King Song S16 PRO EUC


Craving an electric unicycle that delivers both comfort and performance on your urban journeys? The KingSong S16 is your answer. This lightweight powerhouse boasts features that will have you carving through the city with confidence and a smile.

Glide effortlessly: Thanks to the air suspension, even rainy days won’t dampen your spirits. The smooth ride ensures you stay comfortable and in control, no matter the terrain.

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Max Speed: It can be decoded and adjusted to 60 km/hr, after riding for 5km. (The idling speed is 85 km/hr)
Range: Approx. 120km (Condition: Load – 60kg, temp 25-30 degrees celcius)
Gradability: Around 48 degrees ( 110%)
Battery: Samsung 72v 1480Wh
Temperature: -10 degrees Celsius/+45 degrees Celsius
Max Load: 265lb
Motor: 3000w
Charger: 5Ah
Charger Time: About 4-5Ah (charge time halved with two chargers)
Dimensions: 540mm(L) x 230mm(W) x 620mm(H)
Suspension: 750 lb spring suspension, mounting hole 195±2mm,Spring Suspension travel distance is 51mm, while the body suspension travel is 88mm)
Pedal Altitude (from ground): 230-220(mm),Standard Angle of 6°
Tire Size: Off Road 16×3”
Net weight: 70lb



King Song