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The Advantages of an Electric Scooter, Calgary

The popularity of electric scooters have been increasing during the past years the same way e bikes have. Electric scooters similarly offer benefits. The following are the advantages electric scooters bring to its riders.

Save money

Scooters powered by electricity are less expensive because they do not require gas in order to function. Just like e bikes, they require batteries which needs to be regularly recharged after each use. Plus, operating an electric scooter costs not more than a penny for each mile. Compare this number to a gas-powered bike as the latter also requires insurance, maintenance, license fees, and registration.


The fact that electric scooters do not use fuel means that they are friendly to the environment and efficient to use. Riding a scooter isn’t only fun, you are doing your part to minimize air pollution and increase air quality.

Can You Go on a Race Using an E Bike, Calgary?

Going on a race using an e bike is possible. Since electric bicycles are extremely popular in Europe, the European Cycling Union has created a racing circuit exclusively for e bikes. A previous e bike race saw the best off-road e biker reportedly receive a rainbow jersey.

It was a group of e bike riders who decided to compete their self-built hot-rod e bikes in closed course race tracks. Their efforts inspired a slew of people to similarly purchase and own electric bikes. Numerous companies eventually offered to sell commercial e bikes.

Pedal Assist

E bikes possess a battery-powered “pedal assist” feature that functions to boost your pedalling power. This machine-integrated attribute helps decrease the impact and stress pedalling gives  your knees.

Cheap And Comfortable

Compared to gas-powered vehicles, an e bike is less expensive. Plus, you can easily convert your conventional e bike to electric via a basic kit. Riding and operating it is also convenient. Though it would largely depend on the rider’s physical condition and the terrain you’d subject it to, a basic electric bike can climb hills and cover a lot more distance compared to doing it manually on your own as a form of exercise. Regardless of age and health, anyone can go on a long cosy ride on an e bike.

Stress-Free Commute

Thanks to e bike technology, you can go further distances with minimal effort. Commute also becomes easy due to areas designated as multi-purpose cycle lanes which are 100% free from traffic.  You can also plan your routes to escape rush hour traffic. E bikes are also durable, light, and silent. They give the impression that they are traditional bike frames albeit with a bit of hum in the background.

Exclusive E Bike Race

Eventually, e bikers created their own racing event in 2001 and 2011 in San Francisco. The event saw electric bikes race up towards a steep hill. However, there were only five e bikes in the competition. So far, e bike racing events embrace the benefit of being able to race anywhere, with or without a permit.

Road Bikes Versus E Bikes

Organizers of pedal bike races allowed e bikes to compete a few years ago. They were given a separate section within the race. The races had long courses which were done on streets that were closed to traffic. As expected, the e bikes travelled faster than the road bikes. Electric bikes finished the race without at all depleting its battery charge or breaking down.

E Bikes Versus Gas-Powered Bikes

E bike owners decided to participate in a motor bike rice on a go kart track. They were competing against gas-powered motor bikes. Who won? Though a handful of e bikes showed up for the race, most of them experienced electrical failures. Still, the event was a good precursor for future e bike races.

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The Facts About Electric Bikes, Calgary

Owning an e bike requires that you possess the knowledge and effort required to constantly keep it properly maintained. Now is the best time to be aware of how you treat and care for your electric bike. You need to be aware of the type of batteries you require and your prefererd features and accessories. The below details would help you keep up with the factual necessities about e bikes in order to keep yours running properly and operating smoothly.


E Bike Batteries


Electric bikes require batteries in order to function. Some batteries need to be fully charged for three to five hours. Larger-sized batteries with higher capacities need to be charged longer. E bikes have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that need to be charged sufficiently in order for it to last a day. An e bikes’ battery life are measured in terms of watt hours. When a battery’s watt hours is higher, its capacity is similarly so. A few e bikes permit the use of two batteries, thus helping extend a ride’s length. Also, if in case one battery dies, a backup is easily available.

The style of how a battery is mounted on an e bike is critical. When placed on a seat tube or downtube, its position will produce a solid center of gravity. As a result, the ride will be more balanced compared to if the battery is mounted near the front wheel or at the back. The e bike will also appear sleek. Batteries installed in the frame also saves space to allow additional cargo in the front triangle. Compared to internal batteries, external batteries are more convenient to replace.



Electric Bikes Versus Electric Scooter, Calgary

All in all, electric bikes seem to be more popular than electric scooters. E bikes come in various prices and quality. Usually, the cheaper ones do not possess special features such as integrated batteries. Their components are also reportedly low quality. Decent e bikes usually cost more than a thousand dollars. If you are serious about your e bike use, it is ideal if you invest in high grade components as these are more durable in the long run. They also experience less wear and tear, and run more smoothly and efficiently.


Common Features of E Bikes, Calgary

Having an e bike requires that you determine your preferred way to power the electric assist or the throttle. Also, do know the specific number of features you want monitored during your ride. What is the level of assistance you’d like to receive? To know where your current e bike stands when compared to what is currently available in the market, the following are the details you need to take note of:


The Pedals

When an bike is performance-oriented, its motor is highly likely pedal-responsive. It also feels smooth to use. The assist should also be not too sensitive that it responds with a lurch and makes adjustments in a rough manner. Some find it ideal to test ride bikes in order to find the one that has an intensity and speed they are comfortable with. Remember, an assist occurs as a reaction to a rider’s effort to push or pedal.

When there are more assist levels, your chosen cadence for a specific speed becomes an easier fit. It also helps you monitor or manage your battery power. Quality electric bikes are usually equipped with more than three assist levels.


Integrated Light

Some cities require front lights on e bikes, specially during night-time use. E bikes alow such lights to charge easily through USB. Some even come with lights that are chargeable through pedal power. However, such lights (also known as dynamos), are difficult to maintain as well as repair. Meanwhile, powerful lights are necessary on Class Three e bikes as these allow you to ride fast. Therefore, such lights on Class Three e bikes can make you see the road ahead easily and react appropriately to road hazards.


Integrated Rack

Racks are popular on e bikes. This is mainly due to the number of haulers and commuters who use such bikes. But most racks are not suited on bikes. It is advisable to purchase an e bike with a stock rack built-in. Such racks have been specially selected by manufacturers to perfectly fit their e bikes. Plus, racks that are already integrated within the bike’s frame is more sturdy.