Electric Bike Rules in Vancouver

Electric bikes in Vancouver have become an increasingly popular form of transportation for both commuting and recreation. To help keep riders, pedestrians, and other motorists safe Vancouver bike laws help you know when to ride, how to ride, and what safety equipment to use. 

Here we’ll look at everything you need to know about rules for electric bikes in Vancouver, including licensing, best on-road practices, and more. Following electric bike rules will not only help keep you safe but also help you avoid fines and maintain your bike. 

Do You Need a License to Operate Electric Bikes in Vancouver? 

Vancouver bike laws do not require you to have a license. You also will not need a vehicle registration or insurance. The rules change only when you have an electric bike with a motor that is more powerful than 500 watts. At that point, the bike is considered a different classification and stricter rules apply.

Helmet Laws for Electric Bikes in Vancouver

According to Helmets.org, wearing a helmet has been shown to reduce the instances of head, neck, and face injuries by up to 50%. Statistics like this are part of why Vancouver ebike laws include a helmet ordinance that requires both adults and children on bikes to wear a helmet whenever in a public space. Vancouver scooter riders, skateboarders, and roller skaters must abide by the same rules as well. 

Additional gear, including gloves, knee pads, goggles, and this armour jacket offer even more protection. While these other items are not legally required, they can help you avoid dangerous and painful injuries like road rash. 

Stay Clear of Sidewalks when Riding Electric Bikes in Vancouver 

Current Canadian law does not allow traditional or electric bikes on sidewalks. It can even result in a fine if you are caught riding on the sidewalk. While this law may seem to have pedestrians in mind, it is actually safer for riders too.  

Studies have shown that when bike riders follow the rules of the road, they are safer there than on a sidewalk. On the road, you have fewer chances for collision with pedestrians, cars turning, and at intersections.

Note: Persons under the age of 14 are allowed to ride on the sidewalk with their bikes, but must be 16 to operate an ebike in Vancouver. This effectively means no one can operate an ebike on a sidewalk but a child could, technically, ride a traditional bike on the sidewalk. 

Electric Bike Rules for Traffic 

According to the City of Vancouver, a vehicle is defined as “any device capable of being ridden on a highway…”   This includes bikes. Bikes, both traditional and electric, are required to follow the same rules as other vehicles on the road. In particular, Vancouver ebike riders should ride with traffic, not against it. 

If there is a bike path running alongside a road, you can choose to ride there or on the road. You are not automatically excluded from riding on the road when there is a bike path.  

Riding Side by Side

Riding with a friend? Bicyclists are able to ride side by side but only two deep. If you are riding with more people and want to ride next to each other, choose a dedicated bike path that is wide enough to accommodate your group. 

Choosing Your Lane for Electric Bikes in Vancouver

Exactly where you ride your bike on the road will depend on several factors including how fast you are going, how many lanes there are, and the amount of traffic. 


If you are able to keep up with the speed of traffic, then use the middle lane. Going slower? Stay as far to the right as possible. Exceptions to this are when you are turning, you are on a one-way street, and when you are going around another vehicle. You can choose to ride on the right shoulder, but this is only required when on freeways and other limited-access roads.  

When to Ride the Middle of the Lane

While you should typically stay as far to the right as possible, sometimes this is not safe. For example, if the lane is not wide enough to allow space for you and another vehicle. Similarly, if the shoulder has obstructions or other hazards, you should opt for the center of the right lane. This ensures you are visible to cars behind you and that other vehicles will not try to ride next to you. 


If you find yourself on a busy 2-lane road with more than 5 vehicles behind you, you should pull off the road when you are able to do so. This is the rule for any slow-moving vehicle.


If you choose, you can walk your bike across an intersection. Using a crosswalk and walking your bike can minimize danger at busy intersections. 

Riding Your Ebike in Vancouver Safely at Night 

To ride safely at night, Vancouver bike laws require you to have a white light at the front of your bike and a red reflector at the rear of your bike. Fortunately, bikes like the Stromer ST1 Sport come with front and rear lights already installed. You can also purchase additional safety lights that can make night riding safer and more fun. 

Keep Your Vancouver Ebike in Good Working Order

Vancouver bike laws require you to keep your brakes in good working condition. Specifically, they should be capable of allowing your bike to skid to a stop on dry pavement. Wet conditions may compromise the effectiveness of brakes so this is the bare minimum your bike should be able to handle.

To stay safe and in compliance, you should check your brakes regularly and know what signs of wear to look for. Signs of wear will vary depending on your type of brake. There are several kinds including disc brakes, hydraulic brakes, and mechanical brakes. Check your user guide or consult with a trusted repair shop to address wear and tear. 

Quick Tips for Riding Your Ebike in Vancouver 

When riding electric bikes in Vancouver, consider these other quick safety tips. 

Wear Bright Colors

Bright colours help reinforce the job your safety lights do. This can be especially helpful during times of the day when light is dim but not dark enough for your headlight to be effective.  

Ride in a Steady Line

When on the road, it is not the time to get creative with your riding style. Ride in a steady line to avoid confusing or distracting other motorists.

