Inmotion V13 Pro EUC


The V13 is the most powerful electric unicycle ever developed. With a 3024Wh battery pack powering a monster 4500W motor fitted with a 22″ tire through a state-of-the-art extra-beefy controller, the V13 can hit speeds of 90km/hr! And the fun doesn’t stop there. It features a removable dual-adjustment suspension system (air suspension and damper) for a safe and comfortable ride, dual grab handles for lifting all 110lbs of pure power, and all the convenience features we’ve come to love from wheels like the V12, such as a screen, trolley handle, powerful headlight and taillight, and more.

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Range: Up to 141 km

Motor Power: 45000W (sustained for long periods, can peak much higher)

Battery: 3024Wh 126V

Charging Time: hours with stock charger

Max Speed: 90 km/hr

Climbing Angle: 35 degrees

Weight: 110 lbs

IP Rating: IP

Charger Output: DC 126V* 5A

Advanced in-app statistics give you access to data to track your performance and usage habits Engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form factor