Magnum Peak T5


Magnum Scout Camo Edition


Magnum Cosmo Plus


Magnum Cosmo S


Magnum Navigator X


Magnum Navigator S


Magnum Pathfinder T


Magnum Metro X


Magnum Metro 750 2022


Magnum Scout


Magnum Nomad


Magnum Voyager


Magnum Metro+ Low Step


Magnum Metro S White


Magnum Summit


Magnum Cosmopolitan


Forever Electric Road Bike


Magnum Payload


Magnum Navigator


Magnum Ranger


Magnum Low Rider


Magnum Cruiser


Magnum is a design-oriented bike company whose electric bikes are as powerful and durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Whether commuting in town or riding trails, a Magnum electric bike will deliver performance and style to keep riders moving faster and farther.

Our full line of step-through and step-over e-bikes includes urban, folding, cruiser, cargo, and mountain e-bike models to fit the unique needs of every rider.

At Magnum we stand behind the quality of our product, and guarantee ongoing support and service to our customers. Together, we are re-imagining transportation and paving the way into a green, sustainable future.