Stay Visible and Alert

Use hand signals to indicate turns and make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you. While motorists should be alert and looking for cyclists, this is not always the case, and making a point of looking directly at drivers can help avoid accidents. 

Avoid Carrying Items in Your Hands

Vancouver ebike laws require riders to have at least one hand on their handlebars at all times. You can carry something in your arms, but only if you can hold it with one hand. It is, however, best to avoid this altogether. Instead, consider getting a basket or pannier bag which will let you transport items on your bike hands-free. 

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Proper tire inflation will help optimize your contact with the road. This reduces the chances of you blowing out a tire and improves speed and performance. 

Electric Bikes in Vancouver Final Thoughts 

Vancouver scooter and electric bike riders can stay safe and in compliance with local laws with a few simple, common-sense measures.  Remember to maintain your vehicle, wear a helmet, and treat riding on the road similarly to how you drive a car. Stay safe out there on your ebike!

Are you looking to step into the world of electric bikes? Epic Cycles has an impressive collection of e-bikes from which you pick. Reach out to us to shop today.

Best Gifts for Cyclists

There’s more to cycling than the bike you choose to ride. Both fun and functional accessories make for a great riding experience and great gifts for the cyclists in your life. With cycling becoming even more popular in Canada, the selection of cool gear is expanding. With so many options, the choice of gifts for cyclists can be intimidating. But we’re making the choices easy.

At Epic Cycles, we’re a team of avid cyclists ourselves so we know what we want in a gift. We want things that keep us and our bike safe, looking awesome and running well. We’ve compiled our very favourite cycling gifts that do all that and more. Each item on this list has been handpicked and tested by our team.

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Lizard Skins Cache Saddlebags

Keep spare parts, repair kit and other essentials close with Lizard Skins Cache Saddle Bags. Each saddle bag attaches securely under the seat of your bike. Water-resistant 1000D material adds another layer of protection. Available in micro, medium and super for all your important gear. The medium is large enough to accommodate repair and replacement items such as tire levers, multi-purpose tools, a wallet, and keys.


  • Water-resistant 1000D material
  • Zippered compartment
  • Interior divider
  • Reflective logo
  • Webbing loop for optional light
  • Snag-proof Velcro straps


Smartphone Drybag

We love the open road but that doesn’t mean we want to be without our cell phones. With waterproof dry bags, you can keep your mobile device safe, secure and still in reach. The waterproof material is sonically welded and sealed to ensure your phone stays dry even in the worst weather conditions.

Drybags are also available in different sizes to provide a snug fit for both android and iPhone devices. We especially like the TOPEAK SMARTPHONE DRYBAG 5″ which is designed to fit most 4-5” smartphones. It features a QuickClick™ mountable pack which allows you to keep your phone mounted securely to your bike. Clear TPU plastic allows you to use your device with the Drybag on.


Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grip

Lock-on grips provide a more secure riding experience. Durable rubber makes for a cushioned and comfortable grip. The lock-on style keeps the grips in place for longer and more reliably than slip-on style grips which can become stretched out and slide off. Lock-on style, in contrast, will stay put until the grip is completely worn out or you manually remove it. Plus, with the Lizard Skins logo, these grips give your bike extra style.

Each Lizard Skins lock-on grip includes screws, clamps, and plugs.


Axiom Rainrunner 360 Reflex Fenders

Is your bike not equipped for fenders? Rainrunner 360 Reflex Fenders have you covered. These full-coverage fenders are designed to fit a wide range of bikes including those without eyelets. Once mounted, these fenders provide a range of comfort and safety benefits, including:

  • Eliminate Road Spray: Rainrunners cover your tires from front to back to completely eliminate road spray from hitting.
  • Extended Rubber Mud Flaps: The included mud flaps provide an additional layer of protection against wet weather. These also protect fellow riders from road spray.
  • 3M Reflex Material: Reflective material ensures other cyclists and drivers will see you. The placement of the reflective material is visible from every direction.
  • Rattle-Free Stays: Rainrunners’ stays provide superior mounting that ensures your fenders will not rattle. This reduces noise and distraction. Screw clamps allow you to adjust the fit of the fenders for an even more secure fit.
  • Axel Runners for Eyelet-Free Mounting: Each pair of Rainrunners comes equipped with aluminum axle runners. These add eyelets to any bike.
  • Techniflex Material: Rainrunners is composed of a composite material called Techniflex. This unique material is flexible enough to be bent and twisted but will bounce back to its original shape without damage. Even freezing temperatures will not compromise the fenders’ flexibility.


Axiom Seymour Oceanwave® P35+ Cycling BackPack

Cycling is a great exercise and an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. However, it often leaves something to be desired when it comes to carrying more than the basics. With Axiom’s Oceanwave pack you can take along a laptop, sleeping bag or up to two and a half-full bags of groceries.

Each Oceanwave pack has a waterproof polyurethane coating to protect your items. Water-resistant stitching adds another layer of protection. Drawstring closure helps to maximize the usable space inside each pack and multiple side pockets keep you organized.


