Livall BH62 Smart Bluetooth Helmet


The Livall BH62 smart helmet has all the features that qualify it to be considered “smarter” than the rest of the helmets in the field. The helmet is available in two colour combinations which makes it smart and stylish so that you can easily match the rest of your riding gear.

The helmet features built in Bluetooth enabled speakers so you can clearly and safely listen to music and answer phone calls.  It also comes with a handlebar mountable remote to easily adjust volume/answer calls, and use the rear signal lights built into the helmet.

The Livall BH62 Helmet also features 25 air vents within itself to help the acceleration of sweat evaporation and maintain a core and comfortable temperature that is conducive for long distance bike riding.

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Bluetooth Phone One Button Answer

With built-in Bluetooth 4.1 high sensitivity wireless module, wind resistant microphone for clear conversation at high speeds, the Bluetooth functionary allows you to answer a phone, hang up a call, with one click on the Bling Jet mounted on the handlebar of the bike.

Built in Stereo Speaker System

Two stereo speakers are installed on both sides of the helmet to ensure a complete audio experience that is guaranteed based on high fidelity music and audible surroundings.

Multi-functional lightweight helmet.

The Helmet is equipped with a Stylish LED warning system that lights up when in close proximity to a vehicle which is perfect for safety assurance during night rides

Auto Off /Anti-Loss Alarm

The design features allow a distance of 15 meters between the phone and helmet before and alarm will sound to reminder users that the helmet will become disconnected and remain in a sleep mode position for 15 minutes.

SOS Capability

If in distress, an emergency signal can be activated by pressing and holding the red button the remote for 5 continuous seconds which alert your emergency contacts with your GPS location

Hands-Free Operations

All functions of the Livall Helmet are designed to be used as a hands-free activity to ensure user safety

Dialed-in Fit

The precise tension adjusting system secures fitting to different head sizes and addresses concerns on both safety and comfort. The Nylon strap, with reliable stretching resistance, will not be distorted by water or sweat.

Keep It Cool – 25 vents air flow

The design of the helmet was purposeful as it was meant to effectively reduce excessive wind resistance which ultimately reduces riding fatigue

Integral molding

Constructed through unibody molding with imported American EPS foam and high-quality polycarbonate. A lighter helmet with better protection.

Security Certifications

EN1078  CPSC1203  AS/NZS 2063






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