Inmotion V14 Adventure EUC


The Inmotion V14 Adventure is the most expected electric unicycle of 2023-2024. The V14 will feature monstrous power, the latest technologies, innovative concepts, a beautiful design and many more exciting features.

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Some characteristics of the upcoming Inmotion V14 :

  • Double suspensions system (suspension sliders on the sides and coil suspension on the rear).
  • The V14 is designed primarily for off-road riding.
  • The tire tread is designed for good traction on loose surfaces, such as sand, gravel, and dirt.
  • The Raptor controller features a modular design and tidy wiring along with motorcycle grade waterproof connectors. The Raptor controller incorporates 42 Mofsets and 18 capacitors providing over 40% voltage margin and supporting a continuous current output of up to 450A, which ensures long-lasting and stable high power performance.
  • 4000W (Rated) – 9000W (Peak) motor power.
  • 850N Motor Torque.
  • A top speed of 110km/hr** when the wheel spins freely (less with a rider, the top speed will depend on the rider’s body weight)
  • Very powerful and stylish headlight.
  • Insane climbing capacity (50°)
Max Speed 70 km/hr
Motor Power 4000W (Rated) | 9000W (Peak) | 2000N-m (Torque) | 850N (Wheel Tractive Force)
Climbing Angle 50°
Battery 2400Wh
Mileage Up to 120 km
Charging Time 1H (16A Ultra Fast Charge Technology)
Net Weight 39 kgs
Payload / Max Rider Weight 140 kg
Suspension(s) Adaptable leverage ratio & Progressive shock | Suspension travel 85mm
Tire 3 x 12″
Tire Type Off-Road
Equipment Trolley – Adjustable Headlight – Raptor Controller – Smart BMS – Power Pads
Water Resistance IP Rating IPX6 Wheel – IPX7 Battery
Mobile App iOS/Android – Inmotion APP
Warranty 2 years (1 year battery)