Big Gift Ideas

Accessories and add-on gear are great for someone who already has a bike, but what about someone who’s just getting started? We have affordably priced bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters that make great gifts for anyone new to cycling or anyone who is looking to upgrade.


Magnum Ui6

Voted Best Value Bike by Electric Bike Review, the Magnum Ui6 can reach a top speed of 35 kph and run up to 55 miles on a single charge. As this is a 5th generation bike, the Magnum Ui6 offers construction and durability that riders can depend on.

Features include:

  • Superior Brake and Gear Shift: The Magnum Ui6 features a Tektro Mechanical Disc brake system which provides a fast and consistent braking experience. It also has a 7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Tourney TX gear shift system. This system is both durable and light.
  • Fast Charging Lithium Battery: The Magnum’s lithium battery can achieve a full charge in just 6 hours.
  • Daskit Motor: The Daskit motor allows you to reach speeds of up to 35 kph and works well for both of the Magnum’s drive modes: Trigger Throttle and Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist.



Gifts for cyclists provide a safer, smoother and more convenient riding experience. Items like saddlebags, drybags, and mountable backpacks provide storage that will allow you to expand the use of your bike. Fenders and special lock-on grips make great gifts as they increase both safety and comfort for the cyclist in your life!

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How An Electric Bike Accessories Store Can Help You

Electric bike accessories stores are becoming more prevalent in Canada. With more and more e-bikes on the road, their help is of great importance to all e-bike owners. Generally, people tend to boycott the service of an electric bike accessories store when purchasing their new e-bike.

However, in the long run, it doesn’t often end well. You can prevent such occurrence today by visiting an electric bike accessories store in Canada before getting your e-bike.

Electric bikes sound space-age, yet they’re simple in concept. These modern marvels are akin to your favourite two-wheelers and are equipped with battery-powered electric motors for easy commuting. E-bikes as they’re often called, are popular because they’re quiet, non-polluting, and can make cycling a lot more fun for a lot more people.

However, electric bikes with all its advantages also have shortcomings. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to consult a reputable electric bike accessories store before getting that your dream e-bike. 

In this article, we’ll put you through on how an electric bike accessories store can help you get the best of an electric bike. We have also included a visual experience of our e-bike accessories store in Canada. 

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What is a Bike accessories store?

A bike accessories store is your one-stop store for quality electric bike accessories and quality testing. An electric bike accessories store can help you choose the right electric bike for your daily commute.

They have a wide range from compact folding bikes to beach cruisers, from city commuters to high-performance mountain bikes. 

Also, with a reputable electric bike accessories store, your e-bike safety is guaranteed. Remember, it’s better to spend more now rather than spending more than enough later.


Why you need an electric bike accessories store

While thinking of which or what type of electric bike to buy, most people find it confusing and end up getting an unsuitable bike. However, an electric bike accessories store can be the bridge between you and your dream e-bike.

Before buying your first e-bike or changing the old one, there are necessities you need to put into consideration. For instance, you need to consider how much you’re willing to spend and where you’ll be riding your electric bike. 

Electric bike accessories like fenders and lights are often necessary for riders in Toronto. Most especially if you live in a rainy environment and intend on commuting to work or frequently ride in the dark, then fenders and lights are the best.

An electric bike accessories store can provide the personal service and support that you need when it comes to buying a bike. Also, they can help you with buying, charging and repairing your electric bike. 


What are Electric Bike accessories?

Electric bikes are great, but depending on your budget, intended use and environment, the bike alone may not ultimately serve your needs. That’s where accessories come in. Electric bike accessories are tools or spare parts that contribute to the functionality of your e-bike and your safety while riding. Are you planning to buy your first e-bike or change the old one? Then, this article is for you.

Here are a few of the necessary accessories your electric bike can get from most electric bike accessories stores in Canada.


Helmets are extremely important. Regardless of your speed or riding condition, your safety is guaranteed with a helmet. Luckily, there are new types of helmets you can get with integrated lights for added safety. You can purchase the new Specialized Centro LED helmet for yourself and appreciate how sleek and lightweight it is. The alternative approach is adding a stand-alone LED light to your existing helmet.

Flat Protection 

Flat protection and air are especially critical on e-bikes because they tend to ride further and weigh more than conventional bicycles. Whether you’re using a liquid sealant or buying pre-Slimed tubes, you’ll need some air to keep the bike running until you get home. This is where portable pumps and CO2 cartridges come in.

Prevention is massive but walking a 50 lb electric bike home is a lot less fun than hopping off and pumping every mile or two. This is why you need to get a pump or adapter that fits your tube or tire type. Most people have had great luck with the new mini-pumps that have a flexible stem that screws on to the tube valve. CO2 cartridges are fast and lightweight, but once they are spent, that’s it, and you can’t tell the pressure as easily.

However, a portable hand pump with a pressure gauge will come in handy as it’ll help you know when your tyre is over-inflated. Note that there are now solid bicycle tires that do not require air.

Solid bike tires tend to offer less comfort and can even bend rims and break spokes if you hit a hard angle at higher speeds. However, the air has the flexibility of being adjustable so you can adjust it based on your weight and ride environment. Typically, the air pressure is lower for soft terrain and higher for smooth, hard pavement.


