Take an Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver: See The City’s Sights

Take an Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city with both natural and urban wonders. One of the best ways to access this exciting city is with an electric bike tour. Vancouver offers a wide range of scenic paths through mountains and along beautiful shorelines. Also, cultural, culinary and nightlife attractions attract thousands of visitors. 

Best of all, many of these attractions are accessible from your electric bike. Tour Vancouver on a bike to see more and do more while getting in enough exercise to reward yourself with one of the city’s iconic eats. Culinary masterpieces like the famous California Roll which was invented here in 1971 or a JapaDog, hot dogs inspired by Japanese street food. 

Here we’ll look at some of the best places to go with your e-bike. Additionally, we’ll discuss the bikes that are great for scenic travel and why e-bikes are one of the best ways to see the city.

Why Take an Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver?

Ebike adventures offer several advantages over standard bike tours or travelling by car. They allow you to slow down and see more than you would from a vehicle. Also, they let you go further than on a standard bike. 

The places to go with your e-bike are nearly endless and the versatility of an e-bike can make a huge difference. While e-bikes still provide exercise, they make pedalling much easier. This will let average riders go further and help anyone who has difficulty using a traditional bike enjoy great e-bike adventures. 

Need another reason to tour with an electric bike in Vancouver? One of the best reasons is simply that Vancouver is one of the most bike-friendly cities. With dedicated bike lanes and other commitments from the city council, taking an e-bike tour around Vancouver is a truly delightful experience.

Take an Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver

Top Places to Go with Your Ebike 

Wondering where to go with your e-bike? Here are some of Vancouver’s best attractions:

Granville Island

This 35-acre peninsula is located across from downtown Vancouver by way of False Creek. Known as a shopping district, Granville is home to dozens of shops offering artisanal eats and unique gifts. 

Explore one-of-a-kind spots like Dragon space, a shopping experience for lovers of all thing dragons and fantasy. There are also handmade clothing shops, art galleries and unusual home decor items. 

With so many shops and attractions packed together, an e-bike makes for a great way to see the Island. Learn more about visiting Grainville. 

Stanley Park 

Stanley Park is a perfect representation of Vancouver’s ability to have a thriving urban center and beautiful natural sights. Located just outside of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park will let you get away from the sounds of the city onto over a thousand acres of greenery.

It’s surrounded by water, the Park sports several beaches, a meadow, a lagoon and two lighthouses. Should you want to take a rest from biking, you can catch a ride on the miniature train or visit the Aquarium. Stanley Park is truly a nature lover’s ideal electric bike tour in Vancouver. 

Just on the edge of the Park, you can also find a Pitch and Putt golf course. There are also dining options like the Lumberman’s Concession Stand and Stanley’s Bar and Grill. Many cyclists will choose to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the Park’s many scenic spots. 

University of British Columbia Endowment Lands

Located just west of Vancouver’s center, the UBC Lands are largely covered by the beautiful old-growth forest of  Pacific Spirit Regional Park. To get to this off the beaten path spot, you will travel over the Burrard Bridge. Then, bike through tranquil neighbourhood streets lined with tall leafy trees that have grown with this older section of Vancouver. 

Once you reach the UBC Lands you will also be treated to a view of the north shore mountains and the Georgia Straight. There is also a Museum of Anthropology and Botanical Gardens where you can sightsee and find washrooms. 

Take an Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver

Ridgeway Loop

The Ridgeway Loop, or Ridgeway Greenway, is for anyone who is interested in combining art and culture with their electric bike tour in Vancouver. Vancouver’s Ridgeway ride takes you through idyllic parks, walkways and publicly displayed art. 

Throughout this 12 km ride, you will see art sculptures and paintings all around you and even above you. Along with the natural and manmade wonders, one of the best things about this path is that it is close to a wide variety of places to eat at and to explore. 

CBC Trail – An Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver for Experienced and Adventurous Riders

Rated as a black diamond trail, the CBC Trail can be challenging but worth it. This trail located on Seymour Mountain will take you through the lush North Shore Forests. While the riding can be difficult on the way up, you can choose to take one of the easier trails on the way back. 

It is important to note that all adventures for e-bikes in Vancouver should be planned out beforehand. This is especially true for difficult ones like the CBC. We recommend checking the Trailforks website for updates on this path before heading out.

Best Bike for Your Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver

The best bike to take on most rides is one you are most comfortable with. Some are built for speed while others are designed to help you go further at a more leisurely pace. If you are looking for a new ebike to tour with, here are our top suggestions:

The Magnum Pathfinder

Known for its extra-thick, 20” fat tires, the Magnum Pathfinder’s wheels create extra contact with the ground. This can help you take on more difficult terrain with less pressure on you and your bike. 

Magnum Metro

If your idea of a ride through nature is whizzing by a community park on your way to downtown, the Magnum Metro could be the bike for you. For one it’s designed for easy mounting and dismounting.

Also, this bike features a built-in USB charge point that will allow you to charge other devices as you ride. This makes the bike ideal for rides around local paths and through the city. It also makes the perfect commuter bike. 

Stromer ST1 Sport

Stromer Sport and Comfort bikes are known for their customizable riding positions. This makes them adaptable to many cyclists’ preferences. We especially like this edition because it comes in strike yellow along with deep red and grey.

Take an Electric Bike Tour in Vancouver

Final Thoughts

A tour with an electric bike in Vancouver offers the ideal combination of sightseeing, fresh air and exercise. Vancouver, in particular, is bike-friendly and committed to making the city even more accessible to riders.

While many paths offer stunning views of Vancouver’s natural beauty, there is also plenty to do if you are the indoorsy type. Explore everything from Vancouver’s culinary food scene to our artisan shops and more — all from the comfort of your e-bike. 

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