us at (647) 715-9000