Lights are essential for both safety and utility. Some are designed to help other riders identify you while others illuminate your path and help you to see. The best e-bike lights are those that are pre-installed and run off the main e-bike battery. Nevertheless, not all e-bikes offer this kind of integration.

Fortunately, a handful of e-bike accessories stores can tap into the battery and add them after-market for you if you pay a bit more. For everyone else, there’s a whole wide world of after-market bike lights. Most use LEDs because they draw very little electricity and are long-lasting. Some of the best e-bike lights are the rechargeable models. You can try to get two (2) from a company that uses the same charging cables for its products.

Other ways to increase your visual footprint are to choose light coloured bike frames – like white or silver. This helps you get proper reflective tires. Also, wear clothing with reflective striping or patterns.


Locks ensure that your investment will last longer. At least they increase the chances that a thief will overlook your bike and move along to something much more easy to pilfer. E-bikes cost more than standard bikes, but the exciting part is that they aren’t as easy to sell as other bikes.

Without all of the included parts, it might be hard to sell a stolen e-bike. Sometimes, you may need the charger and a key to get the battery pack off. An unwitting second-hand buyer might be completely locked out through software, and some models now offer GPS theft recovery.

However, you can avoid the hassle by making sure that your bike is not stolen in the first place. You can easily try the rubberized coating on U-Locks because it will protect your frame. This lock also comes in several lengths to accommodate fatter tubing, and both sides lock so it takes twice the effort to cut through. You can as well try out a Kevlar cable for use with these locks and a combo pack which includes both items.

These days you can get accessories like the Boomerang CycloTrac that sounds an alarm based on bike motion. Also, there are some that send you a text alert and even track the bike using GPS so you can chase down a would-be thief.


The suspension is one of the necessary accessories your bike needs. If you complain about your back, arms and neck or getting tired on long rides and mainly off-road, then the suspension is exactly what you needed. If you love adventuring, a full suspension electric mountain bike is the perfect fit for you. 

While there are plenty of in-town bikes with just a front suspension, some are stiffer than others. However, there are ways you can improve the ride through suspension accessories. The first option is a suspension seat post. 

Note that there are new alternative suspension features available in some electric bike accessories stores in Canada. Some of which dampens vibration and balance comfort with weight and simplicity. Also, all of these suspension posts are going to raise the minimum seat height of your bike. Thus, if you’re already struggling to mount up, this might be an area to avoid.

The other less-common area to modify with suspension is your stem. Now, this is less common because it can impact steering. Note that there are a bunch of saddles with rubber elastomer and springs available as well. All of these can help you take the edge off and smooth out your ride. This is another area that’s worth exploring with your local bike shop so you can try things out before buying.

Bike Tools

Conventional tools can handle many of the standard maintenance and repair jobs on an electric bike. For example; screwdrivers, metric Allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench for axle-nuts, etc.

However, bikes require several tools that are not commonly found at hardware stores. You can buy each one separately at an electric bike accessories store around you.

Also, you can buy an excellent collection of bicycle tools in one handy case. A few of these tools are specifically made to help install a mid-drive kit. Even without those, the rest of the tools will be useful for your electric bike at any time.

Left Side Mirror

This is another safety item. Cars can often run quietly, and when riding, your hearing is usually clouded by wind noise. In this situation, it is vital to be able to see a car approaching from behind. Imagine a 4,000-lb car being driven by someone who is texting while driving, that’s a scary prospect if you can’t see the car. A left side mirror will help you see.

Part of the reason most riders prefer the fat-tire e-bike for street-commuting is that it’s easy to navigate. You can easily bail out over a curb onto the sidewalk if you feel a car is going to pass too close to you. You can easily do this without damaging your wheels. Therefore, you never have to find an escape route that won’t wreck your rims, forcing you to walk home.

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Electric bike accessories store experts can help you out by recommending and supplying the right accessories for your particular e-bike. They’ll be able to tell you which kickstand and mudguard your bike needs. Also, they’ll be able to help you out with replacement or second batteries and chargers.

Aside from this, an electric bike accessories stores can get a hold of all the spares for the electrical drive system from suppliers. Hence, they can easily repair or replace any worn or faulty parts to keep your bike on the road for a long time. Visit our e-bike accessories store here in Epic Cycles for all of your needs today.

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Why electric motorcycles are better than gas motorcycles

Electric motorcycles and gas motorcycles are both fun to ride. Whatever option you may have, both motorcycles give freedom and adventure. It is still one of the most preferred alternative modes of transportation worldwide. However, there are various benefits and drawbacks that a rider must consider. 

With the rise in popularity of the electric motorcycle, many riders in Toronto, many people are warming up to this technology. Most riders are now switching camp to the electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles are plug-in motorcycles with two (2) wheels powered by electricity. The electricity is stored on board in a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors.

Most electric motorcycles today are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, though some early models used nickel-metal hydroxide batteries. 

