Gearing up for a trail ride: Must-have accessories for E-bikes in Canada

E-bikes have been developed to make riding easier, as the system aids pedalling. It is different from a motorcycle in that you still have to pedal. These bike systems are gaining popularity by the day, and they are worth your consideration. In Canada, e-bikes have become a popular thing. If you are looking to have a smooth bike ride, this is your best shot.

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However, there are some factors that you need to put in consideration. First, you need to consider your budget. You also need to consider what and where you intend to use the bike. This is critical, as it will guide you on the best e-bike to buy

There are different types of e-bikes to choose from. There are bikes for mountain riding, bikes for daily commutes and bikes that are designed to travel over long distances. No matter the type of e-bike you choose to buy, there are different accessories that you have to buy to optimize your riding experience.

There are numerous e-bike accessories for riders in Canada, and they help customize your e-bike to your liking. There are so many reasons why you should consider accessories for your e-bike. Accessories serve as great utility fixtures. Also, a good number of them are meant for your protection as a rider.

This article contains more information on the accessories you should own as an e-bike rider in Canada. 

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Must-have accessories for E-bikers in Canada

These are the most appropriate e-bike accessories for riders in Canada.



This is an essential accessory you should get for your e-bike in Canada. This is not one of the very comfortable and flamboyant accessories you may be familiar with. Its primary function is safety. If you value your safety, this is the very first accessory to get. 

Of course, wearing a helmet can be an inconvenience. However, safety is more vital. Try not to opt for cheap sub-standard helmets. You should make sure to buy one that is up to spec.

There are various designs of helmets out there; you can either go for a motorcycle, skateboard helmet or the conventional style. If you don’t want to go for the conventional form of helmets, and you find that a motorcycle helmet is too expensive for you, skateboarder helmets are a good alternative. There are different colours available for you to choose from. 

Riding in the traffic out there in Canada requires that you have a helmet. There are times when car drivers lose concentration, amidst other scenarios that can play out on the road. You need to be ready. 

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Left side mirror

This is a critical accessory if you are going to be riding in traffic or on highways. There are times when you may not even hear the sound of a car behind you. You don’t want to be caught unawares. This is why you need a left side mirror. 

While riding, your hearing may be clouded by the wind. There may be background noises that can obscure the sound of other vehicles. Some electric vehicles barely even make a sound. This is where a left side mirror comes in. With a left side mirror, you can easily check if there are vehicles behind you before making turns. 

There are different styles of left side mirrors you can get. Some are attached to the handlebars of your bike, while some can be attached to your e-bike helmet, or even to your sports glasses. There are numerous styles of out there. You should find one that catches your fancy and still gets the job done!



This is another vital accessory that you need for safety. It is an essential addition to your e-bike if you are sometimes going to ride out late. 

The streets of Canada can get tricky at night. As such, you shouldn’t rely on just street lights to navigate your way. With lights attached to the front of your e-bike, you save yourself from dangers on the road. It is a rather economical way to prevent yourself from being knocked down by other road users. 

When choosing lights for your e-bike, there are a few factors that you should look out for. One important one is whether or not the lights would have their own battery pack. You don’t want to reduce the range of your e-bike battery by taking on the additional load. 

However, if your e-bike battery is strong enough, you may consider making use of lights that are connected to it. It is not only convenient to use, but it also eliminates the risk of having dead light batteries during your ride.  



Baskets are an e-bike accessory that is geared towards convenience rather than safety. With a basket, there are so many things you can carry along as you ride. You can put your helmet in it, your e-bike lock, or your gloves. You can also put your pet in there while riding if you own one. Other personal items that make your ride easier can also go in the basket. That way, you can enjoy a safer and more convenient ride.

Having a basket in front of your bike puts all these items within easy reach. Other than keeping them within reach, it also makes it easy for you to monitor them, without having to be distracted from your path.

There are also rear-bags that you can use for your bike. Whether you make use of a front basket or a rear bag, having a place to keep tools like wrenches, spare tubes, and your canister is paramount. There are different price ranges for the baskets. Go for one that suits your budget. It is a needed accessory for your electric bike.



It is not very common to have fenders on your electric bikes. In a bid to cut down on cost, most people ask for the fenders to be removed. However, if you are going to be using your electric bike frequently, then this is one accessory that you should have. Your fenders will prevent you from mud and debris splashes while riding in Canada.

If you don’t have a fender, riding on rainy days can be an uncomfortable proposition. You will inevitably suffer water and mud splashes. Also, fenders protect your motor from these splashes. 

