Kaabo Mantis King GT


Experience high-performance like never before with the Kaabo Mantis King GT electric scooter. Its powerful dual 1100W motors offer a top speed of 70km/h and the 60V 24Ah battery provides a maximum range of 90 km. The 10″ pneumatic tires and 30+ degree incline capability make it easy to tackle any terrain, making the Mantis King GT the ultimate electric scooter for adventure seekers.




Motor Power

Double 1100Wh


60v 24Ah Samsung

Charge Time


Cargo Capacity

265 lb (120kg)

Net Weight

74lb (33.2kg)


TFT display


Off-Road Tires, Street Tires


Gold Accents, Red Accents


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Dual Shocks and 10′ Pneumatic Tires

The Mantis King GT electric scooter is equipped with dual shocks and 10″ pneumatic tires, providing a smooth and comfortable ride no matter the terrain. The dual shocks absorb the impact of bumps and rough surfaces, while the large 10″ tires provide enhanced stability and traction. Whether you’re cruising on city streets or exploring off-road trails, the Kaabo Mantis King GT will take you there in style and comfort.


High Energy Battery with BMS

The Mantis King GT electric scooter is equipped with a high-energy lithium-ion battery that features 78 units of high-density 18650 cells, providing long-lasting power for your ride. With this advanced battery technology, the Mantis King GT can reach maximum speeds and travel long distances on a single charge. The smart battery management system (BMS) ensures the health of the battery by monitoring its performance and protecting it from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits.

Foldable and Sturdy

The Mantis King GT electric scooter offers unbeatable performance and durability, thanks to its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame. This sturdy and lightweight frame allows for easy commuting and adventurous touring while providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Plus, the Mantis King GT features a foldable frame, making it easy to store and transport. Experience the ultimate performance and convenience of an e-scooter with the Mantis King GT.


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