Another type of battery available for an electric motorcycle is the lead/sodium silicate battery. It’s a variation on the standard lead-acid battery invented in 1859, and still prevalent in automobiles. It compares favourably with lithium batteries in size, weight, and energy capacity, at less cost.

Do you love to ride motorcycles? Then, you should consider getting an electric motorcycle from an e-bike store in Toronto. In this article, we will explain to you why electric motorcycles are better than gas motorcycles.

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A brief description of electric motorcycles

An electric motorcycle is an electricity-powered motorcycle, unlike its counterpart which uses gas-powered. It does not have an engine like most motorcycles. Instead, it is powered solely by a rechargeable battery and electric motors. Just like petrol motorcycles, electric motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. As much as petrol bikes need to have the correct driving licence and valid tax, an electric motorcycle isn’t an exemption.

Also, riding an electric or gas motorcycle needs suitable protective riding attire as safety measures. As a rider, you must abide by the Toronto highway rules to be able to enjoy your electric motorcycle on the highway. 

Notably, the electric motorcycle is still relatively new and is intended for a very niche market. There are very few options when considering buying electric motorcycles. Only a few electric motorcycles are mass-produced, making the electric motorcycle much more expensive than its gas-powered counterpart. 

Few electric motorcycles match the power and strength of a gas motorcycle. Riding an electric motorcycle is more like using a scooter.

These motorcycles have automatic transmissions. This means that there is no clutch, and no ability to shift into neutral. Lack of breaking through the engine can take some getting used to, so be careful about travelling downhill with too much speed. Some riders also feel that the throttle is too intense, although this can vary. 

Furthermore, some riders have also expressed concern about the ‘silence’ of electric motorcycles. Car drivers are often made aware of motorcyclists by the noise of the engine, and they can become confused by the engine’s silence. Most drivers often get confused, wondering if the electric motorcycle is idle or not? However, this vehicle comes with a powerful horn and reflective strips to make you safe on the road.

The Electronic motorcycle is an excellent inner-city motorbike. Using the electric bike to get around town is fuel-efficient, and is also good for the environment. 

Although lower speeds can help to conserve the battery, most electric motorcycles can last as many as 25 miles after charging. You can save money on fuel and still get to your destination efficiently. 

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A brief look at gas motorcycles

Like the name implies, a gas motorcycle is gas-powered. The gas motorcycle is the oldest form of motorcycles. It is still common and user-friendly. However, it does not allow you to save on fuel costs and isn’t great for the environment. 

Gas motorcycles possess a higher speed limit and can cover a long distance as long as you have fuel. The gas motorcycle is not such a bad deal for the environmentally friendly motorcycle enthusiast as well. They only lose in this situation when compared to electric bikes.

Gas motorcycles are generally more energy-efficient than cars, and it’s hard to get stuck in traffic with one. Of course, gas bikes do send quite a bit of greenhouse gas into the environment, however, it’s not as much as the average car.

The big difference between gas and electric motorcycles is cost and availability. Electric motorcycles are just too rare a market for most suppliers, and gas motorcycles tend to be cheaper. Gas motorcycles are also mass-produced, meaning that any particular brand that you desire should be readily available. Electric motorcycles tend to be individually made, so you probably have a choice of one or two designs.

Gas motorcycles are also better for long-distance travel than electric motorcycles. The latter devices are limited in that they cannot travel very far between battery recharging. They are only suitable for travelling between home and work. For weekend rides, the gas motorbike will always be the better option. You can go further with a gas bike, so trips down the highway are within easy reach.

However, electric motorcycles are becoming the best option for riders at the moment. Most riders in Toronto are ditching gas motorcycles for a much light-weighted electric motorcycle. Why not get yours today and enjoy the full experience of your electric motorcycle without having to think about the stress incorporated with gas motorcycles? Our online e-bike store offers you a unique selection of electric motorcycles. 

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Electric motorcycle vs. Gas motorcycle

In performance, efficiency, cost and maintenance, electric motorcycle and gas motorcycle differ with each one edging the other in one way or the other. With electric motorcycles leading the race with its new-age features and environmental features providing solutions to green-house concerns. This is an essential impact of an electric motorcycle. It has fewer greenhouse emissions, reduces air pollution and limits the effect of global warming.

Electric and gas-powered motorcycles of the same size are roughly comparable in performance. Studies have shown that a high-end electric motorcycle is faster and has better handling than any conventionally powered bike. If you are a beginner looking to start riding motorcycles, then you should start with an electric motorcycle. 

Electric motorcycles have a better 0 to 60 acceleration since they develop full torque immediately. Without a clutch, full torque is instantly available.

Though there are various types of motorcycles, generally not everyone can easily maneuver a gas motorcycle. It is heavy and you need to exert force to move around a gas motorcycle. You need concentration, skills and strength to manoeuvre a gas motorcycle, unlike the electric motorcycle that offers less weight and ease of use.

Also, gas motorcycles are expensive to maintain compared to electric motorcycles. There are options for maintenance. You can choose between dealers, private mechanic or you can do it on your own. Any option will definitely cost you a lot of money. Maintenance is a must to maintain a good running condition for any motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles are fun for people of all ages. With the safety features of this technology, it is considered a better option for a daily ride to school. Yes, even kids can use thIs electric motorcycle. That’s not all. Electric motorcycles can be used by women and older adults without any issues. They are lightweight and easy to control. 

