Can Electric Bikes Reduce Transportation Expenses?

Let’s face it. We are a commuter nation. We drive to work. We drive to see friends. We drive to hang out. A significant portion of our lives and expenses are dedicated towards our cars. We pay at the pump, our insurance is based on our area of residence, car loans, maintenance fees, car washes, and car upgrades all cost money. Cars become one of our most expensive monthly costs asides from our mortgages/rent payments.

The expenditures on a vehicle have been compounded by the massive expansion of cities and towns, that have grown further apart. Family and friends have relocated to the suburbs to reduce expenses, which has them scattered across the map, which increases the distances and costs.

It’s impossible to eliminate a vehicle as they are necessary but fortunately there is a new form of transportation that can help ease transportation costs. That transportation is known as electric bikes. They are sleek, beautifully designed, and economical in comparison to costs related to vehicles.

We also cannot overlook the component of physical benefits of increased exercise, reduced diseases and overall better lifestyle which reduces costs related to health and lifestyle.

In this blog post today, we wanted to compare electric bikes vss. Other modes of transportation, to highlight how an electric bike will help to reduce costs and trim your transportation budget for the upcoming summer months.


Electric Bikes vs Bus:

One could assume that if they wanted to reduce their transportation expenses, they could take the bus. However, this notion is incorrect when you factor in the rising cost of fares and bus passes. A Toronto Transit bus pass can cost about $156 monthly. If you use the GO station as a form of transportation, they can cost up to $10 each way, $20 per day which equals to about $100 per week and almost $400 per month. That is quite the cost! In comparison, electric bikes only have one major cost which is the upfront cost of the bike. However, the longer you ride the bike, the more savings you will have each week.


Electric bikes vs Cars:  

As discussed in the introduction, owing a car is not cheap. To provide an accurate breakdown, let’s look at an example of average monthly expenses for owning a vehicle:

Car Payments – $200 – $400

Car Insurance – $200 – $400 (It’s more expense for new drivers, those with infractions and in cities with a higher accident rate)

Gas – $200 – $400

Maintenance – $100

407 Cost – $100 – $200

Parking Costs – $50 – $100

That’s quite a bit of money. Electric bikes that ride under 38km per hour do not require insurance, as they are not legally deemed a vehicle. Gas consumption is zero as you can charge your electric bike through any electrical outlet. There are almost zero costs involved with maintenance and parking costs. Therefore, the savings could be in the hundreds from just owning an electric bike.  


Electric Bikes vs Uber/Taxi:

New applications and companies like Uber and Lyft have changed our perception on car ownership. In previous decades there were limited numbers of taxis that would be found in major locations within the city. Uber has allowed anyone to become a driver and ride share drivers are available throughout the suburbs and the city. Students who cannot afford a car, who need a vehicle for limited uses, have enjoyed the convenience with Uber.

However, do not let the convenience factor take away from the fact that uber costs are significant. An uber trip for a 15-minute ride could cost anywhere from $15 – $20 one way. That is almost $40 per trip. If you use Uber 3x a week, that is almost $120 per week and close to $480 per month.

Moreover, ride sharing costs vary based on the time of day and traffic. Uber is more expensive during peak rush hours. An electric bike will never have this issue as once you purchase the bike, you can ride it whenever you please and are not at the mercy of charges for riding at peak hours.

Plus, you will avoid traffic jams as there are designated bike lanes within the city that make it convenient to ride a bike.


Electric Motorbikes are rising in popularity due to their inexpensive upkeep, ability to travel short distances at reasonable speeds and avoid contributing pollution into the environment. However, E-Bikes are relatively new which means there are a lot of questions surrounding their usage, maintenance and upkeep. This is why we published this blog that addressed the top 7 questions that were presented to us.

We at Epic Cycles hope to provide you the ability to purchase a motorized bike as we sell everything from Electric Scooters, Magnum E-Bikes, and Stromer Bikes which can be purchased and shipped anywhere in Canada.

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