The eye-catching fenders are the wooden fenders. However, you can also go for the blue-collar plastic fenders. The most effective fenders are wooden fenders. However, they are high budget fenders, and if you are conservative with cost, it might not be the best idea. 

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Grips are another vital accessory for your e-bike. Grips that are wider towards the outer edge affords you a more convenient ride. If you ride your electric bike regularly, you will agree that these grips are amazingly ergonomic.

The feel is just as amazing as it can get. This accessory gives you a firmer grasp of your bike, hence, a smoother, balanced ride. Having this on your e-bike is a great way to add a leather feel to the handlebar. This is one e-bike accessory for riders in Canada that you should not underrate.


Pop-off pedals

The pedals of your e-bikes can make them less easy to stack up in the car. In cases where your vehicle and e-bike are packed side by side, it might be tough to pass through in your garage. There are numerous other cases where you will wish you can do away with the pedals. 

Well, the good news is, you can do away with them, temporarily. You can either opt for a foldable pedal or for a pedal you can easily remove and reattach – a pop-off pedal. We recommend pop-off pedals.

Other than the obvious convenience they offer, pop-off pedals can serve as a deterrent to thieves. When you have your bike parked with one of the pedals removed, it becomes more difficult for a thief to get away with the e-bike. There is no way he or she is going to ride away with one pedal. The pedal can be easily stored in your jacket pocket. Hence, it is an extra safety measure for your e-bike. 


Bike tools

Accessories that should be loaded up on your bike are your e-bike tools. It is very easy to handle repair and maintenance jobs with your tool kit. With the toolkit, you need not visit an engineer or repair technician. With a tool as simple as screwdrivers, metric Allen, wrenches, or an adjustable wrench, you can easily carry out repair work on your e-bike. 

Having these tools on hand can be advantageous if your electric bike malfunctions while you are transit. 

Various brands have arranged basic repair tools in handy boxes. These boxes can go in your e-bike basket. Your bike tools are a very important accessory for riding in Canada. You don’t want to be stranded because your bike developed a sudden fault.

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This is another vital accessory to have on your bike. It doesn’t cost a lot and your thumb can easily operate it. With this accessory, you can ring at pedestrians, or at a car driver that is distracted. 

You can choose to buy a small, large, vintage, or straightforward style bell. There are various designs of the bike bell; you need to make a choice that suits you. They come in different colours and styles. Hence, you have a wide range to choose from.


Anti-theft system with GPS

E-bikes are not a cheap expenditure. They are certainly worth it but having a high-end protection system as an accessory secures your investment. You don’t want your investment to go down the drain.

It is imperative that you research the right anti-theft system for your e-bike, and have one purchased. Of all the e-bike accessories for riders in Canada, if this is the only one you would get, it is definitely vital that you do so. This and your helmet- safety is important. 

If your e-bike gets stolen, with the in-built GPS, you can easily have it tracked down immediately. The anti-theft system is also a top-notch invention. It uses motion sensors to alert passers-by if a thief is trying to crack your bike lock.

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Digital multimeter

You might not find this accessory fancy, but you definitely need it on your e-bike. With this multimeter, you can keep track of the condition of your e-bike. 

The good thing about this e-bike accessory for riders in Canada is that it is not costly. This gear is just as crucial as the e-bike itself. You should get one when you are buying your e-bike, it will only cost you a few bucks more. With a multimeter, you can monitor the voltage, current, continuity, and temperature conditions of your electric bike. 



These are a must-have accessory for your e-bike. If you don’t want your bike to get stolen, then you definitely need a bike lock. 

There are different types of locks you can go for, ranging from chain locks to D-locks and cable locks. They help keep your bike safe and secure. This, combined with the anti-theft system and a GPS, should keep your bike secure, even if stored away for months. 

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The various accessories for your bike are adapted to make your ride more comfortable. Just as these e-bike accessories for riders in Canada make riding more comfortable, the protection they offer cannot be overemphasized. Also, accessories are a great way to personalize your bike

Riding in Canada might be more tedious than you think. If you want to have your e-bike out there in traffic, you need your bike optimized for the road. 

Helmets, clothing pads, and many other accessories are needed if you are going to navigate through traffic successfully. You don’t need to have all the above accessories on your bike. However, it is not overkilled if you decide to. Your protection and safety are worth the investment. Our e-bike experts can help you select the best accessories to make your rides in Canada smooth and enjoyable. Contact us today!

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