However, electric motorcycles suffer considerable disadvantage in range, since batteries cannot store as much energy as a tank of gas. Anything over 130 miles (210 km) on a single charge is considered an exceptionally long range. As a result, while electric motorcycles are best for daily commuters travelling short distance trips, open road riders may have to question if the motorcycle can go the distance.

Also, electric power trades off range for speed. The faster you ride, the less distance you will be able to cover. For instance, the longest distance electric motorcycles can travel is about 300 km (140 mi) at 89 km/h (55 mph). However, some electric motorcycles’ range tends to drop to about 129 km (80 mi) at speeds of 112 km/h (70 mph).

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Why use an electric motorcycle in Canada

Electric motorcycles are going to be a normal fixture faster than you think. This is because it offers benefits that outweigh the drawbacks such as high purchase price, charging time and battery range. Generally, electric motorcycles offer significant benefits compared to their gas counterparts. Notably, electric motorcycles are taking over Canada’s electric bike stores and highways.

Although electric motorcycles are expensive, however, it’s just a matter of time before the price drops off. Several specialist electric motorcycle companies and several traditional motorcycle manufacturers have electric motorcycles designs in the market or concepts waiting in the wings to hit the showroom.

Purchase prices will quickly come down as more electric bikes enter the market. You can also be sure that technology will solve issues of range and charging times. In fact, the range is now up to 300km+ and charging times down to 30 minutes for 80% capacity. However, why an electric motorcycle?

Power and torque

Most importantly, for riders, electric motorcycles are fast. 

Electric motorcycles hold numerous hill climb records for both cars and bikes. Also, an electric motor has an instant 100% torque which means rapid acceleration. 

The only drawback is that the power delivery is so linear that there is no “surge” feeling which many riders experience in conventional fuel-powered engines. An electric motorcycle will always get you to where you need to go. And fast too!

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Of course, electric motorcycles don’t belch any smoke and don’t use limited non-renewable fuel. Electric motorcycles and scooters are particularly useful for city riders because they don’t belch smoke into the city air. However, the environmental benefits of electric motorcycles is a double-edged sword. Some people argue that building electric motorcycles takes more resources and others point to using electricity from a “dirty”, non-renewable source.

However, production methods are improving, batteries are becoming recyclable, and there are many sources of renewable power. This includes charging your bike off of solar energy. Electric bikes are the future.

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Fuel cost advantage

At between one (1)and two (2) dollars per mile (depending on electric rates), electric motorcycles enjoy an enormous fuel cost advantage. Three months and 2,800 km (1,700 mi) of commuting on an electric motorcycle may cost you less than $30 for electricity. However, riding a BMW gas motorcycle in a single trip of 650 km (400 mi) can cost you more than three times the same amount.

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While most motorcyclists love the roar of an exhaust pipe, some riders don’t, and many members of the community find it antisocial and annoying.

If you like to listen to music or enjoy a podcast while riding, an electric bike won’t disturb your enjoyment. Most electric motorcycles are quiet. So quiet, some say they are a bit dangerous because people can’t hear them coming.

However, manufacturers are doing something about the sound by artificially adding some noise. Electric motorcycles are far quieter than gas-powered ones, so silent they may sneak up on unwary pedestrians. Some are equipped to emit artificial noise. The comparative quiet of electric motorcycles is the most significant difference between them and their gas counterparts. Whether a loud motorcycle is more noticeable and thus more safe than a quiet one is contested. At high speed, the whine of an electric motorcycle sounds “like a spaceship. Nobody likes noise. This is why electric motorcycles will always win this debate.

Stress and Sweat-free

The automatic safety features that come outfitted with electric motorcycles make them completely stress-free. Its usability is also top-notch. You don’t have to figure out what gear you are in and how to clutch appropriately. You only have to perform a little physical effort to drive your motorcycle. The fantastic thing about an electric motorcycle is that you don’t have to worry about gas or engine oil. It allows you to drive and move around in the safest and easiest of conditions

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The development of an electric motorcycle is driving engineers and scientists to try new lightweight materials and aerodynamic designs. This has been done with premium success. Electric motorcycles are far lighter than their gas-powered counterparts. They are easy to handle and control on the road.

City riding

Electric motorcycles were made to be driven within the streets of Canadian cities. Even though some motorcycle tour companies in Toronto hire electric motorcycles, touring is not their forte. In fact, riding your electric motorcycle in the city extends the range of your motorcycle because it recharges your battery through regenerative braking. However, long, sustained open-road cruising depletes your battery quicker.

Saving money

Even though one of the major setbacks of an electric motorcycle is the high purchase price, over time, you will save a lot of money, depending on your electricity source and costs. A weekly commute with an electric motorcycle will cost you only a couple of dollars of electricity compared with up to $50 in fuel for gas motorcycles. 

Apart from the “fuel” saving costs, some governments have special incentive programs on the purchase price, taxes or other fees. That means more money in your pocket for a motorcycle you will enjoy riding.

Low maintenance

Electric bikes don’t have air filters, oil, spark plugs, timing belts and some don’t even have a clutch or gearbox. Therefore, there is very little to check, replace or maintain, except tyres, brake pads and hydraulic brake fluid and of course, the electric motor. Electric motorcycle brake pads also last longer because the electric motor will do most of the braking.

Apart from saving you time, it also saves you money on consumables and repair and maintenance. However, there are some precautions you have to take. Generally, maintenance-free batteries have a limited life. The more you use the motorcycle, the earlier the battery life will end. Charging must also be guarded to avoid damage to the batteries. Overcharging may lead to permanent damage and the motorcycle will no longer function properly.

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Financial benefits of an electric motorcycle

Gas-powered motorcycle enthusiasts still prefer these motorcycles with little or no interest in how much they spend on maintenance or gas. They argue that an electric bike costs more initially. 

Yes, an electric bike may initially cost more than a fuel-powered one, but in the long-run, you will make incredible savings. A full charge for your motorcycle will result in fewer energy bills compared to the cost of buying petrol or diesel. On top of this, there are lots of government incentives on taxes and other motorbike related fees. So while you might be paying more at the start, you will easily recover this money and go onto making massive savings every year.

And because electric motorcycles are easy to maintain and have just one moving part, you will also save money on services, repairs and maintenance. There is no reason not to buy an electric motorcycle today. Our online electric bike store can help you find the perfect motorcycle for your needs. 

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Other benefits of an electric motorcycle

By using electric motorcycles instead of gas motorcycles, you’re not only benefiting yourself. You’re also helping your immediate community. Electric motorcycles:

  • Reduce the collective carbon footprint.
  • Lowers Carbon dioxide emissions caused by road traffic.
  • Reduces noise pollution and allows you to ride your bike first thing in the morning without waking the neighbourhood.

Even though there are fewer motorcycles on the road, they still produce 16% more smog than cars according to emissions inventory research. This is because motorcycle engines are mostly unregulated. The last time there was an attempt to regulate motorcycle engines was in 2008 when the recession hit. While cars, over the previous 25 years, have been heavily regulated and so, have become much cleaner.



Generally, electric motorcycles are the latest means of transportation in Canada today. Most electric motorcycle stores now sell more compared to a few years back when gas motorcycles were the standard. Electric bikes offer so much more innovation, convenience and ease of use. They also help you to save money. A great combination, right? Get one today. Contact us to help choose the best electric motorcycle for you!

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10 Best Electric Bikes in 2019


Picking out the Best Electric bike

If you’re just discovering electric bikes and are weighing your options, or you’re a seasoned veteran of the electric biking, the following information was created to help you sift through the best electric bikes and find one that fits your lifestyle and wallet. 

There are 4 classes of electric bikes to consider. In other words, what do you want the bike to do for you? These classes exist to help determine the legal difference between an electric bike and a motor vehicle.

Class 1: Pedal Assist–This means you need to pedal to activate the electric drive and its maximum speed is 20 mph. You can use this class of bike anywhere a normal bike would go including on the street and bike paths.

Class 2: Throttle On Demand–This class uses a throttle or triggers to activate the electric drive and reaches a top speed of 20 mph. Since this class can be operated without pedaling, there may be riding restrictions. Check with the BPSA (Bicycle Products Suppliers Association) for their map of where you can ride which class. Also, check local laws and restrictions.

Class 3: Speed Pedelec–This class uses the pedals to engage the electric drive system. If you pedal this type of bike faster than 20 mph (28 mph max), you can have even more riding restriction. Class 3 is often combined with Class to get the pedal and throttle benefits. Again, Check with BPSA (Bicycle Products Suppliers Association) on riding restrictions.

Class 4: Moped or Motorcycle–Since this class has the electric drive activated by pedaling or throttle and its top speed is above 28 mph, this actually considered a motor vehicle. Because of that distinction, you would need appropriate licensing and insurance like any other motor vehicle.

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City and Commuting Electric Bikes

Trek Dual Sport

  • An electric bike that’s road worthy and trail savvy. Tires are puncture resistant with super knobby tread traction. Larger air volume allows the tires to be stable and resistant tires with tight knobby tread offer traction, stability, and comfort.
  • The spring suspension fork can adjust on the fly to compensate for level surfaces and rocky trails. The brakes are easy to use with an adjustable hand lever.
  • The drive train has 10 adjustable speeds and a clutch keeps the bike from dropping the chain. The chain guard protects clothing, and the pedals come with custom grips and safety reflectors.
  • Lantern-style headlight for maximum visibility that turns with you. There is also an 11-LED backlight. This bike also comes with the options to add high-quality extras like bottles, rear rack, fenders, and locks. An extended warranty is also provided.

Budget-friendly Electric Bikes

Condors Foldsport

  • Budget-conscious yet stylish, this folding electric bike has 4 colour choices, as well as a housed battery with cables that stay tucked away as well. It also has points for adding extras like a rear rack or fenders.
  • A 350 watt motor with 12-magnet cadence sensor plus smaller wheelbase gets you moving through 6 levels of pedal assist. A trigger throttle gives power when you want it.
  • The Shimano 6-speed drive train helps keep costs down but still gives climbing capability. The shifter is easy and comfortable to use.
  • Nice extras include a plastic chain guide, steel derailleur to protect shifter and power cables. A magnetic clasp helps secure the bike when folded. An easy read LCD display and ergonomic grips with gel saddle round this bike’s amenities.

Electric Mountain/”Fat” Electric Bikes


  • A true trail style electric bike with full suspension and frame built just for trail riding. It also boasts two frame size choices, custom motor, and internal cables.
  • 2.6 inch “fat tires” offer balance, comfort, and control. The 11 speed SRAM NX 
drive train gets you across the terrain of your choice.
  • The Bosch motor generates 120 rpm pedal power on demand instead of at a preset level.
  • IZIP boasts black accents for the motor and battery on the light frame background. 
The pulley system limits kickback with the top of the line Magura hydraulic disc brakes.

Full Suspension Electric Bikes

Riese & Müller Culture GT Vario

  • * Full suspension made for the city, the electric bike touts a Bosch mid-motor, gel saddle and urban commuter electric bike with high-torque Bosch CX mid-motor, comfortable gel saddle, superior Ergon grips on swept back handlebars.
  • A 500-watt-hour battery powers the LED headlight that moves with you. Another safety feature is reflective tire package that allows for a greater vision of the rider.
  •  This bike also comes with an alarm clock, extra wide fenders, protective chain cover and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Rear rack for passengers or cargo, extra heft added to the frame with 3 size options available.

Cruiser Electric Bikes

Raleigh Retroglide iE

  • A comfy and stylish cruiser that features oversized wheels, handy rear rack, impressive pedals, and kickstand.
  • Both step over and step through bodies are available with the Retroglide along with 4 color options the will match the saddle and grips.
  • This electric bike comes with a 7-speed drive train for the local commute but is equipped with 11-32 Raleigh racing cassette for climbing with quick release wheels and mechanical brakes.
  • The display is simplistic but allows for USB port accessibility.

Folding Electric Bikes

EVELO Quest Max

  • This folding electric bike features an extendable stem and adjustable seat height with centered weight distribution.
  • The Bafang Max mid-motor and NuVinci CVT Hub allow for pedal speed change on the fly.
  • Available in light blue and metallic grey this Evelo is a heavier electric bike than its predecessor, the Evelo Quest One, but has unsurpassed power and versatility.
  • Nice perks included are a double-leg kickstand for added stability and ease of folding, padded saddle, and grips, premium fat Schwalbe tires and 2 USB ports.

Electric Cargo Bikes

Pedego Stretch

  • An electric cargo bike with cruiser style versatile enough to use the extending cargo tube supports as a backrest or accommodation for a second rider
  • Two battery options long distances ad pedal assist or throttle capabilities.
  • Front and rear racks for generous cargo space, “fat” tires, cushy saddle with seat shock, protective chain guard and disc brakes make cargo hauling a joy

Light Electric bikes

Haibike XDURO Race

  • Speedy, well balanced, a light electric bike with the unusual addition of drop handlebars.
  • The Bosch center drive motor produces 28 mph and 65 miles before recharge.
  • Adding to the lightness of this bike is a Petscher self-retracting kickstand and two sets of controls for the mechanical disc brakes. Paired down front and rear LED lights to complete the package.
  • The Haibike offers deep set, quick release wheels and an 11 speed Shimano Ultegra drivetrain

Electric Trike

Daymak Florence

  • This electric trike offers ample forward and aft cargo baskets for shopping or supply toting.
  • Full-length fenders for protection and headlight and generous reflectors for safety.
  • A 500-watt front wheel hub motor plus 48 volt 12 amp battery for handling and distance as well as drum brakes for stopping power.

Electric Recumbent Bike

Travel E-Azteca

  • Sliding, adjustable seat, and handlebar features make this recumbent electric bike perfect for almost any rider.
  • Saddle and backrest plus ergonomic hand grips add to the comfort of this bike. 
Plastic fenders cover the chain and protect the rider.
  • The E-Azteca comes in maroon and white and with a stout year long warranty. Canadian trike builder Travel and bike manufacturer Velec have combined to produce this electric bike.
  • The large LCD screen, snappy pedal response, fine stopping power and twist throttle round out perks of this recumbent electric bike


As you can see, electric bikes offer a wide range of options for your lifestyle and budget. There are few things to keep in mind when considering an electric bike:

  • Decide what you want the bike for. Are you going to use it for transportation to and from work, running errands or trail riding?
  • Decide what you’re willing to spend and what you expect for your investment. The price range on electric bikes can start at less $1,000 and top out at over $7,000 or more.
  • Check what class the bike you’re interested in belongs to. You might want to check with your local motor vehicle department to see what, if any, special licensing or training you would need to operate the bike where you live.


Finally, just remember that the electric bike is an eco-friendly way to get fresh air and a little exercise. So, what are you waiting for?

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